RNC Internship Program for Undergraduate Students

Thank you for expressing interest in the Republican National Committee (RNC)

Internship Program. The RNC is always looking for interested undergraduate
students to serve as interns at our headquarters in Washington, DC.

Internships are available within each of our divisions:

Chairman’s Office
The Chairman’s Office is the central hub for the Republican National Committee. It
includes the staff of the RNC Chairman, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Chief of Staff. The
Chairman’s Office oversees the operations of all the RNC divisions and determines
the mission and strategy of the organization. The office also coordinates all of the
official business of the RNC Chairman.

Co-Chairman’s Office
The Co-Chairman’s office is responsible for the Strategic Partnership Program of the
RNC, building bridges to key constituencies.

Counsel’s Office
The Counsel’s office advises the Chairman, RNC divisions, and State Parties on all
legal matters. They also provide counsel for matters relating to the Rules of the
Republican Party.

Press Office
The RNC Press Office is the primary media contact on issues related to national
Republican Party politics, policies, and processes. The department is the leading
source to hold state and national Democrats accountable by monitoring, responding
to, and shaping media developments. Working in concert with Congressional
leadership, the press office helps develop Party messaging and works to keep
Republicans across the country on the same message including as a liaison to state

RNC Research is the GOP’s premiere institution for opposition research and rapid
response against the Democrats. Research plays an essential role in daily party
operations by providing concise, fact-based information in a timely manner about
our opponents’ records and their policies while defending the GOP’s agenda. This
information is disseminated primarily through RNC Research Briefings distributed
to the media and GOP surrogates and allies.

The RNC’s state of the art, multi-million-dollar television studio is utilized by the
RNC Chairman, Members of Congress, and Republican surrogates to do national and
local media appearances.

The Digital department is responsible for ensuring there is an effective online
component to RNC operations. Web savvy students are a plus, but not a must.

The Finance division is primarily responsible for RNC fundraising activities. The
internship with be focused on coordinating events and outreach with our major
donor programs.

Member Services
The Member Services division serves as the liaison between the RNC and the
National Committee Members. They are responsible for planning the official RNC

The RNC Political department serves as the main contact between the National
Committee and all field activity, including interaction with state parties and
candidates. The Political department oversees field operations for general elections
through a national Victory program. During a Presidential year this national team,
in conjunction with our state parties, grows to hundreds of staffers across the

The RNC Strategy division is responsible for voter file development, targeting,
polling, and Voter Vault.

Network Operations
The Network Operations department is responsible for maintaining the RNC’s
computing and voice networks. Network Operations also designs and builds
technology driven applications and databases.

Constituent Services
Constituent Services is responsible for responding to all questions, concerns and
comments from constituents.

The internship program is designed to allow students to familiarize themselves with
the day-to-day operations of the Republican National Committee. Hard work,
dedication, a positive attitude and a willingness to perform routine tasks are
required. In return, we make every effort to provide interns with the most
educational, informative and rewarding experience possible.

Internship Requirements (Spring, Summer and Fall)

The RNC’s internship program is for undergraduate students and preference is
given to juniors and seniors.

Application Deadlines (Spring, Summer and Fall)

Applications for both spring and fall are accepted on a rolling basis and there is no
official deadline. However, in order to ensure a timely review of your application
materials, we recommend you submit your application materials early.

The RNC’s Summer Internship Program is the Eisenhower Intern Program. This is a
structured, full-time program and space is limited. The deadline for submitting
application materials is Friday, February 14th. The 2014 Eisenhower Intern Program will run
from June 2, 2014 until August 8, 2014.

Application Requirements

To apply for an RNC internship, please submit the following:

Please email completed applications to If you have
additional questions, please contact our intern coordinator via e-mail
at or via phone at 202-863-8630. Again, thank you for your
interest in the Republican National Committee Internship Program.