Another 2014 Dem Shies Away From Obama

The Specter Of Obama Joining Embattled Democrats On The Campaign Trail Is Giving Them The Chills


When Asked If He Would Welcome Obama On The Campaign Trail, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) Twice “Punted” On The Question. “He punted when asked if he would welcome President Barack Obama to campaign with him before November. ‘There will be time to talk about the campaign,’ he said. ‘I have worked with the President, but there are areas where I disagree with the President.’ As examples, Warner pointed to entitlement reform and energy policy, specifically his support for the Keystone XL Pipeline and offshore oil and gas drilling. ‘So that’s a maybe?’ a reporter followed up. Warner was already moving on to shake the next hand.” (Peter Hamby, “In The Virginia Woods, Mark Warner Is Trailed By ObamaCare,” CNN, 4/16/14)

For Good Reason Obama’s Job Approval Ratings And Support For ObamaCare Is Underwater In Virginia

52 Percent Of Virginia Voters Disapprove Of The Job President Obama Is Doing. (Quinnipiac University, 1,288 V, MoE 2.7%, 3/19-24/14)

  • Virginia Independents Overwhelmingly Disapprove Of The Job President Obama Is Doing – 58 Percent Disapprove. (Quinnipiac University, 1,288 V, MoE 2.7%, 3/19-24/14)

52 Percent Of Virginia Voters Oppose ObamaCare. (Quinnipiac University, 1,288 V, MoE 2.7%, 3/19-24/14)

  • 45 Percent Of Virginia Voters Say They Would Be “Less Likely” To Support A Senate Candidate That Supports ObamaCare. (Quinnipiac University, 1,288 V, MoE 2.7%, 3/19-24/14)


Last Week, Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis (D-TX) Met With Obama In Texas But “No Press Invited.” “Confirmed Wendy Davis will meet with President Obama after he speaks at #CivilRightsSummit today. No press invited” (KVUE’s Mark Wiggins Twitter Feed, 4/10/14)

  • In March, Davis Vowed “She Would Not Shy Away From Being Seen With President Obama.” “Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis said Thursday that she would not shy away from being seen with President Barack Obama when he visits the Lone Star State next month. The Democratic state senator’s comments came two days after she secured her party’s nomination in the deep-red state — but lost a number of border counties, raising questions about her performance among Hispanic voters.” (Elizabeth Titus, “Wendy Davis Not Shy To Be Seen With Obama,” Politico, 3/6/14)

In March, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) Refused To Say Whether She Wanted Obama To Campaign For Her, Saying “We Don’t Know Whether He’ll Come Here Or Not.”  SHAHEEN: “Listen, we’ve got a long time before we start getting into the heat of this campaign.  I’m going to continue to do my job here in New Hampshire.” REPORTER: “Would you like him to come here though?  SHAHEEN: “I think…we don’t know whether he’ll come here or not.” (NECN, 3/20/14)

  • When Asked In February If Obama Would Campaign For Her, Shaheen Deflected, Saying “I Don’t Know What He’s Going To Do.” “Most incumbents and hopefuls, though, wouldn’t go that far — including generally Obama-friendly Sens. Al Franken of Minnesota and Cory Booker of New Jersey, who stuck with their general policy of not answering questions from reporters in the Senate corridors.  Or they tried to avoid the topic.  ‘You know, I campaigned with the president in 2012,’ said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. ‘He may come back, I don’t know what he’s going to do.’” (Edward-Isaac Dovere, Manu Raju, Katie Glueck, “White House’s Senate Strategy: Keep Obama Away,” Politico, 2/10/14)

In January, Obama Traveled To Pittsburgh For A “Campaign-Style Appearance.” “President Barack Obama reminded Congress on Tuesday night that he has a pen, and he wielded it Wednesday as he came to U.S. Steel’s Irvin plant to sign an order establishing a new plan for retirement savings.  The campaign-style appearance before an invited crowd of more than 1,000 plant workers and supporters was one of a series of post-State-of-the-Union appearances by the Democratic president intended to thaw the policy impasse in Washington, D.C., and restore the administration’s momentum in the face of Republican resistance and his own lagging poll numbers.” (James O’Toole, “President Obama Delivers Speech In West Mifflin,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/29/14)

  • Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) Was Nowhere To Be Found. “It doesn’t look like Allyson Schwartz or other PA D Gov candidates are at Obama speech” (Zeke Miller, Twitter Feed, 1/29/14)

Following The State Of The Union, Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) Repeatedly Refused To Say Whether He Would Have Obama Campaign For Him As He Seeks Reelection This Year. BASH: “Is he a liability for you, the president back home?”  UDALL: “When the President comes to Colorado, and talks about our all of the above energy approach, we’ve got lots of natural gas and solar power, that resonates with Coloradans.  When he talks about making sure our veterans are treated properly, that resonates with Coloradans.”  BASH: “Does that mean you’re going to campaign with him, or you’re going to have him campaign with you side by side?”  UDALL:  “We are going to be running a strong campaign based on Colorado’s interests and Colorado’s future. my job, I think, is to protect Colorado’s way of life. …” BASH: “Wow, one more chance, you’re not going to say yes or no, are you?” UDALL:  “We’ll see what the schedule allows.  I’m running for reelection, and not the President, in Colorado.”  BASH: “Wolf, I think that’s our answer.” (Sen. Mark Udall, CNN Interview, 1/28/14)

Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK): “I’m Not Really Interested In Campaigning” With Obama. “But Begich, the Democrat from red-state Alaska who faces a challenging bid for second term in the Senate, feels differently. ‘I’m not really interested in campaigning’ with Obama if the President came to Alaska, he said.” (Paul Steinhauser, “Is Obama Toxic To Democrats Facing Tough Re-Elections?” CNN, 1/29/14)

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) Has Tried To Downplay The Importance Of Surrogates, Despite Already Having Bill Clinton Fundraise For Him In Arkansas. “Clinton — and possibly Biden — will be taking the lead for Democrats in his native Arkansas, with Obama staying far away as Sen. Mark Pryor tries to defend his seat. In an interview, Pryor downplayed the role any surrogate would play in his campaign — even though Clinton has already helped with fundraising.  ‘I don’t get people to come and campaign for me very often,’ Pryor said. ‘To me, in Arkansas, people don’t vote for you because somebody else says vote for you.’” (Edward-Isaac Dovere, Manu Raju, Katie Glueck, “White House’s Senate Strategy: Keep Obama Away,” Politico, 2/10/14)

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) Skipped Obama’s Speech In Raleigh In December. “One of North Carolina’s most prominent Democrats doesn’t plan to attend President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday in Raleigh.  A spokeswoman for U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan said Monday the senator won’t be at the president’s event on the North Carolina State University campus because she’ll be in Washington as the Senate meets this week.” (“Hagan Will Stay In DC While Obama Travels To NC,” The Associated Press, 1/13/14)

  • CNN’s Brianna Keilar Called Hagan’s Excuse For Missing The Speech “The Congressional Equivalent Of ‘I Can’t Go, I’m Washing My Hair.’” CNN’s BRIANNA KEILAR: “I know you’re saying her office has addressed this – that she’s here, and the Senate’s in session. But I think people take that as the congressional equivalent of ‘I can’t go, I’m washing my hair.’” (White House Daily Press Briefing, 1/14/14)

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Didn’t Join Obama At His New Orleans Speech In November. “When President Barack Obama appears at the Port of New Orleans tomorrow, he won’t be joined by Louisiana’s only statewide elected Democrat, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu.” (Julia O’Donoghue, “Sen. Landrieu Won’t Appear With Obama At Port Of New Orleans,” The Times-Picayune, 11/7/13)

  • Landrieu Rode Down To Louisiana With Obama On Air Force One, But Claimed She Couldn’t Appear With Him Due To A “Long-Standing Engagement” Elsewhere. “Landrieu will travel with Obama to New Orleans on the president’s plane, Air Force One, but she doesn’t plan to attend his speech about boosting exports. The U.S. Senator has a long-standing engagement in Lake Charles that takes place at the same time and she can’t be in both places at once, staff said.” (Julia O’Donoghue, “Sen. Landrieu Won’t Appear With Obama At Port Of New Orleans,” The Times-Picayune, 11/7/13)


A Recent Poll By Gallup Found That Americans Disapprove Of President Obama’s Job Performance  By A 10 Point Margin – 52 Percent Disapprove And 42 Percent Approve. (Gallup, 1,500 A, MoE 3%, 4/13-15/14)

According To A Poll From Pew Research/USA Today, More Than Eight In 10 Voters Responded That A Candidate’s Stance On ObamaCare Will Be Important When They Vote. “In the survey, taken after President Obama announced a surprising 7.1 million Americans had signed up for health care through the law’s exchanges, more than eight in 10 registered voters say a candidate’s stance on the law will be an important factor in determining their vote.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Health Law’s Campaign Clout Bad News For Democrats,” USA Today, 4/10/14)

Registered Voters, 2-1 Said It Was “Very Important” That The Candidate Opposes ObamaCare, Making It “More Likely To Motivate Opponents Than Supporters To Vote.” “By 2-1, those who rate the issue as very important disapprove of the law. That means it is more likely to motivate opponents than supporters to vote — a critical element in midterm elections when turnout often is low.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Health Law’s Campaign Clout Bad News For Democrats,” USA Today, 4/10/14)

  • “Americans Continue To Disapprove Of The Law, Now By 50%-37%.” (Susan Page, “Poll: Health Law’s Campaign Clout Bad News For Democrats,” USA Today, 4/10/14
  • 54% Of Independents Disapprove Of The Law While Only 34% Approve Of It. (Pew Research/USA Today, 1,010 RV, MoE 3.6, 4/3-6/14)

A New Poll From The University Of New Hampshire Found That 53 Percent Say They Disapprove Of The Job Obama Is Doing. “In the latest survey, 53 percent of respondents said they disapprove of the job the president is doing; 39 percent said they approve and 9 percent were neutral.” (Jim Haddadin, “UNH Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Continues To Drop In NH,” The [Nashua] Telegraph, 4/16/14)

  • 51 Percent Of New Hampshire Adults Oppose ObamaCare While Only 37% Favor The Law. “In the most recent Granite State Poll, only 37% of New Hampshire adults favor the legislation, 51% oppose it, and 12% are neutral or don’t know enough about it to say.” (Andrew E. Smith and Zachary S. Azem, “Obama’s Favorability Continues To Slide, Health Care Act Still Unpopular,” The University Of New Hampshire Survey Center,” 4/14/14)

A Poll From High Point University In North Carolina Found That Voters Disapprove Of President Obama’s Job Performance By An 8 Point Margin – 44 Percent Approve And 52 Percent Disapprove. (High Point University Poll, 595 RV, 4% MoE, 3/23-27/14 and 3/29/14-4/3/14)

  • Democrat Senator Kay Hagan’s Job Approval Is Lower – Just 35 Percent Of North Carolina Voters Approve Of Her Performance, While 43 Percent Disapprove.  (High Point University Poll, 595 RV, 4% MoE, 3/23-27/14 and 3/29/14-4/3/14)

A March 2014 Poll From Public Policy Polling Found That Coloradans Disapprove Of President Obama’s Job Performance By A 10 Point Margin – 53 Percent To 43 Percent. (Public Policy Polling, 568 RV, MoE 4.1%, 3/13-16/14)

  • Senator Udall’s Approval/Disapproval Rating Is Stuck In Neutral – 41 Percent Approve And 40 Percent Disapprove Of His Job Performance. (Public Policy Polling, 568 RV, MoE 4.1%, 3/13-16/14)