District Of Columbia

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State Chairman

Ron Phillips is the Chairman of the District of Columbia Republican Party. He is President and CEO of REPUBLIC CONSULTANTS, LLC, which is a Public Relations and Business Development Firm based in Washington, DC. Chairman Phillips started has a long history with the Republican Party spanning over 35 years. His original home is Mount Dora, [...]

National Committeewoman

Jill Homan was elected as the National Committeewoman from the District of Columbia in April 2012. She is as an Executive Committee member of the DC Republican Committee and a board member and Vice President of the League of Republican Women in DC. Formerly, she served as the Co-Chair for the Romney-Ryan campaign in DC [...]

National Committeeman

Bob Kabel currently serves as the National Committeeman from the District of Columbia. His RNC activities include serving on the Rules Committee and the Ethics Committee. Mr. Kabel previously served as a special assistant to President Reagan, a member of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, and as the Chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans and [...]

Executive Director

Robert Turner is the Executive Director for the District of Columbia Republican Party.  Prior to his appointment, Turner was President and founder of the Turner Group, a dynamic government relations firm located in the District of Columbia.  For three years prior to starting the firm, Turner was a Director of Government Relations at a DC [...]

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