Democrats Talked About The Problems Of Obamacare, But Now Refuse To Address Them

- May 16, 2017

Democrats Conveniently Forget The Problems Of Obamacare They Once Pledged To Fix


  • Many Democrats once admitted to the flaws and defects of Obamacare and worked with Republicans to repeal problematic portions of the law.
  • During the 2016 election, even Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton acknowledged Obamacare had serious affordability issues.
  • Despite Obamacare's glaring, worsening problems, many Democrats have now conveniently have amnesia and refuse to constructively participate in much-needed healthcare reform.
  • Americans are saddled with high premiums, dwindling choices, and no help from Democrats.


When Obamacare Was Passed, Dozens Of Democrats Opposed The Bill

Thirty-Four Democrats Voted Against Obamacare. "The roll call of the House's vote on the Senate's healthcare bill has been released, which includes the names of the 34 Democrats who voted against the bill." (Jordan Fabian, "House Roll Call On Healthcare Bill: 34 Dems Vote Against," The Hill , 3/22/10)

  • Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) Voted Against Obamacare Because "…It Would Not Provide The Help Needed By Many Middle-Class Americans." "'I voted against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - also known as Obamacare - because I believed that, among other problems, it would not provide the help needed by many middle-class Americans who were struggling to afford good healthcare and it would drive our nation further into debt.'" (Press Release, "Lipinski: I Voted Against Obamacare But Oppose 'Repeal And Wait'," Rep. Dan Lipinski , 1/13/17)
  • Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) Voted "No" Vote On Obamacare Because "People Were Not Going To Tolerate The Government Telling Them What To Do, Which Is What It Did." "Looking back on 2010 health care law, Peterson said, 'I didn't think it would work. Too much government. And in my part of the world, the people I knew, people were not going to tolerate the government telling them what to do, which is what it did.'" (Collin Peterson, "House Democrats Who Opposed Obamacare Say Trump Never Approached Them," Roll Call , 4/5/17)

After Obamacare Passed, Democrats Expressed Concern About The Law's Implementation

Many Democrats Spoke Out Against Obamacare By "Point[ing] Out Where They Think The Obama Administration Isn't Implementing The Law Correctly." "And with important 2014 deadlines closing in, they're more willing to point out where they think the Obama administration isn't implementing the law correctly. For instance, four Senate Democrats and two dozen House Democrats have signed on to Republican bills to repeal the law's tax on medical-device manufacturers. Another 10 House Democrats want to repeal one of the law's boards charged with containing Medicare spending." (Jennifer Haberkorn, "Dems Pick At Obamacare," Politico , 3/11/13)

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) Stated "[W]here There Need To Be Fixes And Improvements Of The Affordable Care Act, We Ought To Do It." REP. STEVE ISRAEL (D-NY): "And secondly, look, where there need to be fixes and improvements of the Affordable Care Act, we ought to do it." (CNN's "Newsroom," 11/14/13)

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) Called Obamacare An "Imperfect Piece Of Legislation. " 'Warner also commented on ObamaCare. He called it a 'very imperfect piece of legislation.' Warner said that he wants to keep what is good about ObamaCare, while fixing what's wrong with it." (John Barnhart, "Warner Visits New London At Chamber Event," Bedford Bulletin, 1/29/14)

Sen. Steven Lynch (D-MA) Believed That The Effects From Implementation Would Cause The Problems Of Obamacare To "…Hit The Fan." "'There's all these taxes and fees that are the tough medicine, that up to now they haven't implemented. I don't know who's going to do that,' Lynch said. 'Maybe ... they expect the next administration is going to put these penalties in place. I think that's the time it's going to hit the fan.'" (Ian Schwartz, "Dem Congressman On Obamacare: 'We Will Lose Seats In The House," Real Clear Politics , 4/21/14)

Contrary To President Obama's Promise, Obamacare Caused Millions Of Americans To Lose Their Insurance, And Put Democrats In An Awkward Position

In 2009, President Obama Pledged That Under The Terms Of His Healthcare Reform Proposal, Americans Would Be Able To Keep Their Current Plan And Current Doctor. PRESIDENT OBAMA: "This week, I conveyed to Congress my belief that any health care reform must be built around fundamental reforms that lower costs, improve quality and coverage, and also protect consumer choice. That means if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too." (President Obama, Remarks Of President Barack Obama Weekly Address , Washington, D.C., 6/9/09)

Obamacare Caused At Least 3.6 Million Americans To Have Their Health Insurance Canceled. "The move is aimed at stemming a tide of cancellation letters sent to an estimated the 3.6 million Americans since new rules were introduced under the Affordable Care Act on October 1." (Dan Roberts, "Obama Admits To Rollout 'Fumble' And Offers Health Insurance Fix," The Guardian , 11/14/13)

Thirty-Nine Democrats Supported A Republican Bill That Would "Reverse Cancellation Of Americans' Individual Insurance Plans." "In a mild rebuke to President Barack Obama, more than three dozen House Democrats broke with their party Friday in supporting a measure the GOP said would help reverse cancellation of Americans' individual insurance plans." (Carrie Dann, "In Mild Rebuke To Obama, 39 Dems Vote With GOP On 'Keep Your Plan' Bill," NBC News , 11/15/13)

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Stated That The Promise President Obama Made That Individuals Could Keep Their Coverage "Should Have Been Clarified." "'Sen. Dick Durbin said Tuesday the cancellations people might face of their coverage under Obamacare and the statement that individuals could keep their plans 'should have been clarified.' 'I can tell you that a couple more sentences added to it would've clarified it, and they should've been added. The president has apologized. I think he said very clearly he was sorry if he misled people' Durbin (D-IL.) said on CNN's 'Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield.'" (Lucy McCalmont, "Durbin: ACA Line Needed Clarification," Politico , 11/12/13)

Former Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) Claimed That The Problems Facing Americans On Obamacare Caused Because On President Obama's Lack Of Being Was Not "More Specific." "On Sunday, on ABC's This Week, the New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand repeatedly referred to the administration's predicament over Obamacare as 'an implementation issue,' and said it had been a mistake not to be more specific about the types of policies that would be closed down under the ACA. 'He [Obama] should have been more specific,' she said, 'because the point is, if you are being offered a terrible healthcare plan that the minute you get sick you have to go into bankruptcy, those plans should never be offered.'" (Dominic Rushe, "Democrats Rally Behind President In Defense Of Obamacare," The Guardian , 11/17/13)

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) Said "We Need To Try To Help [People Who Can't Keep The Policies They Want Because Of Obamacare] And Try To Fix That." SEN. TOM CARPER (D-DE): "And as we work to try to address the concerns by a couple million people, sadly, who are not going to be able to keep the policies that they want and are facing large increases in premiums, that's a problem. And we need to try to help them and try to fix that." (Committee On Finance, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 11/6/13)

President Clinton, While Stumping For Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid, Called Obamacare "The Craziest Thing In The World" Because Participants Had "Their Premiums Doubled And Their Coverage Cut In Half." "'So you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It's the craziest thing in the world,' Clinton said." (Naomi Lin, "Bill Clinton Calls Obamacare 'The Craziest Thing In The World,' Later Tries To Walk It Back," CNN , 10/5/16)

President Obama Eventually Had To Apologize To The American Public Saying "I'm Sorry That They Are Finding Themselves In This Situation Based On The Assurances They Got From Me." PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: "I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. We've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this." (Chuck Todd, "Obama Personally Apologizes For Americans Losing Health Coverage," NBC News , 11/7/13)

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Democrats Also Expressed Opposition To Certain Provisions Of Obamacare, Such As The Cadillac Tax, And The Medical Device Tax And In Some Cases Even Worked To Repeal Them

In 2013, Democrats Worked With Republicans To Sponsor A Repeal Of Obamacare's Tax On Medical-Device Manufacturers And "Repeal One Of The Law's Boards Charged With Containing Medicare Spending." "For instance, four Senate Democrats and two dozen House Democrats have signed on to Republican bills to repeal the law's tax on medical-device manufacturers. Another 10 House Democrats want to repeal one of the law's boards charged with containing Medicare spending." (Jennifer Haberkorn, "Dems Pick At Obamacare," Politico , 3/11/13)

  • House Democrats Voted Alongside Republicans In A Veto-Proof Margin To "Repeal Obamacare's Tax On Medical Devices." "Brushing aside a White House veto threat, dozens of House Democrats joined with Republicans on Thursday to repeal Obamacare's tax on medical devices, approving one tweak to the signature health law that could actually make it through Congress. Republicans cheered the vote, saying the 46 Democrats and 234 Republicans who voted to scrap the onerous tax were nearing the two-thirds support needed to overcome a promised presidential veto - and that's even with a dozen Republicans having missed the vote." (Tom Howell Jr, "House Votes To Repeal Medical Device Tax," The Washington Times , 6/18/15)

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) Stated That The So-Called Cadillac Tax Places "Far Too Great A Burden On Working Families." "'This tax unfortunately would target far too many health plans and place far too great a burden on working families,' Leahy said. 'We must find a way to contain the cost of health care without creating geographic disparities and limiting the benefits available in health plans.'" (Press Release, "Brown Leads Nine Senators In Bill Strike Cadillac Health Tax While Demanding That Repeal Doesn't Increase The Deficit," Sen. Sherrod Brown , 9/24/15)

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Was Against The Cadillac Tax Provision Because He Felt That The Middle Class Taxpayers Would Be Left To "Foot The Bill For An Increase In The Federal Deficit" "'We can control health costs while standing up for working Americans,' Brown said. 'By repealing the Cadillac tax, we can prevent certain employer-provided health plans from being taxed. But we shouldn't end one tax on middle class taxpayers while leaving them to foot the bill for an increase in the federal deficit.'" (Press Release, "Brown Leads Nine Senators In Bill Strike Cadillac Health Tax While Demanding That Repeal Doesn't Increase The Deficit," Sen. Sherrod Brown , 9/24/15)

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) Said The Tax Would "Impact More And More Health Plans." "'Over time, this tax will impact more and more health plans,' Shaheen said. 'We must continue to find ways to ease the burden on employers providing health insurance for their workers.'" (Press Release, "Brown Leads Nine Senators In Bill Strike Cadillac Health Tax While Demanding That Repeal Doesn't Increase The Deficit," Sen. Sherrod Brown , 9/24/15)

Rep. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) Called The Medical Device Tax A "Burdensome Tax [That] Hurts Industry Growth And Prevents Companies From Investing In Research And Development." "'This burdensome tax hurts industry growth and prevents companies from investing in research and development,' said Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona Democrat who's supported other minor changes to Obamacare." (Tom Howell Jr, "House Votes To Repeal Medical Device Tax," The Washington Times , 6/18/15)

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Called The Medical Device Tax "Job-Killing" And Said That He "Want[s] To Repeal The Medical Tax Device Altogether." "'I want to repeal the medical device tax altogether. But I am concerned that we are running out of time before this job-killing tax goes into effect. So, for now, the best thing to do to ensure that this important industry continues to create jobs and producing life-saving devices is to delay this unwise tax,' said Sen. Franken. 'I'm pushing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to include such a delay in the current fiscal cliff negotiations. The medical device industry creates tens of thousands of good paying jobs in Minnesota and 400,000 nationwide. We should do everything we can to protect it.'" (Press Release, "Sen. Franken Pushes Senate Fiscal Cliff Negotiators To Delay Medical Device Tax Implementation," Sen. Al Franken , 12/10/12)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Said The Medical Device Tax "Too Often Disproportionately Impacts The Small Companies With The Narrowest Financial Margins…It Also Pushes Companies Of All Sizes To Cut Back On Research And Development For Life-Saving Products." "'When Congress taxes the sale of a specific product through an excise tax, as the Affordable Care Act does with medical devices, it too often disproportionately impacts the small companies with the narrowest financial margins and the broadest innovative potential,' Warren wrote. 'It also pushes companies of all sizes to cut back on research and development for life-saving products. With an appropriate offset, we can repeal the medical device tax without cutting health care coverage for millions of people or forcing Americans to fight the whole health care battle all over again.'" (Shira Schoenberg, "Medical Device Tax Opposed By Elizabeth Warren, Mo Cowan, And All Five U.S. Senate Hopefuls," MassLive , 3/22/13)

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) Said He "Opposed The Inclusion Of This Tax In The House Healthcare Reform Bill." "Markey said in a statement that he does oppose the tax. "I am concerned about the impact that the device tax could have on the medical device industry and job creation in the Commonwealth,' he said. 'I opposed the inclusion of this tax in the House health care reform bill. I would support repealing the tax, as long as the revenue replacing it does not impact middle-class families or their health care benefits.'" (Shira Schoenberg, "Medical Device Tax Opposed By Elizabeth Warren, Mo Cowan, And All Five U.S. Senate Hopefuls," MassLive , 3/22/13)

During The 2016 Election, Top Democrats Acknowledged Obamacare Had Significant Problems

In 2016, Senate Democrats Began To Question The "Stability Of The Marketplace." "HHS has already been taking some steps in trying to shore up the stability of the marketplaces. It has made changes to the formula for risk adjustment, which shifts money to insurers with higher-cost enrollees, and tightened the rules somewhat for the extra signup periods. But many Democratic senators want to act much more ambitiously, through the legislative process. There are now 33 senators who have signed on to a resolution from Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) calling for adding a government-run insurer, or 'public option,' to ObamaCare." (Peter Sullivan, "Dems To GOP: Help US Fix ObamaCare," The Hill , 9/22/16)

"Democrats Are Increasingly Acknowledging That The Affordable Care Act Has An Affordability Problem." (Peter Sullivan, "Obamacare Hikes Leave Dems Exposed," The Hill , 10/25/16)

  • Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) Acknowledged That Obamacare Has Had Its "Ups And Downs." "Asked if he was concerned that the situation could get worse on the exchanges, Murphy said: 'You know, I think the Affordable Care Act [ACA] from the very beginning has been a roller coaster. There are a lot more ups and downs.'" (Peter Sullivan, "Dems To GOP: Help Us Fix ObamaCare," The Hill , 9/22/16)
  • Bob Kocher, Former White House Advisor On Health Reform: "'Affordability Is An Enormous Problem.'" "More broadly, he also called for reforms to make the healthcare system more efficient and bring down costs for everyone. Across the system, and not just in ObamaCare, he said, 'affordability is an enormous problem." (Peter Sullivan, "Obamacare Hikes Leave Dems Exposed," The Hill , 10/26/16)

Former President Bill Clinton, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, And Even Former President Barack Obama Are Among Democrats Who Have Acknowledged The Problems With Obamacare. "Former President Bill Clinton said recently that people who are ineligible to get subsidies to buy Obamacare insurance are 'getting killed.' Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said this month that 'the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people.' Even President Obama said in a speech last week that 'there are going to be people who are hurt by premium increases.'" (Peter Sullivan, "Obamacare Hikes Leave Dems Exposed," The Hill , 10/25/16)

During Her Presidential Campaign, Hillary Clinton Stated That "Premiums Have Gotten Too High." "Still, Clinton at the second presidential debate noted the problem. 'I'm going to fix it, because I agree with you,' Clinton told a questioner at the town hall-style event who complained of rising health costs under ObamaCare. 'Premiums have gotten too high.'" (Peter Sullivan, "Obamacare Hikes Leave Dems Exposed," The Hill , 10/26/16)

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) Said "Anything's Possible," And "There Are Things That We Could Do That Will Improve Access To Health Care And Hopefully Lower Cost." "Trump won Heitkamp's state with more than 60 percent of the vote, and she went to Trump Tower recently to discuss job prospects in his administration. Heitkamp doesn't appear especially eager to enter the health care replacement fray, waiting to see what Republicans put forward. 'Anything's possible. We've got to get to a spot here in Washington, D.C., where we respond to peoples' concerns,' she said. 'There are things that we could do that will improve access to health care and hopefully lower cost.'" (Burgess Everett and Jennifer Haberkorn, "Democrats Open To Replacing Obamacare," Politico , 12/15/16)

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) Stated "We Need To Fix Some Things With The Health Care Bill" And "There's Going To Be Spaces Where We Can Work Together." "'Do we need to fix some things with the health care bill? Absolutely. And it's going to take Republicans and Democrats working together to make that happen,' Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. 'There's going to be areas, there's going to be spaces where we can work together and spaces where we can't.'" (Erin Mershon, "Red State Democrats Open To Working On Obamacare Replacement," Roll Call , 11/16/16)

Senator Murphy Said "[T]here Are Other Things We Might Want To Talk About Legislatively" To Fix Obamacare . "'There's going to be ups and downs in these marketplaces,' Murphy said. 'I think the secretary's got some ability to try to smooth out these edges, and there are other things that ultimately we might want to talk about legislatively.'" (Peter Sullivan, "Dems To GOP: Help Us Fix Obamacare," The Hill , 9/22/16)

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) Stated That Obamacare Needs "Significant Improvements." "In a floor speech Thursday Mr. Kaine said the problem with rushing through a repeal is that it would leave chaos in the health system. He said Obamacare needs "significant improvements," but didn't detail them." (Stephen Dinan, "Obamacare Cracks Show As 13 Dems Say They Could Vote To Reform Health Law," The Washington Times , 1/5/17)

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) Said "There Has To Be A Way To Fix [ Obamacare ]." "'There has to be a way to fix it,' he said." (Brett Dunlap, "Manchin: Fix, Do Not Repeal Obamacare," The Parkersburg News And Sentinel , 1/5/17)

After The Election, Obamacare's Problems Have Worsened As Premiums Rise And Choices Dwindle

Aetna Announced That They Will Exit From Some All Obamacare Exchanges In 2018. "Aetna Inc. will leave the few remaining states where it had been selling Obamacare plans next year, making it the latest health insurer to pull out of the health law as Republicans attack the program as failing and work to dismantle it." (Zachary Tracer, "Aetna Is Latest Health Insurer To Quit Obamacare Markets," Bloomberg , 5/10/17)

  • Aetna's Original Withdrawal In 2017 Was At The Time "The Largest By Any Health Insurer From The Health-Care Law's Marketplaces." "The cascade of state-by-state decisions represents a stark turnabout for the nation's third-largest insurer, which initially entered 15 states' marketplaces but last summer decided to slash its 2017 participation to just four. That retreat was the largest by any health insurer from the health-care law's marketplaces, which started in 2014 to provide coverage for people who cannot get affordable health benefits through their employers." (Amy Goldstein, "Aetna Exiting All ACA Insurance Marketplaces In 2018," The Washington Post , 5/10/17)

As The Number Of Insurers On Obamacare Exchanges Dwindles, The Last Participating Insurers Are Asking For "Big Hikes For Next Year." "Several insurers remaining in Obamacare are requesting big rate hikes for next year. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is looking for an average rate increase of 52% for its individual market plans in Maryland. It also requested hikes of 35% in Virginia and 29% in Washington D.C. In Virginia, Cigna wants to raise rates by an average of 45%, while HealthKeepers, an affiliate of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is looking for an 38% increase." (Tami Luhby, "Aetna To Obamacare: We're Outta Here," CNN , 5/10/17)

Health Insurance Plans On Virginia's Obamacare Exchange Could Cost An "Average Of 20 Percent More" In 2018. "Health insurance plans on the Affordable Care Act's individual and small group markets in Virginia could cost an average of 20 percent more in 2018, according to initial rate filings with the state's Bureau of Insurance… Some plan premiums on the individual market could go see prices nearly triple. Others expect increases as low as 1.7 percent and as high as 20.4 percent." (Katie O'Connor, "ACA Exchange Premium Rates Could Rise By An Average Of 20 Percent In Virginia Next Year," Richmond Times-Dispatch , 5/9/17)

  • One Of The Largest Insurers On The Virginia Exchange, Anthem, "Wants An Average Rate Hike Of 38 Percent." "In Virginia, the seven insurers proposing prices for 2018 compares with 11 now selling ACA health plans there. The largest, Anthem, wants an average rate hike of 38 percent, more than double its increase from 2016 to 2017." (Amy Goldstein, "Early Proposed Rates For ACA Health Plans Hint At A Jump In Premiums For 2018," The Washington Post , 5/9/17)

Plans On The Maryland Obamacare Exchange May See "Average Rate Increases Between 58.8 Percent And 18.08 Percent." "Insurance companies that are planning to sell Obamacare plans in two state exchanges next year are requesting double-digit rate increases for premiums, results that are likely to become fodder for the healthcare law's defenders and its detractors. In Maryland, insurers requested average rate increases between 58.8 percent and 18.08 percent." (Kimberly Leonard, "Maryland, Virginia Brace For Huge Obamacare Rate Hikes," The Washington Examiner , 5/6/17)

Connecticut May See "Double-Digit" Rate Increases In 2018." "Health insurers in Connecticut are seeking double-digit rate increases for 2018 in response to rising medical and drug costs and uncertainty in the marketplace, the state Insurance Department said Monday." (Stephen Singer, "Health Insurers Seek Double-Digit Rate Increases For 2018 Due To Rising Medical Cost, Marketplace Uncertainty," The Hartford Courant , 5/8/17)

Despite The Worsening Problems Of Obamacare , Democrats Refuse To Work With Republicans To Address These Issues

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Has Declared That "Not A Single Democrat Is Negotiating" On A Replacement For Obamacare. "'Not a single Democrat is negotiating,' Schumer said on a call organized by MoveOn and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. 'We ain't resting until the move to repeal the ACA has a dagger through its heart.'" (David Weigel, "Schumer: No Democrat Is Compromising With GOP On Obamacare Replacement," The Washington Post , 2/24/17)

  • Schumer Has Threatened To Filibuster Any Repeal Of Obamacare. "Schumer said Democrats would use that same 60-vote threshold to protect Obamacare from President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress who are vowing to dismantle it." (Ted Barrett, "Schumer: Democratic Opposition Holding Against Gorsuch, Obamacare Repeal," CNN , 2/21/17)

All House Democrats Voted Against The Republican Sponsored Healthcare Reform Bill. "Earlier, the Republican proposal passed the House by a vote of 217 to 213. All 193 Democrats voted against the bill. They were joined by 20 Republicans who voted 'no.' The GOP-sponsored bill now goes to the Senate, where approval could prove more difficult as Republicans hold a slimmer majority in that chamber." (Christine Wang, "GOP Either Doesn't Know The Facts Or Doesn't Care About People, Pelosi Says After Health Bill Vote," CNBC, 5/4/17)

  • House Democrats Acted Childishly After The Vote, Chanting At Republicans On The House Floor. "As giddy Republicans clapped when they got the necessary 216 votes to pass the bill effectively replacing Obamacare, members of the Democratic party broke out into: 'Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,' singing to the conservatives in the room. The song signaled what many Democrats believe will be a turning point for Republicans -- a vote that will ultimately lose GOP members votes and end the Republican majority in the House." (Miranda Green, "Dems To GOP After AHCA Vote: 'Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye,'" CNN , 5/4/17)

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Has Declared That Democrats Are Not Working With Republicans On Healthcare Reform, Saying "Until They [Republicans] Back Off Repeal, There's Really Nothing We Can Talk About ." SCHUMER: "We said all along, we say to this day, get off this repeal. Look, we have made real progress over the last several years, 20 million people covered who weren't covered, preexisting conditions taken care of, 21-to-26-year-olds getting coverage. The list goes on. We said, back off repeal, which would walk back many of these things incompletely or by degree, and we will work with you to fix it." TAPPER: "But what..." SCHUMER: "They still haven't gotten up to the first stage. Until they back off repeal, there's really nothing we can talk about." (CNN's "The Lead With Jake Tapper , 5/9/17)

In April, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Promoted The "Resist Repeal" Message On The Healthcare Bill Before It Was Voted On In The House. "We won a battle. They're still at war on the Affordable Care Act. Resist repeal. Stop the sabotage of the bill. #amjoy" (Nancy Pelosi, Twitter Feed , 4/1/17)

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