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  • Democrats Have A Battleground Problem

    OBAMA IS UNPOPULAR IN STATES WITH COMPETITIVE ELECTIONS 57 Percent Of Voters In Competitive States Disapprove Of The Job Obama Is Doing As President, Compared To 43 Percent Who Approve. (Politico Poll, 843 V, MoE 4.1%, … Read More

    Democrats Have A Battleground Problem
  • RNC Launches

    WASHINGTON – Today, the RNC is launching, a clearinghouse for all of Hillary Clinton’s out-of-touch comments about her wealth (and her perceived lack thereof). will also … Read More

    RNC Launches
  • RNC Raises $26 Million in Second Quarter

    $8.5 Million Raised in June; $131.9 Million Raised For Cycle    WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus today announced that the RNC raised $26 million in the second quarter of 2014, … Read More

    RNC Raises $26 Million in Second Quarter
  • Another Rough Week For 2014 Dems

    Another rough week for 2014 Democrats with Republicans’ odds of a Senate takeover increasing, Democrats stumbling in the states and losing their financial advantage, and Republicans strengthening their position in key … Read More

    Another Rough Week For 2014 Dems
  • 2014 Troubles: Democrat Drag

    2014 Troubles: Democrat Drag On The Campaign Trail, Obama Has Become Toxic For Democrats   OBAMA'S LOW APPROVAL IS PROVING PROBLEMATIC FOR 2014 DEMOCRATS Political Prognosticator Charlie Cook: Heading Into The … Read More

    2014 Troubles: Democrat Drag


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