DWS and Nancy Pelosi's Delusional Tax Reform Town Hall

Taryn Fenske - January 25, 2018

"The steady stream of good news flowing into Florida as a result of tax reform proves that Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz were dead wrong to oppose it. Since the passage of the billmajor U.S. companies, including many in Florida, have already announced pay raises and bonuses for employees, as well as millions of dollars in new investment into our economyIf Nancy and Debbie plan to explain this morning how more money back into Floridians pockets is ‘Armageddon,’ we’ll grab the popcorn.” - RNC Spokesperson, Taryn Fenske


Nancy Pelosi Resorted To Extreme Rhetoric When Discussing The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Equated The Passage Of The GOP Tax Bill With "The End Of The World," And Economic "Armageddon." "Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hammered the Republicans' tax-code overhaul Monday evening as a culture-shaking economic 'armageddon' that would haunt the working class for years to come. Flanked by other top Democrats in the Capitol, the minority leader blasted Republicans for championing a tax proposal she equated to 'the end of the world.'" (Mike Lillis, "Pelosi Denounces GOP Tax Reform As 'Armageddon.'" The Hill , 12/4/17)

Leader Nancy Pelosi Stated That The House GOP Tax Relief Bill "Pillaged The Middle-Class."REP. PELOSI: "Republicans have brought forth a bill that is pillaging the middle-class to pad the pockets of the wealthiest and hand tax breaks to corporations shipping jobs out of America and drastically increasing the national debt…" (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Remarks On The House Floor , Washington DC, 11/16/17)

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Has Had A Significant Impact On Workers In Florida

There Are 14,500 AT&T Employees In Florida. "More than 14,500 AT&T employees working in Florida as of June 30, 2016." ("Jobs And Economic Support," AT&T, Accessed 1/3/18)

Bank Of America Has 564 Financial Centers In Florida. ("Florida," Bank Of America , Accessed 1/3/18)

PNC Financial Services Has 9 Wealth Management Offices In Florida. ("Wealth Management And Hawthorn Office Locations,"PNC , Accessed 1/3/18)

Darden Restaurants, The Owners Of Olive Garden And LongHorn Steakhouse, Announced That They Planned To Invest $20 Million Into Their Employees As A Result Of Increased Profits From The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. "Darden Restaurants Inc., the owner of Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, expects the federal corporate tax cut to fatten profits, and it promised to pass along some of the money to employees. The company is now planning for an effective tax rate of 18 percent this year, down from 25 percent earlier. That will bring a windfall of about $70 million, or 56 cents a share. The legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed last month, is poised to lower the restaurant chain's rate, though it also expects other changes to help as well. With its financial outlook brightening, the company pledged to spend about $20 million on employees." (Nick Turner, "Olive Garden Owner Pledges To Boost Employee Perks After Tax Cut," Bloomberg , 1/8/18)

  • The Olive Garden Headquarters Are In Orlando, Florida. "The Olive Garden main headquarters are in Orlando, Florida, USA. Olive Garden Headquarters Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr Orlando, Florida 32837 United States." ("Where Is The Olive Garden Corporate Office?," Headquarters List , Accessed 1/8/18)
  • Longhorn Steakhouse's Corporate Headquarters Is Located In Florida. "As you can see, the folks at Longhorn take grilling steaks seriously. How seriously? Just last week at Darden Corporate Headquarters in Orlando, seven of these brand's top grill masters (who - after weeks of regional competitions - had been culled from the 491 restaurants that make up this chain) competed for a $10,000 prize in the Company's second annual Steak Master Series." (Jim Hill, "Jens Dahlmann Of Longhorn Steakhouse Has Lots Of Great Tips When It Comes To Grilling,"The Huffington Post, 7/4/17)

Disney Will Provide 125,000 Employees  With A $1,000 Bonus And Invest $50 Million Into Employee Education. “Disney announced Tuesday it will pay over 125,000 employees a one-time cash bonus of $1,000, as well as make a new $50 million investment into education program for employees.” (Michael Sheetz, “125,000 Disney Employees To Receive $1,000 Cash Bonus Due To Tax Reform,” CNBC, 1/23/18)

Bancorp South Increased Wages For 70 Percent Of Employees And Provided A $1,000 Bonus To 20 Percent Of Their Employees, They Have 230 Locations In Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee And Texas. “The increased compensation overall at BancorpSouth affected more than 70 percent of all employees, and provided a $1,000 bonus to nearly 20 percent of all employees. BancorpSouth employs some 4,000 employees in more than 230 locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, plus an insurance location in Illinois.” (Dennis Seid, “Update: Bancorpsouth And Renasant Giving Raises, Bonuses,” Biz Buzz, 1/4/18)

CenterState, A Florida Community Bank, Gave $1,000 Bonuses To Its Non-Officer Employees, About 700 Workers. “CenterState also finds itself competing more with major regional banks for customers and employees, so — following in the footsteps of other leading financial institutions — it is giving $1,000 bonuses to its non-officer employees as a result of the new tax law. About 700 workers, or 60 percent of the company’s employees as of Dec. 31, will receive the bonus, CenterState said in a Jan. 19 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.” (Margie Manning, “CenterState Bank Names Retired Disney Executive To Its Board,” Tama Bay Business Journal, 1/19/18)

Jones Auto & Towing In Riverview, Florida Added Two Full Time Jobs As A Result Of Savings From The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. “Jones Auto & Towing (Riverview, Florida) – the company, which provides 24-hour wrecker service, roadside assistance, emergency towing, and fuel delivery etc. will put two additional trucks into service, which will add two more full time jobs” (“List Of Tax Reform Good News,” Americans For Tax Reform, 1/23/18)

RGF Environmental Group Provided A $1,000 Bonus To All 140 Of Its Employees. “RGF Environmental Group’s Revenues Peaked in 2017 with 38.7% Growth. In addition to record breaking Christmas bonuses, RGF is starting off 2018 by sharing the wealth with a $1000 New Year’s bonus to all 140 Employees. Riviera Beach, Florida.” (Press Release, “RGF Management Team Celebrates Its Contribution To ‘Making America Great Again,’” RGF Environmental Group, 1/15/18)

Spellex Corporation In Tampa, Florida, Provided Its 26 Full Time Employees With A $1,000 Bonus.“Spellex Corporation (Tampa, Florida) -- $1,000 bonuses for all 26 full-time employees: ‘I'm the founder and CEO of Spellex Corporation located in Tampa, FL. We're a software development company which I founded in 1988. This is the first time I've done anything like this. I'm hoping there are thousands of companies like mine who gave their employees $1,000 bonuses to show our support for the new tax plan which will ultimately help the middle class.’  – Sheldon Wolf, CEO, Spellex Corporation.” (“List Of Tax Reform Good News,” Americans For Tax Reform, 1/23/18)

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