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ICYMI: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus On Fox News Sunday

“Fire Barack Obama and hire Mitt Romney. That’s the best stimulus.”


WASHINGTON D.C. - This morning on Fox News Sunday, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus discussed the disappointing jobs numbers and Obama’s record of outsourcing with taxpayer dollars. Highlights:


On Disappointing June Jobs Report:

RNC CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: “The fact of the matter is, there are almost half a million more people unemployed today than four years ago. And if Debbie and President Obama were good on their promises on the stimulus, remember they said if we pass this trillion dollar stimulus that we’d have 5.5 percent unemployment today. What that means is, if they kept their promises, there would be 8.5 million more people employed today than there would be four years ago. The fact of the matter is this president can’t fulfill a promise, they are living in fantasy land and we’re going to put this dream to an end of theirs in November, save America, fire Barack Obama and hire Mitt Romney. That’s the best stimulus plan for this country right now John.”

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On Obama Outsourcing Taxpayer Dollars:

PRIEBUS: “And as far as outsourcing goes. What about Fisker? And what I’m talking about is Barack Obama using taxpayer money, sending millions of dollars overseas to companies that are not giving a single job to any American in this country. I mean as far as outsourcing goes, the bigger crime is taking taxpayer money by millions and millions of dollars, sending them overseas and then those companies file for bankruptcy. That is Barack Obama’s legacy. Mitt Romney’s legacy is success in business, making promises and keeping promises and that is something this president would only dream of being able to campaign on through November.”

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