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Posted 7/24/2014

On Issue After Issue, Harry Reid’s Senate Is Standing In The Way Of Jobs And Bipartisan Legislation _____________________________________________________________________ The Wall Street Journal : Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Has “Shut Down The Senate As A Place To Debate And Vote On Policy.” “The U.S. Senate failed to advance another piece of popular bipartisan legislation late [...]

Posted 7/23/2014

Harry Reid Has A History Of “Breaking Rules” And Engaging In “Unseemly Behavior” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “Has Walked A Fine Line Over The Years, Occasionally Breaking Rules Or Engaging In Brazenly Unseemly Behavior During His Pursuit Of Wealth.” “Reid has walked a fine line over the years, occasionally breaking rules or engaging in [...]

Posted 7/22/2014

Democrats And Republicans Agree: Reid Is A Terrible Leader HARRY REID HAS SINGLEHANDEDLY BROUGHT THE SENATE TO A HALT Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Leadership In The Senate Has Been Described As “Brutish” As He Wields “Uncompromising Control” Over The Senate. “Mr. Reid’s brutish style matters beyond the marbled chamber of the Senate. Senate legislation [...]

Posted 7/21/2014

OBAMA IS UNPOPULAR IN STATES WITH COMPETITIVE ELECTIONS 57 Percent Of Voters In Competitive States Disapprove Of The Job Obama Is Doing As President, Compared To 43 Percent Who Approve. (Politico Poll, 843 V, MoE 4.1%, 7/3-31/14) 44 Percent “Strongly” Disapprove Compared To 15 Percent Who “Strongly” Approve. (Politico Poll, 843 V, MoE 4.1%, 7/3-31/14) [...]

Posted 7/18/2014

2014 Troubles: Democrat Drag On The Campaign Trail, Obama Has Become Toxic For Democrats   OBAMA’S LOW APPROVAL IS PROVING PROBLEMATIC FOR 2014 DEMOCRATS Political Prognosticator Charlie Cook: Heading Into The Midterm Election With A Underwater Approval Rating “Is A Bad Thing For The President’s Party.” “In politics and polling, as in real estate, underwater [...]

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