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Obama’s PR Stunt

On June 14th President Obama was the first sitting U.S. President to visit the island of Puerto Rico in 50 years.  Given the historical significance one would have thought that President Obama actually had something substantive to say to the Puerto Rican people who are struggling with a 16.0% unemployment rate.  Unfortunately, the Campaigner-in-Chief’s four hour trip to PR turned out to be nothing more than a P.R. stunt given that he spent the majority of his trip plucking up cash for his campaign coffers.

Why is it that President Obama only talks to Puerto Ricans and Hispanics when he’s needs something?  Where is the “Cambio” he promised?

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones he let down…


  • “‘He went to Puerto Rico to speak to the Puerto Ricans in Florida,” Mr. Matos said of President Obama’s four-hour stop in San Juan on Tuesday. “He’s onto something, and we’re onto him. We are not a type of people that you want to mess around with.” (The Wall Street Journal, 06/16/2011)


  • Jon Stewart, The Daily Show: “Five hours. I didn’t realize this isn’t really a Presidential visit, it’s more of a layover on the way to St. Barts.” (The Huffington Post, 06/16/11)


  • “But experts say the whirlwind visit to an island crippled by a soaring murder rate, mass exodus and 16.2 percent unemployment has less to do with the island’s overwhelming problems and much more to do with Florida’s I-4 corridor..” (The Miami Herald. 06/12/11)


  • “No hubo soluciones, propuestas, nada. Me siento más que decepcionada con ese partido. Eso me demuestra que el verdadero compromiso (de Obama) con Puerto Rico es garantizar su elección en las próximas elecciones, aprovechando el incremento de puertorriqueños en ciudades de Estados Unidos. Y a eso vino el presidente, a comprar esos puertorriqueños que tienen derecho al voto y poder hacer la apreciación de que atiende las necesidades de sus familias aquí” (El Nuevo Día, 06/16/2011)