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Posted 7/29/2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Has Allowed Dozens Of Bills To Sit “Languishing In The Senate.” “Heller is still hopeful, and has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he’s sympathetic to the House members’ concerns. The chamber has about 40 jobs bills languishing in the Senate and would like to see one or more brought [...]

Posted 7/28/2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Senate Is “On Pace For Their Worst Year In More Than Three Decades” On Bringing Bills To The Floor. “Through the end of June, just 41 measures have been reported as being out of committees and gone to the Senate floor, which puts senators on pace for their worst year [...]

Posted 7/25/2014

Harry Reid’s Favorite Super PAC Can’t Seem To Tell The Truth _____________________________________________________________________ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s “Stamp Is On” Senate Majority PAC – A Major Democrat Super PAC Run By His Former Chief Of Staff. “Reid’s stamp is on some of the most successful Democratic outside groups. Susan McCue, his former chief of staff, [...]

Posted 7/24/2014

On Issue After Issue, Harry Reid’s Senate Is Standing In The Way Of Jobs And Bipartisan Legislation _____________________________________________________________________ The Wall Street Journal : Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Has “Shut Down The Senate As A Place To Debate And Vote On Policy.” “The U.S. Senate failed to advance another piece of popular bipartisan legislation late [...]

Posted 7/23/2014

Harry Reid Has A History Of “Breaking Rules” And Engaging In “Unseemly Behavior” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “Has Walked A Fine Line Over The Years, Occasionally Breaking Rules Or Engaging In Brazenly Unseemly Behavior During His Pursuit Of Wealth.” “Reid has walked a fine line over the years, occasionally breaking rules or engaging in [...]

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