We were in Philly

Last week, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus visited Philadelphia and launched the state Hispanic advisory council with PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason. During his visit, the Chairman said the following:

“In the old days, Republicans would drop in a few weeks or months before an election. Now, we’re focused on building a year-round, permanent engagement effort, throughout the country, built to outlast any candidate or election cycle. That often means going often to places people don’t expect to see us. You might say Philly is one of those places.

“Getting involved in the community matters…and Governor Corbett understands that.

“Last year, when Lancaster’s Puerto Rican Parade was canceled for financial reasons, Antori was able to help mobilize Republican individuals to fund and launch the first Latin American Festival in Lancaster, which Governor Corbett and other leaders were able to attend.

“And Governor Corbett continues to make the Hispanic community a priority…meeting with Hispanic leaders like Rev. Luis Cortes, who is helping revitalize Philadelphia through his education initiatives.”

- RNC Hispanic Engagement Team