Clinton's Campaign Crackup: Sunday Show Edition

- January 17, 2016

From Health Care To The FBI Investigation, Iowa Democrats' Doubts To Rahm Emanuel, Clinton Was On The Defensive



  • After spending a week attacking Bernie Sanders on single payer health care plan, Clinton was confronted over her past support for state-run single payer health care and subsequent flip-flop.
  • Clinton was pressed over her campaign launching a health care attack against Sanders that has been discredited by fact-checkers.
  • Clinton really didn't like a question about whether the FBI has interviewed her about her secret server.
  • Clinton dodged on her ally Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handling of a police shooting that has led to calls for his resignation, Clinton dodged.
  • Clinton claimed she was too busy campaigning to see the movie 13 Hours, which centers on her and the Obama Administration's botched handling of the Benghazi attack.



Clinton Was Pressed On Her Past Support For State-Run Single Payer Health Care

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Clinton Was Questioned On Her Previous Support For State-Run Single Payer Health Care, Including Her 1994 Claim That State-Run Single Payer Would "Lower Costs." CNN'S JAKE TAPPER: "One of your major lines of attack against Bernie Sanders in addition to the gun one that you just levelled has been on his proposal for single-payer health care. Back in 1994, you said a single payer system administrated by the states would actually lower health care costs. Take a listen." CLINTON 1994 CLIP: "Single-payer would have lower costs and one of the reason that the President has a provision in his approach that guarantees states can go single-payer is to permit states that are able to do that to start now the single-payer vote." (Hillary Clinton, CNN's "State Of The Union", 1/17/16)

Pressed, Clinton Dodged On The "Merits" Of State-Run Single Payer Which She Previously Backed, Citing ObamaCare. TAPPER: "Now I know that was a long timing ago, but you said in the Q&A single-payer would not be politically feasible. In a perfect world, do you believe that single-payer would ultimately lower health care costs?" CLINTON: "Well, I believe in universal health care, and I think we have now, finally, after many decades of efforts, thanks to President Obama, a plan that will get us to universal health care. It's the Affordable Care Act. So I'm not interested in what the Republicans are trying to do, which is to repeal it as they consistently vote to do, and I also think it would be a mistake to really thrust our country into another contentious national debate about how we're going to provide quality, affordable health care to everybody so -" TAPPER: "Right, but on the merits." CLINTON: "Well, the merits are, we need to get to universal health care. That is the merit. The merit is, how do we get to universal health care where everybody's covered, where everybody can afford it, we've had some experimentation with states, actually Vermont tried to do single-payer. They found that the cost and the taxes that were required were prohibitive. Colorado, now has a referendum on its ballot, so it's going to also pursue it. I'm a big believer in letting states experiment, but when it comes to where we are right now in 2016, I'm going to defend, protect, and improve the affordable care act." (Hillary Clinton, CNN's "State Of The Union", 1/17/16)

Clinton Was Pressed On Her Campaign's Misleading Attacks On Sanders' Single Payer Plan

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Clinton Was Pressed On Her Campaign's Dishonest Attack On Sanders' Health Care Plan. TAPPER: "This week, she surprised a lot of people when she unleashed one of the most scathing attacks of the cycle. Accusing Bernie Sander of wanting to empower Republican governors who might then cut people's health care. PolitFact called Chelsea's remarks mostly false, former Obama advisor David Axelrod said it was not an honest attack, and liberal columnist Mark Shields said the attack turned your daughter into a, quote, political hack. Do you think it was a mistake to muddy up Chelsea like that?" CLINTON: "Look, she was asked a question, I love my daughter, and she answered a question, and all I can say, Jake, is that the only health plan we know of from Senator Sanders is what' described in the legislation he has introduced 9 times in the Congress, in the Senate. And it does turn all of the programs that we know of to provide health care over to the states. The federal government would provide a big portion of the cost, but states would also be mandated to pay considerably, about 14% of the cost. That's what's in his bill, so I think anyone who wants to compare and contrast, since we don't have any more current plan from Senator Sanders, has to look at the plan that he introduced." (Hillary Clinton, CNN's "State Of The Union," 1/17/16)

PolitiFact: "Chelsea Clinton Mischaracterizes Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plan." (Lauren Carroll, "Chelsea Clinton Mischaracterizes Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plan," Politifact , 1/14/16)

  • PolitiFact Rates The Clinton Campaign's Claim As "Mostly False." "It's impossible to predict with certainty how Sanders' plan would play out in real life. But Clinton's statement makes it sound like Sanders' plan would leave many people uninsured, which is antithetical to the goal of Sanders' proposal: universal health care. We rate her claim Mostly False." (Lauren Carroll, "Chelsea Clinton Mischaracterizes Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plan," Politifact , 1/14/16)

Fact Check Also Called Out The Clinton Campaign's Inaccurate Remarks On Sander's Single-Payer Plan. "The Clinton campaign has made a series of misleading attacks on Sen. Bernie Sanders' health care plan, saying he wants to 'dismantle Medicare' and private insurance and that he would turn over 'your and my health insurance to governors.' Not exactly." (Lori Robertson, "Clinton's Attack On Sanders' Health Plan," FactCheck, 1/15/16)


Clinton Was Peeved When Asked Directly Whether The FBI Has Interviewed Her Over Her Private Server. JAKE TAPPER, CNN: "In terms of the status of the FBI investigation into your private email server, have you been interviewed by the FBI yet?" HILLARY CLINTON: "No." (CNN's "State Of The Union," 1/17/16)

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Clinton Was Made To Watch A Montage Of Iowa Voters Questioning Her Character

NBC's Chuck Todd Played Clinton A Montage Of Iowa Voters Noting Their Reservations With Clinton, Ranging From The Belief Rules Don't Apply To Her To Questioning Her Honesty. CHUCK TODD, NBC: "Let me move to the campaign, you know, to try to figure out why this race has gotten closer in Iowa, why your lead has in Iowa. We spoke to a number of voters. I want to play three soundbites from Iowa voters about some potential pause they have regarding your candidacy. I'm going to play it and get you to respond on the other side." IOWA VOTER 1: "You get the impression from her that she believes maybe the rules don't apply to her. Or the same rules don't apply to her that apply to everybody else." IOWA VOTER 2: "She's worked really hard and done some amazing things. I just feel that Bernie Sanders is kind of-- has a little bit more fire lit up in people." IOWA VOTER 3: "Well, I hear people talking about questioning her honesty, and I don't necessarily do that but I think that's one thing that people are kind of not sure, and they felt that way about Bill Clinton, too. So I think some of that rubs off." (NBC's "Meet The Press," 1/17/16)

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Clinton Pressed On Clinton Ties To Wall Street, Claims She Stood Up To Industry

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On ABC's This Week, Hillary Clinton Claimed She "Stood Up To Wall Street" And "Advocated For Changes ." ABC NEWS' GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: "Are you worried that your ties to Wall Street are weighing you down?" HILLARY CLINTON: Well, first, let me say, it shows how desperate the republicans are to prevent from becoming the nominee. I find that in a perverse way an incredible flattering comment on their anxiety because they know that, not only will I stand up for what the country needs, I will take it to the Republicans. I have a track record which shows I know how to stand up to them and I will win. I think this just proves my point I'm the strongest candidate to go up against any republican. With the back and forth on Wall Street, I think it's, you know, look, I have stood up to Wall Street even though I did represent New York. I have advocated for changes. (ABC's "This Week," 1/17/15)

According To A Boston Globe Report This Morning, Senator Hillary Clinton Took A "Hands-Off Approach To Wall Street Regulation" Which "Represented A Win For The Financial Services Industry." "Yielding to Schumer on financial legislation was part of a pattern in the Senate when Hillary Clinton served there: She took a mostly hands-off approach to Wall Street regulation. With banks enjoying a new era of deregulation that her husband helped create, a neutralized Clinton represented a win for the financial services industry and its perpetual effort to free itself from Washington's hand." (Annie Linskey, "As A Senator, Hillary Clinton Was Hands-Off On Wall Street," The Boston Globe , 1/17/16)

Clinton's Hands-Off Approach Towards Banking Bills Changed Only Once She Launched Her Presidential Campaign In 2007. "Clinton's pattern on banking bills changed in 2007 as she launched a presidential campaign amid the start of a financial meltdown. That year she showed more independence from Schumer, backing four banking bills that he'd avoided." (Annie Linskey, "As A Senator, Hillary Clinton Was Hands-Off On Wall Street," The Boston Globe , 1/17/16)


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Clinton Dodged A Question On Whether She Thinks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Has Credibility To Fix Racial Tension In Chicago. TODD: "Let me ask you about whether -- going in Chicago, right now, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been under fire for what he may have known about a shooting incident. Do you think he still has the credibility to heal the wounds in Chicago between the African-American community and law enforcement?" CLINTON: "Look, like everybody else who watched that video on television, I was just outraged by what happened to Laquan McDonald. I was one of the first to call for a complete Department of Justice investigation and, in fact, urged that it include the entire Chicago Police Department. This is not a problem that is unique to Chicago, unfortunately, and we've got to do a lot more to deal with the systemic racism and the problems that policing has demonstrated. Mayor Emanuel has said he is committed to complete and total reform and I think he should held to that standard." TODD: But do you think he still has the credibility to do this?" CLINTON: that's going to be up to him and up to the people of Chicago." (Hillary Clinton, NBS's "Meet The Press," 1/17/16)

Protestors Blocked Streets In Downtown Chicago Calling For Mayor Emanuel To Resign. "As controversy swirls over high-profile police killings in the city, hundreds of protesters blocked streets in downtown Chicago and tried to storm two business buildings on Wednesday afternoon as part of a citywide walkout to demand that Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign." (Charles Arbogast, "Protesters Block Downtown Chicago Streets And Call On Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Resign," Newsweek, 12/9/15)

Black Lives Matter Chicago Group Says Demands For Emanuel's Resignation Are Justified. "The cries of outrage over the shooting death of Laquan McDonald have turned into justified demands for the State's Attorney Alvarez and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign. The Department of Justice has announced an investigation into the Chicago Police Department. The Mayor and the State's Attorney can fire all the top cops they want however the problem with the CPD remains systemic and the solutions for our communities must be structural." ( Black Lives Matters Chicago Website, Accessed 1/7/16)


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Clinton Said She Was "Too Busy Campaigning" To See The Benghazi Movie 13 Hours. TAPPER: "A new movie opened this weekend, it's called 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi. It's a cinematic version of a book, a nonfiction book, telling the story of the six private security contractors who defended the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya from an attack by Islamic militants. Are you planning to see it at all?" CLINTON: I'm just too busy campaigning. I am still very focused on making sure we do everything we can as I did when I was secretary of state, as I testified to over 11 hours, to make sure that nothing like that happens again and so far as we are able to prevent it. And that's my focus when it comes to the continuing obligation that the United States government has whenever we send anyone into harm's way." (CNN's " State Of The Union," 1/17/16)

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