GOP Hispanics

Bienvenidos to RNC Latinos! Únete al GOP as we continue to engage the Hispanic community across the country. Join our team and help strengthen the relationship between Latino voters and the Republican Party. Together we can UNITE.

Posted 7/19/2013

The Republican Party has acknowledged it needs to improve its standings among the Hispanic community — and Jennifer Sevilla Korn is ready to help. The former executive director of the Hispanic Leadership Network, Bush-Cheney ’04 national Hispanic director and Bush White House alum recently joined the Republican National Committee to help with its outreach to [...]

Posted 7/18/2013

Hoy la Casa Blanca inicia un impulso para convencer al pueblo que la ley de salud, ObamaCare, esta funcionado. Pero esa no es la realidad. El fin de semana pasado, el Tampa Tribune reporto que dos universidades comunitarias de Tampa, Hillsborough Community College y St. Petersburg College, están reduciendo las horas de trabajo de los [...]

Posted 6/19/2013

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Delivers Remarks at Esperanza Partners and Awards Dinner  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and ConferencePartners and Awards Dinner Washington, D.C. June 19, 2013 Remarks Excerpts As Prepared For Delivery   “…Thank you, Reverend Cortés, for the kind introduction. And thank you for your leadership of this influential network. [...]

Posted 5/16/2013

The Internal Revenue Service scandal involving the apparently unjustified targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups has also hit home with the Hispanic community. George Rodriguez, former president of the San Antonio Tea Party, said that when the organization applied for non-profit status, leaders were intimidated by IRS workers with excessive paperwork and meddling [...]

Posted 5/8/2013

When President Obama told students in Mexico that without the support of U.S. Latinos he would not be president, he wasn’t talking about the GOP’s Ruben Barrales. But Barrales gets the message. He is the son of immigrants, and San Mateo County’s first Latino supervisor. Mexico gave him its Ohtli medal, for his work on [...]