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RNC Statement on the Devastating Impact of Obama’s Policies on Women

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chair Sharon Day released the following statement on the devastating impact that President Obama’s failed policies have had on women:

 ”President Obama and his campaign are once again pandering to women today, hoping to distract from the devastating effects Obama’s policies have had on female voters. Today, unemployment among women is higher than when President Obama took office. More women are out of work in the Obama economy, and the few jobs that are created go disproportionately to men. Women who manage the household budget are forced to make do with less as grocery prices rise and wages fall. Mothers are terrified as they see their children’s future mortgaged by reckless government spending,” said RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day.

“President Obama may claim he supports women’s interests, but the Obama White House has been regularly described as a hostile work environment for women. His endless political pandering cannot hide his hypocrisy and record of failure. Women are worse off today thanks to President Obama, and political stunts cannot change that. Only by electing Mitt Romney can we ensure a brighter future for America’s women, both in the home and in the workplace.”

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