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- April 6, 2016

Under Fire From Environmentalists, Clinton Fundraises With A Democrat So Pro-Fracking, He Literally Drank A Glass Of Fracking Fluid

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton Will Attend A Fundraiser With Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) In Denver. "Thu, Apr 7, 2016, Evening (Time TBD), Please join Colorado for Hillary for an evening with Governor John Hickenlooper and Hillary, Official event, Denver Colorado." ("Evening With Gov John Hickenlooper And Hillary For Hillary Victory Fund," Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time , Accessed 4/6/16)

Hickenlooper Is An Adamant Supporter Of Fracking, Going So Far As To Drinking Fracking Fluid And Suing Towns That Ban The Practice

In 2013, Hickenlooper Testified Before The Senate Committee On Energy And Natural Resources That He Actually Drank A Glass Of Fracking Fluid To Show That The Liquid Is Safe. " Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper went to unusually great lengths to learn firsthand the strides the oil and gas industry has made to minimize environmental harm from fracking. The first-term Democrat and former Denver mayor told a Senate committee on Tuesday that he actually drank a glass of fracking fluid produced by oilfield services giant Halliburton. The fluid is made entirely 'of ingredients sourced from the food industry,' the company says, making it safe for Mr. Hickenlooper and others to imbibe." (Ben Wolfgang, "I Drank Fracking Fluid, Says Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper," The Washington Times ¸ 2/12/13)

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As Governor, Hickenlooper Has Said He Would Sue Any Locality In Colorado That Bans Fracking And Made Good On His Threat In 2012 By Suing The Town Of Longmont. "Gov. John Hickenlooper is defending fracking once again, but this time he's ready to go to court. In a recent interview with CBS4, Hickenlooper told [Reporter] Shaun Boyd in no uncertain terms that the state will sue any city that bans hydraulic fracturing within their borders. 'Nothing makes me less happy then to have to be in a lawsuit with a municipality,' Hickenlooper told Boyd. 'The bottom line is, the way we have a split estate in this part of the world - pretty much all of the western United States - someone paid money to buy mineral rights under that land. You can't harvest the mineral rights without doing hydraulic fracturing, which I think we've demonstrated again and again can be done safely.' When the controversial natural gas drilling technique also known as 'fracking' was banned in Longmont in 2012, the state sued the town claiming that the city's oil and gas regulations illegally overstepped the state's authority to regulate the industry." (Matt Ferner, "Gov. John Hickenlooper: State Will Sue Any City In Colorado That Bans Fracking," The Huffington Post, 2/28/13)


In March, Clinton Claimed That If She Was President, There Wouldn't "Be Many Places Where Fracking Would Continue To Take Place"

During A March 2016 Democratic Debate, Clinton Said Fracking Was "Not Sufficiently Regulated," And Under A Clinton Presidency, There Wouldn't "Be Many Places In America Where Fracking Will Continue To Take Place." CLINTON: "So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place. And I think that's the best approach, because right now, there are places where fracking is going on that are not sufficiently regulated. So first, we've got to regulate everything that is currently underway, and we have to have a system in place that prevents further fracking unless conditions like the ones that I just mentioned are met." (Hillary Clinton, CNN Democratic Primary Debate, Flint, MI, 3/6/16)

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  • Clinton's New Fracking Stance "Represents A Shift Left" For Her From Her Prior Support Of Fracking And The Shale Boom, Which She Called "A Safe Bridge To A Clean Energy Economy." "These comments represent a shift left for Clinton who as recently as 2014 called the natural gas boom in the U.S. 'a safe bridge to a clean energy economy.' It isn't come completely unexpected. Many political observers expected Clinton to be pushed to the left during the primaries by her Democratic opponents." (Rachel Leven, "Clinton's Comments On Fracking From The Flint Debate And Why They Matter," Bloomberg BNA's Energy And Environment Blog, 3/7/16)

Activists On Both Sides Are Skeptical That Clinton's Claim That She Would "Regulate Oil And Gas Fracking Almost Out Of Existence" Is Credible As It Goes Against Her Campaign's Natural Gas Stance

Clinton's "Vow To Regulate Oil And Gas Fracking Almost Out Of Existence Was Met With Skepticism" By Both Environmentalists And The Energy Industry. "Hillary Clinton's vow to regulate oil and gas fracking almost out of existence was met with skepticism Monday, failing to convince either industry or environment groups that she would - or could - end the controversial drilling practice if she becomes president." (Valerie Volcovici, "Clinton's Pledge To Curtail Fracking Falls on Unconvinced Ears," Reuters, 3/7/16)

Clinton's New Position On Fracking Is At Odds With Her Campaign's Own Natural Gas Stance, Which Just Weeks Ago Stated That Natural Gas "Has Played A Critical Role In Reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) And Other Pollutants." "But less than a month ago, the Clinton campaign released a fact sheet on 'responsible natural gas production,' saying the fuel 'has played a critical role in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants.' The domestic explosion in natural gas production is almost entirely due to fracking." (Ben Wolfgang, "Hillary Clinton Won't Call For Ban On Fracking; Climate Activists Question Front-Runner's Position," The Washington Times, 3/7/16)

  • Prior To The March Debate, Clinton "Generally Supported Fracking." "The comments marked a shift for Clinton, who, like President Barack Obama, has generally supported fracking, while insisting methane leaks must be plugged and steps taken to ensure the practice doesn't contaminate water. She even highlighted natural gas in a campaign fact sheet last month as lowering energy costs, reducing air pollution and putting people to work." (Jennifer Dlouhy, "Clinton Doubles Down Against Fracking, Raising Alarms," Bloomberg, 3/7/16)


Prior To The Campaign, Clinton Highly Praised Innovations In Natural Gas Productions As Improving The Economy And Making The U.S. More Competitive

At Harry Reid's 2014 Energy Summit , Clinton Said That "The Boom In Domestic Natural Gas Production Is An Example Of American Innovation Changing The Game." CLINTON: "There are challenges here to be sure. But the boom in domestic gas production is an example of American innovation changing the game, and if we do it right, it can be good for both the environment and our economy." (Daryl Elliot, "NCES 7.0 Summary Report: Full Speech From Hillary Clinton," Clean Technica, 9/8/14)

  • Clinton Said That Increased Natural Gas Production "Is Creating Tens Of Thousands Of New Jobs And Lower Costs." CLINTON: "With the right safeguards in place, gas is cleaner than coal and expanding production is creating tens of thousands of new jobs and lower costs are helping give the United States a big competitive advantage in energy-intensive industries." (Daryl Elliot, "NCES 7.0 Summary Report: Full Speech From Hillary Clinton," Clean Technica, 9/8/14)

In Hard Choices, Clinton Lauded Natural Gas Development For Creating "Tens Of Thousands Of New Jobs" And Giving The U.S. A Competitive Advantage Over Other Economies. "The boom in domestic energy production, especially in natural gas, created major economic and strategic opportunities for our country. Expanded energy production created tens of thousands of new jobs, from oil rigs in North Dakota to wind turbine factories in South Carolina. Cheap and plentiful natural gas is helping drive down costs for energy-intensive manufacturers and giving the United States a big competitive advantage over places like Japan and Europe, where energy prices remain much higher." (Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices, p. 522)

Under Clinton's Leadership, The State Department Founded The Global Shale Gas Initiative To Encourage Fracking In Other Countries

In 2010, Clinton's State Department Founded The Global Shale Gas Initiative, Which "Has Been Advising Many Foreign Countries On Fracking." "The State Department's Global Shale Gas Initiative, begun in 2010, has been advising many foreign countries on fracking. It has organized a half-dozen trips this year for foreign officials to meet with American energy experts and to visit drilling sites in the United States." (Ian Urbina, "Hunt For Gas Hits Fragile Soil, And South Africans Fear Risks," The New York Times, 12/30/11)

In A 2010 Joint Statement With The Polish Foreign Minister, Clinton Said The United States Would "Promote Environmentally-Sound Shale Gas Development" Through The Global Shale Gas Initiative. "Following our agreement last April for high-level discussions on energy security, today we agreed that the Republic of Poland would join with the United States in the Global Shale Gas Initiative (GSGI). Through the GSGI, Poland and the United States will expand our cooperation to promote environmentally-sound shale gas development in the context of a global forum of selected countries worldwide." (Press Release, "Joint Statement of Secretary Clinton and Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski," U.S. State Department, 7/3/10)

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