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Biden’s Manufactured Claims Do Not Produce Jobs

Vice-President Biden touted the administration’s record on manufacturing today in Ohio but his wild claims have run into trouble with fact checkers before. Not only is the factory sector cooling but Obama’s liberal policies would throw more cold water on the industry if he wins a second term.

Biden’s Attempt To Campaign On A Manufacturing Revival Is Running Into Trouble With The Facts

Since President Obama Took Office, The Nation Has Lost 605,000 Manufacturing Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 5/16/12)

Politifact: “The Manufacturing Uptick Of The Last Two Years Is Small” And “Employment Is Still Down Compared To The Start Of Obama’s Term.” “The manufacturing uptick of the last two years is small – a 3 percent jump after a 35 percent drop the prior 12 years. Employment is still down compared to the start of Obama’s term.” (Dave Umhoefer, “President Barack Obama Says American Manufacturers Are Creating New Jobs For The First Time Since 1990,” Politifact, 2/22/12) Manufacturing Represents “A Disproportionate Share Of Job Losses Since Obama Took Office.” “In fact, manufacturing jobs represent a disproportionate share of job losses since Obama took office. In all, the U.S. has lost a net 864,000 non-farm jobs since January 2009 — a decline of one half of 1 percent. But manufacturing jobs are down 5 percent since then. One recent study found that at the current pace, it will take until 2020 for the U.S. to recover the manufacturing jobs lost since 2007.” (Eugene Kiely, “Biden’s Manufactured Jobs Claims,”, 3/29/12)

  • “In Fact, The Manufacturing Sector Has Taken A Bigger Hit Under Obama — Undercutting Biden’s Claim That ‘Manufacturing Is Back.’” (Eugene Kiely, “Biden’s Manufactured Jobs Claims,”, 3/29/12)
  • “The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation Dismissed The Pace Of Recent Job Gains As Too Slow And Talk Of A ‘Manufacturing Renaissance’ As Premature.” “In fact, a recent study on U.S. manufacturing by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation dismissed the pace of recent job gains as too slow and talk of a ‘manufacturing renaissance’ as premature. The bipartisan think tank — whose honorary co-chairs are two Republican and two Democratic members of Congress — says in its report that at the current pace ‘it would take until 2020 to return to where the economy was in terms of manufacturing jobs at the end of 2007.’” (Eugene Kiely, “Biden’s Manufactured Jobs Claims,”, 3/29/12)

ABC News Fact Check: Economists And Business Leaders Are Skeptical That Obama Has Anything To Do With Recent Manufacturing Trends. “But as for whether it was Obama who made it happen — and whether it can be sustained — many economists and some business leaders remain circumspect. They say shifting business conditions and consumer demand abroad, coupled with a transition to more efficient practices and new technologies at home largely explain the trend.” (Devin Dwyer, “Fact Check: Obama And The Resurgence Of American Manufacturing,” ABC News, 2/16/12)

  • “The Manufacturing Sector Also Is Showing Signs Of Cooling. Factory Output Slipped In March After Rising A Month Earlier.” (Ben Casselman and Nick Timiraos, “Economic Reports Fan Fears,” The Wall Street Journal , 4/19/12)
  • “Rising Layoffs, Falling Home Sales And Slowing Manufacturing Activity Are Sparking Fears That The Economic Recovery Is Headed For A Springtime Stall For The Third Year In A Row.” (Ben Casselman and Nick Timiraos, “Economic Reports Fan Fears,” The Wall Street Journal , 4/19/12)
  • “Surveys From Federal Reserve Banks In Philadelphia And New York This Week Showed Manufacturing In Those Regions Slowed In April.” “Surveys from Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia and New York this week showed manufacturing in those regions slowed in April. Economists said a likely recession in Europe and slowing growth in China could be hurting demand for U.S. products overseas.” (Ben Casselman and Nick Timiraos, “Economic Reports Fan Fears,” The Wall Street Journal , 4/19/12)

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich: “Entry-Level Manufacturing Jobs Are Paying Half Of What Entry-Level Manufacturing Jobs Paid Six Years Ago.” “Most of the new jobs being created are in the lower-wage sectors of the economy – hospital orderlies and nursing aides, secretaries and temporary workers, retail and restaurant. Meanwhile, millions of Americans remain working only because they’ve agreed to cuts in wages and benefits. Others are settling for jobs that pay less than the jobs they’ve lost. Entry-level manufacturing jobs are paying half of what entry-level manufacturing jobs paid six years ago.” (Robert Reich, Op-Ed, “Middle Class Losing Ground Even Amidst Job Growth,” The San Francisco Chronicle, 2/12/12)

  • Kurt Bauer, President And Chief Executive Officer Of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce: “If The President Truly Wants To Grow Manufacturing, He Also Needs To Recognize That Many Of His Administration’s Policies Are Harming The Sector.”  But if the president truly wants to grow manufacturing, he also needs to recognize that many of his administration’s policies are harming the sector. In fact, federal laws, policies and proposals are by far the biggest cause of uncertainty for manufacturers.” (Kurt Bauer, Op-Ed, “Obama’s Policies Hurt State’s Manufacturers,” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , 12/14/11)
  • Jay Timmons, Chief Executive Of The National Association Of Manufacturers, Said That Many Of The President’s Tax Proposals “Completely Miss The Mark And Would Make U.S. Businesses Less Competitive.” “Even the manufacturing industry, which would have its top tax rate capped at 25%, offered a tepid read of the plan. ‘The president suggests some changes that will help, but many of the proposals completely miss the mark and would make U.S. businesses less competitive,’ said Jay Timmons, chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers.” (Damian Paletta and John D. McKinnon, “Obama Proposal Gets Pushback,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/23/12)