Bill Clinton Inhales Campaign Cash From Florida's "Mr. Marijuana"

- April 29, 2016

But Hillary Clinton Passes On Taking A Position On Legalizing Pot

Today, Bill Clinton Is Fundraising In Florida At The Home Of John Morgan. "Fri, Apr, 29, 2016 - Evening (Time TBD). Please join us for a reception in support of Hillary for America featuring special guest President Bill Clinton, Official event, Heathrow, Florida, Home of John Morgan." ( Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time, Accessed 4/28/16)

  • Hillary Clinton Personally Attended A Fundraiser At The Home Of The Same "Major Democratic Bundler" In 2015. "Clinton will visit Florida on May 28-29. POLITICO reported Tuesday that she will hold three south Florida fundraisers - including one at the home of longtime Clinton donor Ira Leesfield - and another at the central Florida home of major Democratic bundler John Morgan. The fundraisers are $2,700 per person and event hosts must raise $50,000." (Jonathan Topaz and Annie Karni, "Clinton Plans Florida, Texas Swing," Politico, 5/19/15)

John Morgan Is A Hillblazer For Clinton, Having Bundled More Than $100,000 For Her Election Effort. ("Hillblazers," Hillary For America, Accessed 4/28/16)

John Morgan Is Known As "Mr. Marijuana" For His Advocacy Of Lessening Restrictions On Marijuana

Morgan Is Known As "Mister Marijuana" Because He Is The Face Of Medical Marijuana Movement. NBC's GABE GUTIERREZ: "The bus belongs to John Morgan. John, they call you Mister Marijuana. Are you okay with that?" JOHN MORGAN: "Yeah, because, look, I became the face of this." (NBC's "Today Show," 10/30/14)

Last Year, Morgan Put $5 Million Behind The Failed Effort To Approve A Constitutional Amendment On Medical Marijuana. "The organization behind the measure, People United for Medical Marijuana, is led by Florida attorney John Morgan, and most of the roughly $5 million that Morgan and his law firm spent on the campaign went toward collecting more than 700,000 signatures to put the question on the 2014 general election ballot." (Greg Toppo, "Marijuana, Abortion Hot Issues," USA Today, 11/5/14)

  • "Morgan Says A Similar Effort Will Be On The Ballot In 2016." (Betsy Woodruff, "This Lawyer Wants Hillary To Loosen Up On Pot," The Daily Beast , 5/26/15)

In 2014 John Morgan Was Caught On Camera Under The Influence Going On A Pro-Pot Rant Against The Local Sherriff

WFLA Headline: "Caught On Camera: Attorney John Morgan Drunk, Cursing In Pot-Rant, Calls Out Polk Sheriff" (Melanie Michael, "Caught On Camera: Attorney John Morgan Drunk, Cursing In Pot-Rant, Calls Out Polk Sheriff," WFLA, 9/3/14)

Morgan Admitted To Being Drunk At A Bar In Florida, Where He Talked About Smoking Pot. JOHN MORGAN: "I came here to debate Grady Judd, I went down to the Outback Steakhouse. I got f***** up and now I'm back in here! Sh** happens! ... I didn't smoke a, I didn't smoke a piece of grass all the way here. But, I'll tell you this. Once I get some. Once I get outside the borders of Polk County. I might, I might smoke a lot of grass. I'm just scared sh**less of Grady Judd.!'" (John Morgan, Remarks At Boots N' Buckles Saloon, Lakeland, FL 9/3/14)

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Clinton's Views On Marijuana Are Another "Evolution" On An Issue. "Marijuana and another Clinton evolution: While campaigning for president in 2007, Clinton was positively against decriminalizing marijuana." (Dan Merica, "6 Times Clinton Sounded, Acted Like A Candidate," CNN, 6/18/14)

Clinton Has Been "Wishy-Washy" On Medical Marijuana Legalization. "Hillary is incredibly wishy-washy on one of Morgan's biggest issues: medical marijuana legalization." (Betsy Woodruff, "This Lawyer Wants Hillary To Loosen Up On Pot," The Daily Beast, 5/26/15)

In April 2016, Clinton Dodged On Whether She Would Vote To Legalize Marijuana Saying She "Would Have To Study That More To See How It Was Phrased." QUESTION: "I'm the youngest member of the board of Normal, the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws and also on the board for students for a sensible drug policy. I know you said in the past you'd respect the will of the voters to legalize marijuana, but I want to know if marijuana legalization was on the ballot in your state if you'd vote yes or no." CLINTON: "I think I would have to study that more to see how it was phrased because it's been phrased differently in different states, but I will tell you what I will do as president. I've said I want to move marijuana off of schedule one, which you understand means that you can't do any research about it. You can't do anything and I think that's wrong. We have enough anecdotal evidence as you well know being a member of the Normal board about what marijuana can do for medical conditions, easing pain, and we need to be doing research on it because I am 100% in favor of medical uses for marijuana, but I want to know what the evidence is. I'm also someone who believes that the states can be those laboratories of democracy, so I'm watching carefully what's happening in the states that have legalized it to learn from them so we can base the best policy on that." QUESTION: "What if it was a similar industry to Colorado's right now, a similar situation to what Colorado has." CLINTON: "I'm going to wait and see what we learn from what's happening in Colorado and the other states that have gone the whole route toward absolute legalization, and I'm also watching the many other states that have done medical marijuana referenda or laws because in the medical arena. If you're taking several different medications and you put marijuana on top of that we need to know what's the interaction. What's the effects? What are the best uses? And so let's be really smart about this and acquire the evidence and then make the best decisions." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Good Morning America Town Hall, New York, NY, 4/21/16)

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In November 2015, Clinton Said She Would Move Marijuana From The Schedule 1 Drug List, To The Schedule 2 List. QUESTION: "Good afternoon Mrs. Clinton my name is Nicholas Stewart I'm a junior here at Claflin University. With more states legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use, what is your plan to tackle the issue of marijuana prohibition on the federal level?" CLINTON: "Here's what I believe. I believe states are taking this step and you know there's that great phrase I think contributed to Roosevelt that states are laboratories of democracy. And I want to see how it works before we do a national plan from the federal government, because I think there's a lot for us to learn. But what I do want is for us to support research into medical marijuana because a lot more states have passed medical marijuana that have legalized marijuana. So we have two different experiences, or even experiments going on right now. And the problem with medical marijuana is that there is a lot of antidotal evidence on how well it works for certain conditions but we haven't done any research. Why? Because it's considered what is called a schedule one drug and you can't even do research in it. So I would like to move  it from schedule one to schedule two, so that researchers at  universities at the national institute of health can start researching  what's the best way to use it. How much dose does somebody need, how does it interact with other medications? Because if we are going to have  a lot of states setting up marijuana dispensaries so that people that  have some kind of medical need are getting marijuana we got to know  what's the quality of it, how much should you take, what should you  avoid if you're taking other medications. So that's how I'm currently thinking about it." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus Town Hall, Orangeburg, SC, 11/7/15)

  • During The Same Event, Clinton Reiterated Her Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Use Of Marijuana At The Federal Level. "'I want to see how it works before we do a national plan for the federal government,' Clinton said." (Abby Phillip, "Clinton Supports Removing Marijuana From Schedule 1 List, Joining Democratic Rivals," The Washington Post , 11/7/15)

In June 2014, Clinton Said Medical Marijuana Should Be Available In Extreme Medical Conditions. For Full Legalization, Clinton Said We Should Wait To See What Happens In Colorado And Washington State. QUESTION: "Hillary, what is your outlook on recreational and medical marijuana? How does it make you feel that states are now legalizing pot for both uses?" CLINTON: "I have to say, I think we need to be very clear about the benefits of marijuana use for medicinal purposes. I don't think we've done enough research yet. Although, I think for people who are in extreme medical conditions and have anecdotal evidence that it works, there should be availability under appropriate circumstances. But I do think we need more research because we don't know how it reacts with other drugs. There's a lot we don't know. So on medicinal purposes. On recreational, you know states are the laboratories of democracy. We have at least two states that are experimenting with that right now. I want to wait and see what the evidence is." (Hillary Clinton Remarks, CNN's Hard Choices Town Hall, 6/17/14)

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In 2008, Clinton Said "I Don't Think We Should Decriminalize, But We Ought To Do Research Into What, If Any, Medical Benefits It Has." In one of the few times she has spoken publicly on the issue, Mrs. Clinton gave a nuanced statement on marijuana during the 2008 Democratic primary. 'I don't think we should decriminalize, but we ought to do research into what, if any, medical benefits it has,' she said. (Beth Reinhard, "Marijuana Debate Scrambles Political Spectrum As 2016 Looms," The Wall Street Journal , 4/7/14)

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