Count Me in to Take Back the Senate

End the Obama-Reid Power Grab

Count Me In

President Obama has declared 2014 to be a “year of action.” His top priority is to keep Harry Reid in power so he can continue to ram through every item on his liberal wish list.

This Imperial President wants his last few years in office to be like his first few years: unchecked, unbalanced, unchallenged. Now more than ever, we need a proper check on this president.

The only way to stop President Obama’s power grab is to gain a Republican majority in the Senate and expand our Republican majority in the House.

The GOP has a 60% chance of winning the Senate in November, according to the latest statistics from a top political analyst. And Democrats are “freaking out” about losing the Senate, according to several reports. A top Democrat pollster, called our field operation “darn effective.”

Join the fight to take back the Senate in 2014.

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