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“You asked and we listened,” is the saying for RNC Women as we work to recruit and sustain a strong base of female activists to build the Republican Party and ultimately win elections. The upcoming 2014 election will be the most important of our time and that’s why we need your help today. For more visit: http://rncwomen.com/

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Posted 4/14/2014

WASHINGTON –  Today the RNC launched a new effort called “14 in ‘14” to engage women in the key 21-40 age demographic. Co-Chairman Sharon Day joined Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and West Virginia Delegate Amanda Pasdon in Charleston, West Virginia, this morning to kick off the program. “14 in ‘14” is about mobilizing volunteers to engage women [...]

Posted 4/11/2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday April 14, Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chairman Sharon Day will join Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, Delegate Amanda Pasdon and Delegate Suzette Raines to launch 14 in ’14, a new RNC women’s political initiative. The event will be held at the West Virginia Republican Party Headquarters in Charleston at 10:30am. The RNC’s [...]

Posted 3/20/2014

Today, Obama Is Going To Florida To Speak On Increasing Opportunities For Women. “President Barack Obama is arguing that women need better educational opportunities as he raises political money in Florida. Obama has been focusing on women’s economic issues in this midterm election year and plans to focus on higher education in a visit Thursday [...]

Posted 3/14/2014

Good evening and welcome to out first Women of Washington networking event of 2014 and our Second Annual celebration of Women’s History month in honor of our women of distinction. It already has been a good year for republicans so far. We elected a republican mayor in San Diego California, a heavily democrat area… and just [...]

Posted 3/3/2014

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican National Committee launched three National Advisory Councils to strengthen ties with minority communities and expand engagement efforts across the country: the African American Advisory Council, the Asian Pacific American Advisory Council, and the Hispanic Advisory Council.   The National Advisory Councils are part of the RNC’s unprecedented commitment to engage voters [...]

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