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The United States must promote democracy abroad. American values are under attack by foreign enemies, and we believe the government, especially the State Department, must defend our ideals. Republicans desire an assertive Administration that does not forfeit our principles and provides  unequivocal support to Israel and our allies abroad.

Press Release

ICYMI: Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say

- April 5, 2017


Keith Ellison’s Weak Israel Stance Could Be The Future Of The DNC

- February 15, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Is Visiting The United States Today. ... Continue Reading »

Press Release

RNC Statement On The Passing Of Shimon Peres

- September 28, 2016

Press Release

New RNC Video On Clinton’s TPP Flip-Flop: “The Gold Standard”

- June 28, 2016

Today the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new video entitled “The Gold Standard,” which uses never before seen footage uncovered by the RNC to highlight Hillary Clinton’s brazen and transparent flip-flop on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.... Continue Reading »


Obama's Trip: Farewell To Failed Leadership

- April 19, 2016

This Week, Obama Begins His Overseas Farewell Tour, But "In A Reminder Of This President's Uneven Ties To Allies, Obama's First Stop Will Involve More Damage Control Than Nostalgia, More Friction Than Fondness." "President Barack Obama sets out this week on his first in a series of international farewell tours, a sometimes wistful tradition for presidents in legacy mode. But in a reminder of this president's uneven ties to allies, Obama's first stop will involve more damage control than nostalgia, more friction than fondness." (Kathleen Hennessey, "Obama's First Farewell Tour Starts With Damage Control," The Associated Press, 4/18/16)... Continue Reading »


Harrowing New Report Brings Clinton Counterterrorism Failure In Focus

- April 13, 2016

When Clinton was in a position to make a difference, she failed to act ... Continue Reading »

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