MEMO: DNC’s Attacks on Life and Adoption

FROM: RNC Deputy Communications Director Sarah Isgur Flores @whignewtons
TO: Interested Parties

RE: DNC’s Attacks on Life and Adoption

Today in Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands of Americans are gathering for the annual March for Life. This year’s theme is “Adoption: A Noble Decision.” The marchers have traveled from all across the country to take a stand for the value of life and to celebrate adoption.

Sadly, the Democratic National Committee sees this as an opportunity to go on the attack. It’s disheartening that they would try to disparage the marchers and misrepresent their cause.

There’s a reason Democrats try to distort Republicans’ respect for life. It’s because the majority of Americans agree with Republicans on important life-related issues. For example, a majority support protecting life after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

I understand that it is the job of the DNC and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to support their party’s extreme stances on abortion. But as a woman, I find it disrespectful and dishonest to invoke the cause of women’s rights to bash a rally that celebrates life and adoption.