ENOUGH: Time To Throw In The Towel On The Clintons

- July 24, 2016

After Decades In Public Office, Its Time For New Leadership


  • Clinton is a corrupt creature of the Washington, DC establishment who uses her ties to lobbyists and big money donors to ingratiate her allies.
  • Clinton’s family foundation has long been accused of being a pay to play scheme, with foreign donors and Clinton’s cronies seeking to gain access to the corridors of power in the US Government through their donations to her namesake organization.
  • Clinton’s secret server put national security at risk and there continue to be damming revelations about how she transmitted top secret information.
  • Clinton’s failed policies have led to the rise of ISIS.
  • The action and inactions Clinton pushed for as Secretary of State also lead to the expansion of terrorism across the world, and chaos throughout the Middle East.
  • Clinton has refused to call terrorism “Radial Islam,” and only said she was okay with the term after a series of devastating attacks on US soil.
  • Clinton supports President Obama’s failed economic policies, saying he doesn’t get the credit he deserves and also saying that she would give him an “A” rating on turning the economy around.
  • Clinton has flip flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the deal she once called the “Gold Standard” and now decries on the campaign trail.
  • Clinton has consistently voted to hike taxes on the American people.  


Clinton Is The Darling Of The Corrupt Washington Liberal Democrat Establishment

"The Democratic Primary Has Descended Into Bitter Acrimony That Poses Real Questions About Whether The Sanders And Clinton Factions Will Come Together In November." (Molly Ball, "The Democratic Establishment Prevails," The Atlantic , 6/3/16)

Sanders Has Used Clinton's Backing From The Democrat Establishment Into A "Knock On Her Candidacy." "In an election where voters are frustrated with the political system, Sanders has tried to turn Clinton's backing from party leaders into a knock on her candidacy." (Julie Pace And Ken Thomas, "Dems Ready For Long, Pricey Primary Between Clinton, Sanders," The Associated Press, 2/5/16)

"Clinton Is The Favorite Of The Democratic Establishment, Regardless Of How You Want To Define It." "Yes, Clinton is the favorite of the Democratic establishment, regardless of how you want to define it. She has locked up the endorsements of more sitting senators, congressmen, and governors than any Democratic candidate in history had by this point in the race and enjoys a massive lead in the super-delegate race. She has the broad support of mainstream media outlets, including the backing of the Des Moines Register in Iowa, as well as the Boston Globe and the New York Times. (The Washington Post has chimed in with its own scathing takedown of Sanders.) And let's not forget that the current chairwoman of the national party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was a high-profile Clinton surrogate in 2008 and has done pretty much everything she can to help Hillary in the 2016 cycle." (Josh Voorhees, "Hillary Says She's Not An 'Establishment' Candidate - Because She's A Woman," Slate , 2/4/16)

The Atlantic Headline: "The Democratic Establishment Prevails" (Molly Ball, "The Democratic Establishment Prevails," The Atlantic , 6/3/16)

  • "The Democratic National Committee Has Been Pilloried For Its Hamhanded Attempts To 'Rig' The Process In Clinton's Favor, From The Scheduling Of Debates To Fundraising Agreements." (Molly Ball, "The Democratic Establishment Prevails," The Atlantic , 6/3/16)

Clinton's Campaign Has Close Ties To Washington, D.C. Establishment Lobbyists

Last Year, Clinton's Campaign Confirmed It Will Accept Donations From Lobbyists And PACs. "Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will accept donations from lobbyists and political action committees, a difference in policy from the man she's hoping to replace, President Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign confirmed that there would be no prohibition on such donations, after The Huffington Post was tipped off by two lobbyists supportive of the former secretary of state's run for the White House." (Sam Stein and Paul Blumenthal, "Clinton Campaign Will Accept Donations From Lobbyists And PACs,"The Huffington Post , 4/16/15)

  • Lobbyists That Represent Drug And Oil Companies Are Raising "Stacks Of Money" For Clinton's Campaign. "Hillary Clinton took aim this week at the pharmaceutical industry and the Keystone oil pipeline. But that doesn't mean the Democratic presidential front-runner isn't enjoying the support of lobbyists representing drug and oil companies in Washington, many of whom are helping raise stacks of money for her campaign." (Catherine Ho, "Clinton Takes Aim At Pharma, Keystone - But Industry Lobbyists Still Provide Campaign Cash," The Washington Post's Power Post, 9/24/15)
  • Clinton Has Taken More Than $1.2 Million In Bundled Donations From Oil And Gas Lobbyists. "And Greenpeace, a progressive environmental organization, released a recent report showing that Clinton had also received more than $1.2 million in donations bundled -- or fundraised -- by lobbyists for fossil-fuel industry on her behalf. The organization also tied millions more donations tied to the fossil-fuel industry to the super PAC supporting Clinton, Priorities USA Action." (Abby Phillip, "'I Am So Sick Of The Sanders Campaign Lying About Me': Clinton Snaps At Greenpeace Activist," The Washington Post , 3/31/16)

"There Are At Least Six Clinton Campaign Staffers Who, At One Time Or Another, Earned A Paycheck As A Registered Lobbyist." "There are at least six Clinton campaign staffers who, at one time or another, earned a paycheck as a registered lobbyist. They've lobbied for a range of controversial special interests, from the Keystone pipeline and Lehman Brothers to SeaWorld and some of the country's largest corporations." (Patrick Caldwell, "Clinton's Top Aides Have Lobbied For Companies Liberals Despise," Mother Jones, 7/8/15)

  • Clinton's Consultant On Delegates, Jeff Berman, Worked As A Lobbyist For TransCanada And Lobbied Clinton's State Department For The Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. "The newest hire for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is a longtime strategist who played a key role in her 2008 primary defeat while working for then-Sen. Barack Obama. He's also a Washington lobbyist who lobbied the State Department - led, at the time, by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - on behalf of the company seeking to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Clinton's new consultant, Jeff Berman, has followed, in many respects, a well-worn path for those in Washington D.C. He spent a large chunk of his career in the public sector before a stint on K Street, and now he's back again." (Sam Stein, "Hillary Clinton's Newest Consultant Was A Major Keystone Lobbyist," The Huffington Post, 6/25/15)
  • Joel Benenson, Clinton's "Chief Pollster And Strategist," Has Done Work For The Financial Services Forum, "A Lobbying Group For Wall Street Interests Such As Citigroup And Goldman Sachs." "The Benenson Strategy Group, the consulting firm run by Joel Benenson, now serving as the Clinton campaign's chief pollster and strategist, was retained by the Financial Services Forum, a lobbying group for Wall Street interests such as Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. Lobbying records show the Financial Services Forum has worked over the years to weaken a variety of Dodd-Frank reforms. In 2013, the Financial Services Forum paid Benenson's firm $273,459 to lobby on a number of rules that were mandated by Dodd-Frank, including capital requirements designed to prevent another financial crisis. Danny Franklin, a partner with the Benenson Stategy Group, wrote to The Intercept to say the Financial Services Forum is not currently a client of his firm, but declined to comment any further." (Lee Fang, "Top Hillary Clinton Advisors And Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare," The Intercept, 2/8/16)
  • Clinton's Campaign Adviser And Fundraiser Steve Elmendorf, "Was Retained By Goldman Sachs As One Of The Bank's 'Primary Lobbyists' Working To Weaken the Dodd-Frank Bill." "Steve Elmendorf, a campaign adviser and fundraiser who has collected $30,505 for Clinton, was retained by Goldman Sachs as one of the bank's 'primary lobbyists' working to weaken the Dodd-Frank bill. Records show that after the bill was signed into law, Elmendorf continued to work on behalf of a number of Wall Street clients to ensure the implementation was favorable to financial industry interests." (Lee Fang, "Top Hillary Clinton Advisors And Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare," The Intercept, 2/8/16)

Clinton's Family Foundation Is Has Been Seen As Corrupt And A Way For People To "Pay-To-Play" In The American Political System

" One Of The Reasons That The Clinton Foundation Has Become Such A Formidable Fund-Raising Machine Is That Donors Appear To Hope To Gain Access To The Corridors Of Political Power With Their Gifts." ("Why The Clinton Foundation Is So Controversial," The Economist, 2/7/16)

  • The Problem With The Clinton Foundation Is That Appears Vulnerable To Conflicts Of Interest. "The problem is that a foundation, which is led by an ex-president and someone who hopes to be elected president by the end of the year, can appear vulnerable to conflicts of interest." ("Why The Clinton Foundation Is So Controversial," The Economist, 2/7/16)

Harper's Ken Silverstein: The Clinton's Political Allies Won The Focused Attention Of Secretary Clinton At The State Department. "…it is beyond dispute that these very same donors and the Clintons' political allies have won the focused attention of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when she served as Secretary of State." (Ken Silverstein, "Shaky Foundations," Harper's Magazine, 11/18/15)

"Rarely, If Ever, Has A Potential Commander In Chief Been So Closely Associated With An Organization That Has Solicited Financial Support From Foreign Governments." "Rarely, if ever, has a potential commander in chief been so closely associated with an organization that has solicited financial support from foreign governments. Clinton formally joined the foundation in 2013 after leaving the State Department, and the organization was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation." (Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger, "Foreign Governments Gave Millions To Foundation While Clinton Was At State Dept.," The Washington Post , 2/25/15)

  • Contributions "May Spur Questions About The Independence Of A Potential Commander In Chief Who Has Solicited Money From Foreign Donors With A Stake In The Actions Of The U.S. Government." "The role of interests located in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Argentina may spur questions about the independence of a potential commander in chief who has solicited money from foreign donors with a stake in the actions of the U.S. government." (Rosalind S. Helderman, Tom Hamburger and Steven Rich, "Clinton Foundation's Global Network Overlaps With Family's Political Base," The Washington Post , 2/19/15)

For Example, Raj Fernando Was Appointed To The State Department's International Security Advisory Board By Clinton's Chief Of Staff Cheryl Mills At Her "Insistence." "The newly released emails reveal that after ABC News started asking questions in August 2011, a State Department official who worked with the advisory board couldn't immediately come up with a justification for Fernando serving on the panel. His and other emails make repeated references to 'S'; ABC News has been told this is a common way to refer to the Secretary of State. 'The true answer is simply that S staff (Cheryl Mills) added him,' wrote Wade Boese, who was Chief of Staff for the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, in an email to Mannina, the press aide. 'Raj was not on the list sent to S; he was added at their insistence.'" (Matthew Mosk, Brian Ross and Cho Park, "How Clinton Donor Got On Sensitive Intelligence Board," ABC News, 6/10/16)

"Hillary Clinton's State Department Aides Rushed A Top Secret Security Clearance For A Democratic Donor In Order To Place Him In A Government Position For Which He Was Not Qualified." (Sarah Westwood, "Clinton Aides Rushed Top Secret Clearance For Foundation Donor," The Washington Examiner, 6/16/16)

Fernando Has Contributed Between $1,000,000 And $5,000,000 To The Clinton Foundation. (The Clinton Foundation, Accessed 6/10/16)


Clinton's Decision To Use A Secret Server "Flouted State Department Procedures…" In reality, Clinton's decision to use a private e-mail system for official business was highly unusual and flouted State Department procedures, even if not expressly prohibited by law at the time. Moreover, while she claims "everything I did was permitted," she appears to have not complied with the requirement to turn over her business-related e-mails before she left government service. That's a major misstep that she has not acknowledged." (Glenn Kessler, "Hillary Clinton's Claim That 'Everything I Did [On Emails] Was Permitted," The Washington Post's Fact Checker , 7/9/15)

Of The Clinton Emails That The State Department Released, There Were 2,101 Emails Containing Material That Was Classified. "According to information released Monday by the State Department, Clinton's emails totaled 52,402 pages and included 2,101 emails that had been redacted in all or part because they contained material that was deemed classified." (Rosalind S. Helderman, "State Department Release Final Batch Of Clinton Emails," The Washington Post , 2/29/16)

  • A Full 22 Emails Deemed "Top Secret," Are Being "Withheld In Full" And Will Never Be Released To The Public Due To Their Classified Nature. "A second source not authorized to speak on the record said the number of accounts involved could be as high as 30 and reflects how the intelligence was broadly shared, replied to, and copied to individuals using the unsecured server. The State Department recently confirmed that the messages in question include the most sensitive kind of intelligence. On Jan. 29, Fox News first reported that some emails on Clinton's server were too damaging to release in any form. The State Department subsequently announced that 22 'top secret' emails were being withheld in full; these were the messages being handled by more than a dozen accounts." (Catherine Herridge And Pamela Browne, "Official: Top Clinton Aides Also Handled 'Top Secret' Intel On Server," Fox News , 2/10/16)

The FBI Director James Comey Said That It Is "Possible That Hostile Actors Gained Access" To Clinton's Server. FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY: "Given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton's use of a personal e-mail domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton's personal e-mail account." (James Comey, Remarks, Washington, DC 7/5/16)

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A Story That Broke Friday Night Revealed That Clinton Personally Sent Top Secret Emails On Her Private Server To Top Aides. "Hillary Clinton exchanged nearly two-dozen top secret emails from her private server with three senior aides, the State Department revealed in documents released to VICE News late Friday. The 22 emails were sent and received by Clinton in 2011 and 2012. Clinton discussed classified information with her deputy chief of staff, Jacob Sullivan, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. A majority of the top secret emails are email chains between Sullivan and Clinton." (Jason Leopold, "Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Exchanged Top Secret Emails On Her Private Server With Three Aides," Vice, 7/22/16)


Clinton Strongly Supported The Iraq War

The Wall Street Journal : Clinton Faces Criticism For Both Her Original Vote To Authorize The Iraq War And Her Support For Obama's Withdrawal Policies. "The issue also is complicated for Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic presidential candidate. She faces lingering liberal skepticism for voting for the war while in the Senate, as well as GOP criticism of Obama administration policies that left Iraq unstable after U.S. troops withdrew in 2011." (Janet Hook and Laura Meckler, "Iraq War Persists As Awkward Election Issue," The Wall Street Journal, 5/14/15)

In 2003, The White House "Had Little Concern" About Then-Senator Hillary Clinton's Support And Had "Discussed Inviting Her To Various White House Events As A Sort Of Reward For Her Support." "Leverett added that the White House at the time had little concern about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's support for the war and 'they discussed inviting her to various White House events as a sort of reward for her support.'" (Glenn Kessler And Anne Kornblut, "Bill Clinton's Claim of Opposing Iraq War From Outset Disputed," The Washington Post, 11/29/07)

Clinton Again Showed Poor Judgement By Supporting The Troop Withdrawal Despite Concerns About Terrorism From Military Advisors And The Media Alike

In 2011 Clinton "Strongly Defended President Obama's Plan To Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq By The End Of The Year." "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday strongly defended President Obama's plan to withdraw combat troops from Iraq by the end of the year and issued a pointed warning to Iran not to underestimate the United States' commitment to stability in the region." (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "Clinton Defends Iraq Withdrawal Plan," The New York Times, The Caucus, 10/23/11)

As The U.S. Was Preparing To Withdraw Troops From Iraq "Senior American And Iraqi Officials Are Expressing Concern That Al Qaeda's Offshoot Here … Is Poised For A Deadly Resurgence." "As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Iraq by year's end, senior American and Iraqi officials are expressing growing concern that Al Qaeda's offshoot here, which just a few years ago waged a debilitating insurgency that plunged the country into a civil war, is poised for a deadly resurgence." (Michael Schmidt and Eric Schmitt, "Leaving Iraq, U.S. Fears New Surge Of Qaeda Terror," The New York Times , 11/5/11)

ISIS Ultimately Grew From The Vacuum Created By The Clinton-Backed Decision To Withdraw Troops From Iraq

Prior To Clinton's Tenure As Secretary Of State, There Was No ISIS And It's Precursor "Continued To Struggle To Maintain Relevance." "Through 2011, Coalition forces continued to coordinate efforts with tribal security forces, killing the majority of AQI's leadership and leaving it in general disarray. [60] Both Masri and Baghdadi were killed in a joint U.S.-Iraqi raid on April 18, 2010. After the April raid, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (not to be confused with the deceased, Abu Umar al-Baghdadi) assumed control of an AQI severely weakened by local backlash and coalition and local security forces. [61] AQI continued to struggle to maintain relevance through 2011, when Coalition forces withdrew." ("The Islamic State," Stanford University's Mapping Militant Organizations, 4/4/16)

As The U.S. Was Preparing To Withdraw Troops From Iraq "Senior American And Iraqi Officials Are Expressing Concern That Al Qaeda's Offshoot Here … Is Poised For A Deadly Resurgence." "As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Iraq by year's end, senior American and Iraqi officials are expressing growing concern that Al Qaeda's offshoot here, which just a few years ago waged a debilitating insurgency that plunged the country into a civil war, is poised for a deadly resurgence." (Michael Schmidt and Eric Schmitt, "Leaving Iraq, U.S. Fears New Surge Of Qaeda Terror," The New York Times , 11/5/11)

Before The War In Syria, ISIS, "Laid The Foundation For The Group's Resurgance" As The Americans Were Leaving Iraq. "But even before the civil war in Syria presented him with a growth opportunity, Mr. Baghdadi had been taking steps in Iraq - something akin to a corporate restructuring - that laid the foundation for the group's resurgence, just as the Americans were leaving. He picked off rivals through assassinations, orchestrated prison breaks to replenish his ranks of fighters and diversified his sources of funding through extortion, to wean the group off outside funding from Al Qaeda's central authorities." (Tim Arango and Eric Schmitt, "U.S. Actions In Iraq Fueled Rise Of A Rebel," The New York Times , 8/10/14)

Clinton Defends The Obama Administrations Inaction On ISIS In Iraq

As Recently As June 2014, Clinton Supported Obama's Inaction On ISIS, Flatly Stating "I Would Have Advised Him To Do Exactly As I Believe He Is Now Doing." QUESTION: "If you were in the administration today, what would you have advised President Obama to do in Iraq?" CLINTON: "I would have advised him to do exactly as I believe he is now doing. To tell Maliki there will not be any American involvement whatsoever unless you take the following steps, and that we would begin, through our channels, to reach out to the Sunni tribal chiefs that we had worked with to turn back Al-Qaeda in Iraq. And I don't have the kind of access to the top-secret negotiations any longer, but that's what I believe is happening. Because when you think about how we were able to stop the spread of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, it was by partnering Shiite with Sunni with American support. I think that's the only way you're going to be able to get rid of this so-called ISIS group too. So, that's what I would be looking for and I believe that's probably what the President has put under his list of things that have to be accomplished." (NDTV Interview with Hillary Clinton, 6/21/14)

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The Intervention In Libya Was Clinton's Biggest Moment Of Influence

Pushing The Intervention In Libya Was Clinton's "Moment Of Greatest Influence." "An examination of the intervention she championed shows her at what is arguably her moment of greatest influence as secretary of state. It is a working portrait rich with evidence of what kind of president she might be, and especially of her expansive approach to the signal foreign-policy conundrum of today: whether, when, and how the United States should wield its military power in Syria and elsewhere in the middle east." (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "Hillary Clinton, 'Smart Power' And A Dictator's Fall," The New York Times, 2/27/16)

Clinton's State Department Aides Developed A 'Brag Sheet' For Clinton And Joked That She Celebrated Like She Called In The Airstrikes Herself. "The timeline, her top policy aide, Jake Sullivan, wrote, demonstrated Mrs. Clinton's 'leadership/ownership/stewardship of this country's Libya policy from start to finish.' The memo's language put her at the center of everything: 'HRC announces … HRC directs … HRC travels … HRC engages,' it read. It was a brag sheet for a cabinet member eyeing a presidential race, and the Clinton team's eagerness to claim credit for her prompted eye-rolling at the White House and the Pentagon. Some joked that to hear her aides tell it, she had practically called in the airstrikes herself." (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "A New Libya, With 'Very Little Time Left'," The New York Times, 2/27/16)

Clinton Saw Intervention In Libya As A "Tantalizingly Easy Case" To Support The Arab Spring. "Clinton had a new opportunity to support the historic change that had just swept out the leaders of its neighbors Egypt and Tunisia. And Libya seemed a tantalizingly easy case - with just six million people, no sectarian divide and plenty of oil." (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "Hillary Clinton, 'Smart Power' And A Dictator's Fall," The New York Times , 2/27/16)

Clinton Was "Fairly Clever" In Advocating Intervention In Libya. "Dennis B. Ross, then a senior Middle East expert at the National Security Council, said he remembered listening to her and thinking, 'If she's advocating, she's advocating in what I would describe as a fairly clever way.' He recalled her saying: 'You don't see what the mood is here, and how this has a kind of momentum of its own. And we will be left behind, and we'll be less capable of shaping this.'" (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "Hillary Clinton, 'Smart Power' And A Dictator's Fall," The New York Times, 2/27/16)

Clinton's War In Libya Created A Failed State And Regrets From The Obama Administration

"But In Three Years Libya Has Turned Into The Kind Of Place U.S. Officials Most Fear: A Lawless Land That Attracts Terrorists, Pumps Out Illegal Arms And Drugs And Destabilizes Its Neighbors." (Paul Richter And Christi Parsons, "U.S. Intervention In Libya Now Seen As Cautionary Tale," Los Angeles Times, 6/27/14)

April 2015: "Today, No One Involved In Libya Policy Since The Overthrow Of Muammar Al-Qaddafi Is Satisfied With How Events Have Unfolded." (Derek Chollet and Ben Fishman, "Who Lost Libya?," Foreign Affairs, May/June 2015)

Obama Has Said What Happened In Libya "Is One Of His Greatest Regrets." "As Kuperman rightly notes, U.S. President Barack Obama has said that what has happened there is one of his greatest regrets and that he draws lessons from it when considering U.S. military interventions elsewhere." (Derek Chollet and Ben Fishman, "Who Lost Libya?" Foreign Affairs, May/June 2015)

Clinton's War To Remove Qaddafi Resulted In ISIS Taking Power

A Former Intel Operative In Libya Said "We Paved The Way For Islamic Extremists To Take Over -- Qaddafi Is Laughing At All Of Us From His Grave." "Qaddafi was a bad guy, but by not supporting our secular allies in Libya, we paved the way for Islamic extremists to take over. Now, in a way, Qaddafi is laughing at all of us from his grave." (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "In Their Own Words: The Libya Tragedy," The New York Times , 2/27/16)

As She Planned For The Intervention, Clinton Failed To Resolve "Just How Libya Would Be Governed After Gaddafi." "In 2011, as the United States considered intervention, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was among those who pushed for intervention-without resolving just how Libya would be governed after Gaddafi, according to a senior defense official who was part of the decision-making process." (Nancy A. Youssef, "Hillary's Libya Post-War Plan Was 'Play It By Ear,' Gates Says," The Daily Beast , 10/20/15)

  • Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: "This Was A Disaster." "This was not a failure. It was a disaster…we made it worse. All I know is that in Libya we took a guy out-again not a great guy-but a guy who maintained stability in a bad neighborhood." (Jo Becker and Scott Shane, "In Their Own Words: The Libya Tragedy," The New York Times , 2/27/16)

ISIS Has Doubled Its Presence To 6,000 Fighters In The Last Year According To The Pentagon. "The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has doubled its presence inside Libya in the last year, the top U.S. military commander overseeing operations in the region said Thursday. The number of ISIS fighters in Libya doubled to between 4,000 to 6,000 in the last 12 to 18 months, Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez said at a Pentagon briefing." (Kristina Wong, "Top General: ISIS Doubled Number Of Fighters In Libya," The Hill, 4/7/16)

CIA Director John Brennan Told Congress That There Are Believed To Be 5,000- 8,000 ISIS Fighters In Libya. "The Director of the CIA, John Brennan, told Congress last week that ISIS had about 5,000-8,000 fighters inside Libya." (Ryan Browne, "Top General: U.S. Strategy Against ISIS In Libya Makes No Sense," CNN, 06/22/16)


Clinton Has Said She "Could Not Have Predicted" The Strength Of ISIS

In June 2014, Clinton Deflected The Responsibility She Carried As Secretary And Said, "I Could Not Have Predicted … The Extent To Which ISIS Could Be Effective In Seizing Cities In Iraq And Trying To Erase Boundaries To Create An Islamic State." CLINTON: "So this is not just a Syrian problem anymore. I never thought it was just a Syrian problem. I thought it was a regional problem. I could not have predicted, however, the extent to which ISIS could be effective in seizing cities in Iraq and trying to erase boundaries to create an Islamic state." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At The Council On Foreign Relations, New York, NY, 6/12/14)

"There Were, In Fact, More Than Hints Of [ISIS'] Plans And Potential." "And there were, in fact, more than hints of the group's plans and potential. A 2012 report by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency was direct: The growing chaos in Syria's civil war was giving Islamic militants there and in Iraq the space to spread and flourish." (Ian Fisher, "In Rise Of ISIS, No Single Missed Key But Many Strands Of Blame," The New York Times , 11/18/15)

Former Defense Secretary's Now Admit The Obama Administration Didn't Take The Threat Of ISIS Seriously

Former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Obama And His Advisors "Have Underestimated ISIS All Along." FORMER OBAMA DEFENSE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES: "So I think this is a very long term problem. I think that the President and his advisors have underestimated ISIS all along." (Interview With Robert Gates, Yahoo News , 1/19/16)

Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel On ISIS: "In Many Ways, We Were Not Prepared For It." "'Then I got accused of trying to hype something, overstate something, and make something more than it was,' Hagel said. 'I didn't know all of it, but I knew we were up against something here that we had never seen before. And in many ways, we were not prepared for it.'" (Dan De Luce, "Hagel: The White House Tried To 'Destroy' Me," Foreign Policy, 12/18/15)

Long After The Rise Of ISIS, Clinton's Bad Judgement Continued With Her Refusal To Identify Radical Islamic Terrorism As A Threat Until She Was Politically Pressured To Do So

In December, Clinton Refused To Categorize Terror As "Radical Islam." ABC'S GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: "You've also been reluctant to say we're fighting radical Islam. I wonder why not. Isn't it a mistake to not say it plain that the violence is being pushed by radical elements in that faith?" CLINTON: "Well, that's a different thing. Radical elements who use a dangerous and distorted view of Islam to promote their jihadist ambitions, I'm fine with that. I say it all the time. And I go after Islamists, too." STEPHANOPOULOS: "So what's the problem with radical Islam?" CLINTON: "Well, the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring a war against religion. And that, to me, is number one, wrong." (ABC's "This Week," 12/6/15)

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During The November 14, 2015 Democrat Debate, Clinton Refused To Say "Radical Islam" Even When Pressed By The Moderator. CBS'S JOHN DICKERSON: "Secretary Clinton, you mentioned radical jihadists. Marco Rubio, also running for president, said that this attack showed, the attack in Paris, showed that we are at war with radical Islam. Do you agree with that characterization 'radical Islam?'" CLINTON: "I don't think we're at war with Islam. I don't think we're at war with all Muslims. I think we're at war with jihadists who have-" DICKERSON: "Just to interrupt. He didn't say all Muslims. He said 'radical Islam.' Is that a phrase you-" CLINTON: "I think you can talk about Islamists who clearly are also jihadists, but I think it's not particularly helpful to make the case that senator Sanders was just making that I agree with that we've got to reach out to Muslim countries. We've got to have them be part of our coalition. If they hear people running for president who basically shortcut it to say we are somehow against Islam, that was one of the real contributions, despite all the other problems, that George W. Bush made after 9/11 when he basically said after going to a Mosque in Washington, we are not at war with Islam or Muslims. We are at war with violent extremism. We are at war with people who use their religion for purposes of power and oppression. And, yes, we are at war with those people. But I don't want us to be painting with too broad a brush." DICKERSON: "The reason I ask is you gave a speech at Georgetown University in which you said that it was important to show, 'Respect, even for one's enemies. Trying to understand and in so far as psychologically possible empathize with their perspective and point of view.' Can you explain what you mean in the context of this kind of barbarism?" CLINTON: "I think with this kind of barbarism and nihilism it's very hard to understand, other than the lust for power, the rejection of modernity, the total disregard for human rights, freedom, or any other value we know and respect. Historically, it is important to try to understand your adversary in order to figure out how they are thinking, what they will be doing, how they will react. I plead that it's very difficult when you deal with ISIS and organizations like that whose behavior is so barbaric and so vicious that it doesn't seem to have any purpose other than lust for killing and power and that's very difficult to put ourselves in the other's shoes." (CBS Democrat Primary Debate, Des Moines, IA, 11/14/15)

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Only In The Wake Of The Attack In Orlando, Hillary Clinton Shifted, Saying She Was "Happy" To Use The Term "Radical Islam." CNN'S CHRIS CUOMO: "One of the criticisms in these situations is that President Obama won't use the words 'radical Islamic terror.' That it seems to be either a fear or a protective instinct about blaming the religion. You are now coming under scrutiny about what you will call this, what this means to leadership. Do you believe that this is radical Islamism and or radical Islamic terror? Will you use those words, and if not, why?" CLINTON: "Well, first of all, from my perspective, it matters what we do more than what we say. And it mattered we got Bin Laden, not what name we called him. And I have clearly said that we face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. And, you know, whether you call it radical jihadism or radical Islamism, I think they mean the same thing, I'm happy to say either." (CNN, 6/13/16)

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In October 2015, Clinton Gave The Obama Administration An "A" For Its Overall Performance, Citing Obama's Economic Policies Economy. QUESTIONER: "As for President Obama himself, what letter grade would you give his administration?" CLINTON: "I'd give him an 'A.' I don't think he gets the credit he deserves for saving our economy from falling into a great depression, for saving the auto industry which represents millions of jobs up and down the supply chain, for beginning the crackdown on Wall Street abuses with Dodd-Frank, for getting the Affordable Care Act passed, for really being as responsive as he could possibly be given the obstructionism that he faced with the Republicans in Congress." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks In An Interview With The Boston Globe, Keene, NH, 10/17/15)

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Clinton Has Proudly Stated That Obama Doesn't "Get The Credit He Deserves" For The State Of The U.S. Economy. CLINTON: "And, getting the economy to work better, getting our government to be more effective and productive in producing results, building on the progress that President Obama made it -- remember, he inherited the worst financial crisis since the Great Recession, and then he had to make sure it didn't fall into a depression. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves for making sure that did not happen. We are going to make that case. We are going to make that case throughout the country. I hope, effectively. I'm counting on that." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Townhall, Portsmouth, NH, 12/29/15)

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Clinton Continues To Maintain That President Obama's Performance Is Evidence That The "Economy Does Better" With A "Democrat In The White House." CLINTON: "But it is true, our economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House, and that is true in Alabama, just like its true anywhere. We are going to make that case, do the very best we can to kind of get people to recognize that we are all in this together." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Townhall, Portsmouth, NH, 12/29/15)

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But Obama Is On Track To Be One Of The Worst Presidents Ever For U.S. Economic Growth

Obama Is On Track To "Be The Only U.S. President In History That Did Not Deliver A Single Year Of 3.0% + Economic Growth." "Right now, the nation is probably already in a recession. The BEA's first estimate of 4Q2015 RGDP growth was only 0.69%, and there is mounting evidence that this will later be revised downward. However, making the wildly optimistic assumption that 2016 RGDP growth will come in at the CBO's current forecast (2.67%), Obama will be the only U.S. president in history that did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth." (Louis Woodhill, "Barack Obama's Sad Record On Economic Growth," RealClear Markets , 2/1/16)

Obama Could Leave Office With An Average Economic Growth In The Bottom Four Of All Presidents. "This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)." (Louis Woodhill, "Barack Obama's Sad Record On Economic Growth," RealClear Markets , 2/1/16)

  • Obama May Leave Office Having Only Produced An Average Of 1.55% Economic Growth. "Again, assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)." (Louis Woodhill, "Barack Obama's Sad Record On Economic Growth," RealClear Markets , 2/1/16)

The National Association Of Counties Found That Under The Clinton-Obama Economy, 93 Percent Of Counties In The United States "Have Failed To Fully Recover" From The Recession. "More than six years after the economic expansion began, 93% of counties in the U.S. have failed to fully recover from the blow they suffered during the recession. Nationwide, 214 counties, or 7% of 3,069, had recovered last year to prerecession levels on four indicators: total employment, the unemployment rate, size of the economy and home values, a study from the National Association of Counties released Tuesday found." (Eric Morath, "Six Years Later, 93% Of U.S. Counties Haven't Recovered From Recession, Study Finds," The Wall Street Journal , 1/12/16)

Under Obama's Policies, American Incomes Have Fallen, Wages Are Stagnant, And Homeownership Is In Decline

During The Obama Administration, Median Household Income Has Fallen $1,656, From $55,313 In 2008 To $53,657 In 2014. (U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 6/1/16)

  • The Median Individual Income In The U.S. Has Decreased $161 Under Obama, From $36,463 In 2008 To $36,302 In 2014. (U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 6/1/16)

Middle-Income American Families "Make Substantially Less Money" In Inflation Adjusted Terms Than Years Ago And "There Is No Evidence That Is Reversing." "A middle-income American family, in other words, makes substantially less money in inflation-adjusted terms than it did 15 years ago. And there is no evidence that is reversing." (Neil Irwin, "Why Americans Still Think The Economy Is Terrible," The New York Times , 9/16/15)

Last Year, Workers' Salaries And Benefits Rose Just 2 Percent. "The Labor Department says the employment cost index, which tracks wages and benefits, rose 0.6 percent in the October-December quarter. That's the same as the previous three months. In the past year, salaries and benefits have risen just 2 percent, again marking the same annual pace as the previous two quarters. That's below the roughly 3.5 percent rate consistent with a healthy economy." ("Americans'' Wage Gains Remain Muted In 2015," The Associated Press, 1/29/16)

  • In A "Normal Economy" Wage Inflation Would Be Around 3.5 To 4 Percent. "Wage inflation is stuck at the same 2 percent it's been the whole recovery, well below the 3.5 to 4 percent it would be in a normal economy-the implication being that this is not one." (Matt O' Brien, "Excited About An Upcoming Raise? Don't Be." The Washington Post , 8/4/15)

Since Obama Took Office, The U.S. Homeownership Rate Has Dropped By Nearly Four Percent, From 67.3 Percent In The First Quarter Of 2009 To 63.5 Percent In The First Quarter Of 2016. (U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 6/1/16)

  • During The 2nd Quarter Of 2015, The U.S. Homeownership Rate Hit A 48-Year Low, Dropping To 63.4 Percent. "The homeownership rate hit a 48-year low, according to estimates published Tuesday by the Commerce Department, declining to 63.4% in the second quarter from 64.7% in the year-earlier period." (Jeffrey Sparshott, "Rising Rents Outpace Wages In Wide Swaths Of The U.S.," The Wall Street Journal , 7/28/15)

7 Million More Americans Are In Poverty And The Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Has Increased By Over 35 Percent

Under Obama, The Number Of Americans In Poverty Has Increased By More Than 6.8 Million, From 39.8 Million In 2008 To 46.7 Million In 2014. (U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 6/1/16)

  • The Poverty Rate Has Increased By 1.6 Percentage Points Under Obama, From 13.2 Percent In 2008 To 14.8 Percent In 2014. (U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 6/1/16)

The Number Of Americans On Food Stamps During Obama's Time In Office Has Increased By More Than 11.5 Million, From 31.98 Million In January 2009 To 43.57 Million Americans In April 2016. ("Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program," U.S. Department Of Agriculture Food And Nutrition Service , Accessed 7/23/16)

The Labor Force Participation Rate Is At Its Lowest Level Since The Carter Administration

June's Labor Force Participation Rate Of 62.7 Percent Is At A Level Last Seen In February 1978. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/8/16)

The U.S. Has Lost Hundreds Of Thousands Of Manufacturing Jobs

Since Obama Took Office, The Nation Has Lost 265,000 Manufacturing Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/8/16)

On Obama's Watch, The National Debt Has Increased By 80 Percent

Under The Obama Administration, The Debt Has Increased By 80 Percent, A Total Of Over $8.7 Trillion, From $10.627 Trillion In 2009 To $ 19.400 Trillion As Of July 21, 2016. ("Daily History Of The Debt," U.S. Department Of Treasury, Accessed 7/23/16)

  • The Washington Times Headline: "$20 Trillion Man: National Debt Nearly Doubles During Obama Presidency" (Dave Boyer, "$20 Trillion Man: National Debt Nearly Doubles During Obama Presidency," The Washington Times , 11/1/15)

The Legacy Of Obama's Economic Policies: A Disappearing Middle-Class

A December 2015 Pew Study Found That For The First Time In Four Decades, The Middle Class Is No Longer The Majority. "After more than four decades of serving as the nation's economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it. In early 2015, 120.8 million adults were in middle-income households, compared with 121.3 million in lower- and upper-income households combined, a demographic shift that could signal a tipping point, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data." ("The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground," Pew Research Center, 12/9/15)

  • Middle-Class Jobs, That "Provided A Stable Living For Those With Less Education," Have "Been Replaced With Low-Wage Work." "But middle-skilled jobs, which once provided a stable living for those with less education, have been replaced with low-wage work. Occupations at the growing bottom earn less than $32,000 on average. Only one-third have health insurance and only one-quarter have retirement benefits." (Josh Zumbrun, "Post Recession Job Growth Coming In High-Wage Positions," The Wall Street Journal , 8/17/15)

A Gallup Survey Found That Only 51 Percent Of U.S. Adults Identify As Middle-Class, Down From 63 Percent Of Those Polled In 2008. "A Gallup survey this spring showed that just 51% of U.S. adults considered themselves middle or upper middle class, with 48% saying they are part of the lower or working class. As recently as 2008, 63% of those polled by Gallup said they were middle class." (Don Lee, "Middle-Class Families, Pillar Of The American Dream, Are No Longer In The Majority, Study Finds," Los Angeles Times, 12/9/15)

The "Slow Recovery" Of The Clinton-Obama Economy Has "Shaken" The Tradition That Americans Have Of Self-Identifying As Middle-Class. "Most Americans have traditionally identified themselves as middle class, even those at the top and bottom, reflecting a kind of cultural heritage tied to the American dream of self-reliance. But the Great Recession and subsequent slow recovery have shaken that image." (Don Lee, "Middle-Class Families, Pillar Of The American Dream, Are No Longer In The Majority, Study Finds," Los Angeles Times, 12/9/15)


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

As Secretary Of State, Clinton Took "A Leading Part In Drafting The Trans-Pacific Partnership." "She's pressed the case for U.S. business in Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries in China's shadow. She's also taken a leading part in drafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade pact that would give U.S. companies a leg up on their Chinese competitors." (Elizabeth Dwoskin and Indira Laksmanan, "How Hillary Clinton Created A U.S. Business-Promotion Machine," Bloomberg , 1/10/13)

As "One Of The Leading Drivers Of The TPP When Secretary Of State," CNN Found That Clinton Spoke In Favor Of The Trade Deal At Least 45 Times. "But as members of the Obama administration can attest, Clinton was one of the leading drivers of the TPP when Secretary of State. Here are 45 instances when she approvingly invoked the trade bill about which she is now expressing concerns." (Jake Tapper, "45 Times Secretary Clinton Pushed The Trade Bill She Now Opposes," CNN , 6/15/15)

In November 2012, Then-Secretary Clinton Called TPP The "Gold Standard" In Trade Agreements, Saying It Includes "Strong Protections For Workers." CLINTON: "So it's fair to say that our economies are entwined, and we need to keep upping our game both bilaterally and with partners across the region through agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. Australia is a critical partner. This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. And when negotiated, this agreement will cover 40 percent of the world's total trade and build in strong protections for workers and the environment." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Techport Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, 11/15/12)

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But In October 2015, Clinton Shamelessly Flip-Flopped, Now Publicly Claiming That She Opposes TPP. "After months of delicately avoiding expressing an opinion on the controversial trade deal, Mrs. Clinton said the agreement in its current form did not meet her high bar for protecting American workers, the environment and advancing national security." (Amy Chozick, "Hillary Clinton Opposes Obama's Trade-Pacific Trade Deal," The New York Times , 10/7/15)

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

FLIP: In 2003 In Her Book "Living History," Clinton Praised NAFTA, Calling It An Example Of The Economy "Reaping The Benefits, Not The Burdens Of Globalization." "Creating a free trade zone in North America- the largest free trade zone in the world- would expand U.S. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits, not the burdens of globalization." (Hillary Rodham Clinton, Living History, 2003, p. 182)

FLOP: In August 2007, Clinton Said "NAFTA And The Way It's Been Implemented Has Hurt A Lot Of American Workers." QUESTION: "Let's move on to another important topic for this audience in particular, the subject of trade. Senator Edwards had touched on this, Senator Clinton. Over the weekend, this past weekend, you expressed some disappointment that NAFTA, in your words, did not realize the benefits that it was promised - it promised, rather. How would you fix it?" CLINTON: "Well, I had said that for many years, that, you know, NAFTA and the way it's been implemented has hurt a lot of American workers. In fact, I did a study in New York looking at the impact of NAFTA on business people, workers and farmers who couldn't get their products into Canada despite NAFTA. So, clearly we have to have a broad reform in how we approach trade. NAFTA's a piece of it, but it's not the only piece of it." (Sen. Hillary Clinton, AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum, Chicago, IL, 8/7/07)

U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS)

FLIP: At A 2007 AFL-CIO Townhall, Clinton Told Union Members Said She Would Oppose A Free Trade Agreement With South Korea Since It "Put American Jobs At Risk." "Senator Hillary Clinton says she will oppose ratifaction of the U.S. free trade agreement with South Korea. Clinton says the agreement would harm the U.S. automotive industry and put American jobs at risk. 'Trade agreements need to be fair if they're going to work,' the Democratic candidate president said in Detroit, Michigan before a townhall meeting hosted by the AFL-CIO." (Jamie Crawford, "Clinton Says Trade Deal Would Cost U.S. Jobs," CNN's Political Ticker , 6/9/07)

FLOP: But As Secretary Of State, Clinton Said Convincing Congress To Ratify The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Was One Of Her "Top Priorities." CLINTON: "I am pleased to report that KORUS is currently ready for review by the United States Congress. This is a high, if not a top -- I think it is probably one of my top priorities for the next months. We are determined to get it done, and I believe we will. We will need your help. It will be important to keep making the case to both of our respective legislative bodies." (Secretary Hillary Clinton, Remarks At The American Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Seoul, South Korea, 4/17/11)

FLIP: Once Campaigning For President Again, Clinton Announced That She Opposed The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. CLINTON: "I think that there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but for me, it really comes down to those three points that I made, and the fact that we've learned a lot about trade agreements in the past years. Sometimes they look great on paper. I know when President Obama came into office, he inherited a trade agreement with South Korea. I, along with other members of the Cabinet, pushed hard to get a better agreement. We think we made improvements. Now looking back on it, it doesn't have the results we thought it would have in terms of access to the market, more exports, et cetera." (PBS's " News Hour ," 10/7/15)

Colombia Free Trade Agreement

FLIP: In 2008, Clinton Told Communication Workers That She Opposed A Free Trade Agreement With Colombia, Pledging To Defeat It And Claiming She Would Do "Everything I Can" To Reject It. "Speaking about the Colombia trade deal at a Washington meeting of the Communications Workers of America union, Clinton proclaimed: 'As I have said for months, I oppose the deal. I have spoken out against the deal, I will vote against the deal, and I will do everything I can to urge the Congress to reject the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.'" ("Clinton Reiterates Opposition To Colombia Trade Pact," Los Angeles Times, 4/9/08)

FLOP: But As Secretary Of State, Clinton Said "We Are Absolutely Committed To Passing The U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement." CLINTON: "And of course, we are absolutely committed to passing the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement to open new markets and create jobs and opportunities for both of our peoples." (Secretary Hillary Clinton, Remarks With Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin , Washington, DC, 5/31/11)

Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR)

FLIP: Clinton, On The Day CAFTA First Passed The Senate In 2005: "This Is A Sad Day For Supporters Of Free And Fair Rules-Based Trade." CLINTON: "This is a sad day for supporters of free and fair rules-based trade. Our relationship with our Central American neighbors is a critical one. The right CAFTA deal would strengthen ties between the U.S. and these nations. I urge the Administration to reopen the CAFTA negotiations and re-establish the broad, bipartisan coalition for trade."(Secretary Hillary Clinton, Congressional Record, 6/30/05, S. 7731)

FLOP: As Secretary Of State, Clinton Touted Her Efforts Relating To CAFTA And Said "We've Worked To Promote Growth And Create Jobs Through … Multilateral Pacts Like NAFTA And CAFTA-DR." CLINTON: "In our region, prosperity has widened in recent decades. We've worked to promote growth and create jobs through sound fiscal policy, bilateral trade agreements, multilateral pacts like NAFTA and CAFTA-DR, and institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank." (Secretary Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Pathways To Prosperity Ministerial , San Jose, Costa Rica, 3/4/10)


The Tax Hikes Clinton Has Proposed On The 2016 Campaign Trail Would Lead To Economic Contraction, Job Losses, And Lower Wages

According To An Analysis By The Tax Foundation, The Clinton Campaign's Proposed Tax Hikes "Would Hurt The Entire Economy, Dragging Down Income At All Levels." "Though Clinton's proposals target the wealthy, the Tax Foundation said today that the increases would hurt the entire economy, dragging down incomes at all levels." (Brian Faler, "Analysis: Clinton Proposed Almost $500 Billion In Tax Increases," Politico, 1/26/16)

The Wall Street Journal's James Freeman: Even Though Clinton Claims Her Tax Plan Targets The Rich, The Tax Foundation Analysis Shows It Would Hurt "Incomes For All Taxpayers Due To Slower Growth." "And although the Clinton tax hikes are ostensibly targeting the rich, with proposed changes such as a new surtax on high incomes and a Buffett Rule that sets a minimum tax rate on high earners, the Tax Foundation projects a decline of at least 0.9% in after-tax incomes for all taxpayers due to slower growth." (James Freeman, "Hillary's $191 Billion Tax Increase," The Wall Street Journal, 1/26/16)

  • "All Americans Would See Their Incomes Slip Once Reduced Economic Growth" Under Clinton's Plan Is "Factored In." "These provisions would decrease after-tax income of the top 1% by 1.7% and of the top 10% by 0.7%, according to the Tax Foundation, and all Americans would see their incomes slip once reduced economic growth is factored in." (Tami Luhby, "Conservative Group: Clinton Tax Plan Would Hit Top 1%, Economic Growth," CNN, 1/26/16)

The Tax Foundation's Analysis Found Clinton's Tax Proposals Would "Reduce The Economy's Size By 1 Percent." "According to the Tax Foundation's Taxes and Growth Model, Hillary Clinton's tax plan would reduce the economy's size by 1 percent in the long run." (Kyle Pomerleau and Michael Schuyler, "Details And Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Tax Proposals," Tax Foundation, 1/26/16)

  • Clinton's Tax Proposals Would Result In "311,000 Fewer Full-Time Equivalent Jobs." "The plan would lead to 0.8 percent lower wages, a 2.8 percent smaller capital stock, and 311,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs. The smaller economy results from somewhat higher marginal tax rates on capital and labor income." (Kyle Pomerleau and Michael Schuyler, "Details And Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Tax Proposals," Tax Foundation , 1/26/16)
  • Clinton's Tax Proposals Would "Lead To 0.8 Percent Lower Wages." "The plan would lead to 0.8 percent lower wages, a 2.8 percent smaller capital stock, and 311,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs. The smaller economy results from somewhat higher marginal tax rates on capital and labor income." (Kyle Pomerleau and Michael Schuyler, "Details And Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Tax Proposals," Tax Foundation , 1/26/16)

When Accounting For The Economic Impact Of Clinton's Tax Plan, It Would Reduce American's After-Tax Incomes By An Average Of 1.3 Percent. "On a dynamic basis, the plan would reduce after-tax incomes by an average of 1.3 percent. All deciles would see a reduction in after-tax income of at least 0.9 percent over the long-term. Taxpayers that fall in the bottom nine deciles would see their after-tax incomes decline by between 0.9 and 1 percent." (Kyle Pomerleau and Michael Schuyler, "Details And Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Tax Proposals," Tax Foundation, 1/26/16)

  • Americans That Are In The Bottom 90% Of Taxpayers Would See A Reduction In After-Tax Income Of At Least 0.9 Percent Over The Long-Term. "On a dynamic basis, the plan would reduce after-tax incomes by an average of 1.3 percent. All deciles would see a reduction in after-tax income of at least 0.9 percent over the long-term. Taxpayers that fall in the bottom nine deciles would see their after-tax incomes decline by between 0.9 and 1 percent." (Kyle Pomerleau and Michael Schuyler, "Details And Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Tax Proposals," Tax Foundation , 1/26/16)

As A Senator In 2008, Clinton Voted To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class, Even In The Midst Of The Great Recession

Clinton Voted In Favor Of A Budget Resolution To Raise Taxes In 2008, Which Would Have Impacted Individuals Earning As Little As $41,500 And Couples Making $83,000. (S. Con. Res. 70, Vote #85: Concurrent Resolution Agreed To 51-45: R 2- 44; D 48-1; I 1-0, 3/14/08, Clinton Voted Yea)

  • The Budget Resolution That Raised Income Taxes For Individuals In The 25 Percent Tax Bracket, Who At The Time Featured Individuals With A Taxable Income Of $41,500 And A Married Couple Making $83,000. "What Obama voted for was a budget resolution that would have allowed most of the provisions of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire. In particular, the resolution would allow the 25 percent tax bracket to return to its pre-2001 level of 28 percent… So to have a taxable income high enough to reach the 25 percent bracket, an individual would need to earn at least $41,500 in total income, while a married couple would need a combined income of at least $83,000." (Joe Miller, "The $32,000 Question," FactCheck,org, 7/8/08)


Last Year, Bill Clinton Admitted His Penal Policy "Overshot The Mark" By Putting "Too Many People In Prison For Too Long." "Former US president Bill Clinton has called for an end to mass incarceration, admitting that changes in penal policy that happened largely under his watch put 'too many people in prison and for too long' and 'overshot the mark.'" (Ed Pilkington, "Bill Clinton: Mass Incarceration On My Watch 'Put Too Many People In Prison,'" The Guardian, 4/28/15)

Huffington Post Headline: "Hillary Clinton Continues To Distance Herself From Her Husband's Crime Policies" (Samantha Lachman, "Hillary Clinton Continues To Distance Herself From Her Husband's Crime Policies," Huffington Post , 8/19/15)

Their Support For The Crime Bill Has "Dogged The Clintons In This Campaign." "It was a reminder that perhaps seemed necessary after last week, when a group of Black Lives Matter protesters once again raised an old and thorny issue that has dogged the Clintons in this campaign: their support for a 1994 crime bill." (Abby Philip, "After Black Lives Matter Dust-Up, Bill And Hillary Clinton Shore Up Support With Black Voters," The Washington Post , 4/10/16)

As First Lady, Clinton Lobbied For Her Husband's 1994 Crime Bill And Called For Tougher Sentences

As First Lady, Clinton Lobbied For The 1994 Crime Bill. "As First Lady, Clinton lobbied for her husband's crime bill, which (among other things) encouraged states to enact harsher sentencing statutes and expanded the list of crimes subject to the federal death penalty." (Elizabeth Nolan Brown, "Now Hillary Clinton Cares About Criminal Justice Reform," Reason's Hit & Run Blog, 12/5/14)

In August 1994, Hillary Clinton Told The New York Police Department That Her Husband's Crime Bill "Truly Will Make A Difference." CLINTON: "And particularly with respect to crime, there is a human answer. There are practical answers. There are ways of getting the job done. And we are very pleased that the mayor has joined with the President and the administration, so that we are at the point where we will have a crime bill that truly will make a difference." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At The New York Police Department's Ninth Annual 'Women In Policing' Awards , New York, NY, 8/10/94)

Clinton: "There Will Be More Police On The Street, A Hundred Thousand More Police Officers, With The Flexibility Given To Local Communities To Determine How Best To Use Them." CLINTON: "Because this crime bill will make a difference in your lives as police officers and in the lives of the communities you serve. There will be more police on the street, a hundred thousand more police officers, with flexibility given to local communities to determine how best to use them. We will finally be able to say, loudly and clearly, that for repeat violent, criminal offenders - three strikes and you're out. We are tired of putting you back in through the revolving door." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At The New York Police Department's Ninth Annual 'Women In Policing' Awards , New York, NY, 8/10/94)

The Crime Bill Increased Incarceration And Was Criticized For Exacerbating Racial Bias

At A January 1996 Campaign Speech At Keene State University, Clinton Criticized Troubled Youth As "The Kinds Of Kids That Are Called 'Super-Predators'" And Said "We Can Talk About Why They Ended Up That Way But First We Have To Bring Them To Heel." CLINTON: "They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called 'super-predators' - no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have to bring them to heel." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Keene State College, Keene, NH, 1/25/96)

In April 2015, Sherrilyn Ifill, President Of The NAACP's Legal Defense And Educational Fund, Said The 1994 Crime Bill Exacerbated Racial Bias In Policing And Law Enforcement Because It Created A Hyper-Punitive Criminal Justice System. IFILL: "Mass incarceration, of course, is a huge problem and we've got to reverse it. But you know, Andrea, I worry about the fact we're trying to pick out one or two things that are the cause of the situation that we're in. You know, forty years ago when Clifford Glover, a ten-year old, was shot and killed by police officers in New York in the community I grew up when I was ten-years old, there was no 1994 crime bill. When Eleanor Bumpers, a grandmother, was killed by the NYPD in the 1980s, there was no crime bill. When Michael Stewart was killed in a subway station in New York in the early 1980s there was no crime bill. We still have the issue of racial bias in policing and in law enforcement, and we have to be prepared to confront that. Things like the crime bill make it worse because they up the ante, and they create this hyper-punitive system without ever addressing the reality of racial bias which we all know exists - not only in the criminal justice system, but everywhere and so it exacerbates the problem." (MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports," 4/29/15)


According To A March 2016 Gallup Poll, Fifty-Three Percent Of Americans "Personally Worry About Crime And Violence, Fourteen Percent More Americans Than In 2014. "According to a March 2016 Gallup survey, 53% of Americans 'personally worry about crime and violence…a great deal.' That's up 14% since the question was last asked in 2014 and marks a 15-year high for concern about crime." (Sean Kennedy, "Is Violent Crime Rising Or Falling? A Look At The Latest Data," American Enterprise Institute, 6/20/16)

According To The FBI's 2015 Data, Violent Crime Has Risen 1.7 Percent Since 2014. "The FBI's preliminary 2015 data indicates that violent crime rose by 1.7 percent, with murder going up by 6.2 percent and rape going up by 1.1 percent or 9.6 percent, depending on the definition that is used." (Eugene Volokh, "Fact-Checking Politifact's Fact Check Of Trump's 'Crime Is Rising' Claim," The Washington Post , 7/5/16)

"The Increase Appears To Be Continuing In Early 2016." (Eugene Volokh, "Fact-Checking Politifact's Fact Check Of Trump's 'Crime Is Rising' Claim," The Washington Post , 7/5/16)

The Major Cities Chiefs Association Found That Violent Crime Rates In The First Quarter Of 2016 Are Higher Than They Were At This Time In 2015. "The Major Cities Chiefs Association reports - based on data from 63 reporting agencies - that violent crime in the first quarter of 2016 was up over the first quarter of 2015." (Eugene Volokh, "Fact-Checking Politifact's Fact Check Of Trump's 'Crime Is Rising' Claim," The Washington Post , 7/5/16)

According To Major Cities Chiefs Association, The Homicide Rate Has Increased 9 Percent From The First Quarter Of 2015 To The First Quarter Of 2016. " The Major Cities Chiefs Association reports - based on data from 63 reporting agencies - that violent crime in the first quarter of 2016 was up over the first quarter of 2015. In particular, homicide was up 9 percent in the reporting jurisdictions, and rape was up 4 percent." (Eugene Volokh, "Fact-Checking Politifact's Fact Check Of Trump's 'Crime Is Rising' Claim," The Washington Post , 7/5/16)

Clinton Has Campaigned On Criminal Justice Reform, Vowing To Keep Military Resources Away From Police Forces

In May 2015, Clinton Endorsed Obama's Executive Order That Bans The Federal Government From Transferring Military-Style Equipment To Police. "President Barack Obama's executive order banning the federal government from transferring certain types of military-style equipment to police forces would remain in place if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016. Clinton is 'supportive of the recommendations and of the need for reform,' a spokesperson for the Democratic candidate said Monday after Obama announced in Camden, New Jersey, that the transfer of certain military gear to police would be sharply curtailed." (Ryan Grim and Ryan J. Reilly, "Hillary Clinton Backs Obama Plan To Reverse Police Militarization," The Huffington Post, 5/18/15)

Clinton Said That "We Really Need To Look Hard At Preventing The Militarization Of Local Police Forces" Including Preventing Military Equipment From Being Available To Local Police. CLINTON: "And also because the militarization of local police has been, in many ways, a problem in the last couple years in some of the incidents we've had in communities across our country. So I have already spoken out and I said we really do need to look hard at preventing the militarization of local police forces. A lot of this heavy military equipment that was either already manufactured or manufactured after 9/11, which is now made available to local communities, should not necessarily end up there." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks at Town, Dover City, NH, 7/16/15)

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Clinton Compared Police Officers To Terrorists. QUESTION: "The danger of ISIS is clearly a major threat to American safety, but personally, I know many minorities who are much more concerned with racist attacks at the local level than radical Islamists, so just - question to put it plainly since often, issues of race are tiptoed, do you believe that white terrorism and extremism is as much a threat to some in this country as something like ISIS?" CLINTON: "You know, I think that we have all kinds of threats in our country and I wouldn't discount them I think we have to take them all seriously. And many of those threats are fueled by the gun violence that we face every single day, where 90 Americans are killed by guns, homicide, suicide tragic avoidable accidents. So one of the reasons I'm so adamant and so much in support of President Obama's policies that he has rolled out I just think as a nation we cannot sit idly by while 33,000 people a year die from gun violence. I also believe that we have to take any form of violence and particularly organized violence seriously. So yes, I believe there are all kinds of underground movements and efforts in our country that try to use violence or assert beliefs that I find often lead to violence. So let's take some of the white extremism that we see. I remember very well going to Oklahoma City, where as I recall 168 Americans including 19 children were murdered by a bomb by a guy who hate the government, that's terrorism as far as I'm concerned. I also think when you have communities terrorized by gangs so that parents are afraid to send their kids out, afraid to go out after school. I remember that beautiful young woman Hadiya Pendleton from Chicago she performed at President Obama's second inauguration. Came home, hanging out with her friends across from her school in Chicago. Gets murdered. Stray bullet, intentional bullet. Fact is, murdered. I think that when you have police violence that terrorizes communities that doesn't show the respect that you're supposed to have from protecting people in your authority, that can feel also terrorizing." (Hillary Clinton, Remarks at Fusion Town Hall, 1/11/16)

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Clinton Alleged That Law Enforcement Agencies Were Not Focused On Protecting Their Citizens And Called For A Restoration Of "Policing That Will Actually Protect The Communities." CLINTON: "There have been some good recommendations about what needs to happen. President Obama's policing commission came out with some. I have fully endorsed those. But we have to restore policing that will actually protect the communities that police officers are sworn to protect." (Hillary Clinton, PBS Newshour Democratic Primary Debate, Milwaukee, WI, 2/11/15)

Clinton Frequently Criticizes Law Enforcement And The Criminal Justice System And Law Enforcement Officials

Clinton Said There Was "Systemic Racism" In Our Criminal Justice System. CLINTON: "Well, sadly it's reality, and it has been heartbreaking, and incredibly outraging to see the constant stories of young men like Walter Scott, as you said, who have been killed by police officers. There needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. And, that requires a very clear, agenda for retraining police officers, looking at ways to end racial profiling, finding more ways to really bring the disparities that stalk our country into high relief." (Hillary Clinton, NBC News Democratic Debate , Charleston, SC, 1/17/16)

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Clinton Said That "It's Reality" That Police Officers View African American Men's Lives As "Cheap." NBC'S LESTER HOLT: "Alright, Governor, thank you. Secretary Clinton, this is a community that has suffered a lot of heartache in the last year. Of course, as you mentioned, the church shootings. We won't forget the video of Walter Scott being shot in the back while running from police. We understand that a jury will decide whether that police officer was justified, but it plays straight to the fears of many African American men that their lives are cheap. Is that perception, or in your view, is it reality?" CLINTON: "Well, sadly it's reality, and it has been heartbreaking, and incredibly outraging to see the constant stories of young men like Walter Scott, as you said, who have been killed by police officers. Their needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system." (Hillary Clinton, NBC News Democratic Debate , Charleston, SC, 1/17/16)

Clinton Has Called For The Re-Training Of Every Single Police Officer In The Nation. CLINTON: "Let's talk about the police. Because of this terrible incident in Dallas. We've got to do more to both protect and respect our police but also to bring about criminal justice reform. I would like to see national guidelines for the use of force, particularly lethal force. I would like to see the training and retraining of every single police officer in the 18,000 departments we have in America." (Hillary Clinton, CBS News' Evening News, 7/8/16)

Clinton Says "Even The Best Police Departments" Are Biased. " Acknowledging that implicit bias still exists across society-even in the best police departments-and tackle it together. Hillary will commit $1 billion in her first budget to find and fund the best training programs, support new research, and make this a national policing priority." ( Hillary Clinton For America, Accessed 7/21/16)

At A Time When Crime Rates Are On The Rise In Major Cities, Clinton Promises To Lower Sentences

The Wall Street Journal Headline: "Hillary Clinton Backs Shorter Mandatory Minimum Sentences" (Laura Meckler, "Hillary Clinton Backs Shorter Mandatory Minimum Sentences," The Wall Street Journal , 11/6/5)

Clinton Advocates For Reducing Mandatory Penalties For Repeat Offenses. "Reforming the 'strike' system, so that nonviolent drug offenses no longer count as a 'strike,' reducing the mandatory penalty for second- and third-strike offenses." (Hillary Clinton For America, Accessed 7/21/16)

Clinton Wants Reduce The Use Of The "Strike" System. "Clinton says she would also reform the excessive use of 'strikes' to lengthen prison sentences. Under federal law, many past crimes are counted as 'strikes' against a defendant, adding years to any new sentence. Clinton aides say she would cut non-violent drug offenses from that list of crimes." (Ari Melber, "In New Crime Policy, Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama Agenda," MSNBC, 11/6/15)

Judges Would Be Given More Power To Not Follow Sentencing Guidelines When Reduced Sentences Are Warranted. "She would also expand a 'safety valve' rule that gives judges more discretion to reduce sentences when warranted - a fix backed by Democratic reformers like Sen. Pat Leahy and libertarians like Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who's seeking the GOP nomination." (Ari Melber, "In New Crime Policy, Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama Agenda," MSNBC, 11/6/15)

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