RNC Invests Another $8 Million into 2014 Senate Races

WASHINGTON – With 68 days left until the midterms, the RNC is announcing its plan to invest another $8 million into Senate races for Get Out The Vote efforts. This is in addition to the $90 million the RNC is already spending, bringing the RNC’s total in the midterms to $100 million. While the RNC is committed to spending $100 million to help candidates win in the midterms, the DNC has failed to offer a figure on any tangible commitments they have made to directly help their candidates this fall.

“Taking back the United States Senate is our number one priority and we are doing our part to help with Get Out The Vote efforts including boots on the ground and efforts to help get voters to vote early and absentee,” said Chairman Priebus. “For months we’ve been in communities building relationships and helping state parties and campaigns with data and technology and we’re excited for the opportunity to help turn out voters on the road to winning six seats and taking back the Senate.”
Although the RNC recently announced to ease access to voter registration, the party will continue to launch more GOTV tools to help engage and educate voters on registration, early vote and absentee ballot voting.
“Increasing our early vote is going to be important to winning in November,” said Senator Jerry Moran. “These additional resources will greatly help our candidates cross the finish line and create a Republican Senate majority that will deliver results for Americans.”‎
“The RNC has been a great partner in the effort to take back the Senate,” said Senator Rob Portman. “As we look for the crucial six seats that get us a Republican majority and help fire Harry Reid, the RNC and the NRSC are making sure our candidates have the tools they need to win in November.”