Mile High Meltdown

- September 19, 2014

Mark Udall’s Campaign Hits Turbulence After Six Years Of Rubber Stamping Obama’s Agenda In Washington


In July, Udall Scrapped Plans To Appear With Obama At A Fundraiser In Colorado. “Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) scrapped plans to join President Obama at a fundraiser in his home state on Wednesday, saying that he needed to remain in Washington for last-minute votes. The absence of the vulnerable Colorado lawmaker will again raise questions about whether President Obama and his middling approval ratings are an asset or liability for Senate Democrats as they fight to keep control of the upper chamber this fall.” (Justin Sink, “Udall Cancels Appearance With Obama,” The Hill, 7/9/14)

Last January, Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) Refused To Say Whether He Would Have Obama Campaign For Him As He Seeks Reelection This Year. BASH: “Is he a liability for you, the president back home?  UDALL: When the President comes to Colorado, and talks about our all of the above energy approach, we’ve got lots of natural gas and solar power, that resonates with Coloradans.  When he talks about making sure our veterans are treated properly, that resonates with Coloradans.”  BASH: “Does that mean you’re going to campaign with him, or you’re going to have him campaign with you side by side?  UDALL:  “We are going to be running a strong campaign based on Colorado’s interests and Colorado’s future. my job, I think, is to protect Colorado’s way of life.” (CNN’s “The State Of The Union,” 1/28/14)

  • During Several Attempts By CNN To Elicit An Answer, Udall “Evaded The Question” And Dodged Repeatedly. “When asked on CNN if the president is a liability for him here in Colorado, the senior senator evaded the question. ‘When the president comes to Colorado and talks about our all the above energy approach — we’ve got lots of natural gas, solar power, that resonates with Coloradans,’ said Udall, who went on to talk about veterans and women voters. … Only after a few more attempts did Udall say, ‘we’ll see what the president’s schedule is, we’ll see what my schedule is.’” (Kurtis Lee, “Sen. Udall Dodges Questions About Campaigning With President Obama,” The Denver Post, 1/28/14)

Udall’s Attempts To Run From Obama Are “Getting Laughs” Because He’s One Of Obama’s Biggest Supporters

The Denver Post: “U.S. Sen. Mark Udall’s Attempts To Distance Himself From President Obama And The White House Are Getting Laughs.” (Lynn Bartels, “CNN Makes Fun Of Mark Udall,” The Denver Post, 9/16/14)

  • CNN’s John King Called Udall’s Attempts To Run From Obama “Poppycock.”“CNN show also noted that during Udall’s first Senate debate with his GOP challenger, Congressman Cory Gardner, Udall also tried to separate himself from the president. ‘Let me tell you, the White House when they look down the front lawn the last person they want to see coming is me,’ Udall said, as Gardner supporters at the Sept. 6 Club 20 debate hooted. ‘Poppycock,’ King said.” (Lynn Bartels, “CNN Makes Fun Of Mark Udall,” The Denver Post, 9/16/14)

Udall Voted With Obama 99 Percent Of The Time In 2013, According To The Non-PartisanCongressional Quarterly(Presidential Support, Congressional Quarterly, 6/23/14)

  • Since 2009, Udall Has Voted With Obama An Average Of 97 Percent Of The Time.(Sen. Mark Udall, Congressional Quarterly, Accessed 6/23/14)

Udall Voted With Liberal Democrats 96 Percent Of The Time In 2013. (Sen. Mark Udall, Congressional Quarterly, Accessed 6/23/14)

  • Since 2009, Udall Voted With Liberal Democrats 92 Percent Of The Time. (Sen. Mark Udall, Congressional Quarterly, Accessed 6/23/14)

And Udall Was “Sweet” On Obama When He Ran For President In 2008 And 2012

Udall In October 2008 At A Campaign Rally With Obama: “Let Me Utter Two Really Sweet Words – President Obama. Will That Send A Message To The World Or What?” “And here’s Udall campaigning with Obama in 2008. At the event, Udall said, ‘Let me utter two really sweet words — President Obama. Will that send a message to the world or what?’” (Andrew Kaczynski, “Democratic Senator Who Campaigned With Obama In 2008 Won’t Say If He Will Again In 2014,” BuzzFeed, 1/29/14)

  • At The 2008 Democratic National Convention, Udall Said The Country Was “Ready For Barack Obama.” UDALL: “My dad would be so proud to see a new generation gathered here in Colorado, the heart of the west, ready to lead.  Ready to make this country work again.  Ready for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.” (Mark Udall,Remarks At 2008 Democratic National Convention, 8/28/08)

Udall Said In 2012 That Obama Deserved A Second Term. UDALL: “President Obama is of course making the case, over this last nine days, about what he’d do if he is handed a second term and he would build on the successes of the last four years.  Now, we strapped the president into an airplane that heading to the ground at mach speed, he’s now righted that plane. We’ve got some lift. We are heading in the right direction. He deserves a second term.” (Fox’s “Fox News Sunday,” 10/28/12)


FLASHBACK: While Campaigning In 2008, Udall Promised Coloradans That He Wouldn’t Support A “Government-Sponsored” Health Care Solution. “The then-congressman, who was running for an open seat in the U.S. Senate, echoed arguments made by conservatives. ‘I’m not for a government-sponsored solution,” Udall said. “I’m for enhancing and improving the employer-based system that we have.’” (Lynn Bartels, “GOP Seizes On 2008 Statement By Mark Udall On Health Care Reform,” The Denver Post, 9/3/14)

Udall Broke His Promise To Coloradans That They Could Keep Their Plans

In September Of 2009, Udall Promised “If You Have An Insurance  Policy You Like, A Doctor Or Medical Facility That Provides Medical Services To You, You’ll Be Able To Keep Your Doctor Or Your Plan.” “‘If you have an insurance  policy you like, a doctor or medical facility that provides medical services to you, you’ll be able to keep your doctor or your plan,’ Udall told a reporter with Fox21 News in September 2009.” (Christina Salvo, “Sen. Mark Udall Talks On Health Care Reform,” Fox 21 News, 9/2/09)

“Since 2013, There Have Been About 340,000” Health Care Plans That Have Been Cancelled In Colorado Leading Up To ObamaCare’s Implementation. “Since 2013, there have been about 340,000 policy cancelations in Colorado. Many customers received notices last fall as the Affordable Care Act was rolling out.” (Electa Draper, “Colorado Says 2,100 Health Plans Were Canceled In Last Two Months,” The Denver Post, 8/21/14)

  • This Year, 6,150 Coloradans Have Had Their Health Care Plans Cancelled. “The Colorado Division of Insurance has reported that there were about 2,100 health-plan cancellations in the state over the past two months, bringing this year’s total to more than 6,150.” (Electa Draper, “Colorado Says 2,100 Health Plans Were Canceled In Last Two Months,” The Denver Post, 8/21/14)

Udall Claimed ObamaCare Was “Tailor-Made” For Small Business, But Colorado Businesses Are Being Forced To Drop Plans

Udall Boasted That ObamaCare Is “Tailor-Made” To Help Small Businesses Facing High Health Care Premiums.  UDALL: “That lack of freedom affects our economy because fostering the growth of small business is one of the keys to economic success. In our current system, Americans are afraid to follow their dreams and start a small business or travel to go to work for a new company. Small businesses run on thinner margins than their big-company counterparts, and they are being hit hardest by the rise in health care costs. In Colorado, we have a disproportionate share of small businesses. As a result, we have more citizens who are uninsured. Those who do offer benefits are finding themselves increasingly facing no-win decisions. They are faced with either hiring fewer employees or slashing benefits or dropping coverage completely or, in some cases, going out of business forever.  The proposals in front of us are tailor-made to help small businesses. The ideas in place would provide tax credits and create a simplified, well-regulated, pooled marketplace to help small businesses find cheaper and higher quality coverage.” (Sen. Mark Udall, Floor Remarks, 9/23/09)

“In Colorado, Regulators Said Small-Group Plans Covering 143,000 People Are Being Discontinued In 2014.” (Ariana Eunjung Cha, “Second Wave Of Health-Insurance Disruption Affects Small Businesses,” The Washington Post, 1/11/14)

Many Small Businesses Will Receive A Cancellation Letter In October 2014, Right Before The November Midterm Elections. “While some cancellation notices already have gone out, insurers say the bulk of the letters will be sent in October, shortly before the next open-enrollment period begins. The timing — right before the midterm elections — could be difficult for Democrats who are already fending off Republican attacks about the Affordable Care Act and its troubled rollout.” (Ariana Eunjung Cha, “Second Wave Of Health-Insurance Disruption Affects Small Businesses,” The Washington Post, 1/11/14)

  • The Department Of Health And Human Services Estimated 80 Percent Of Small Business Health Plans Will Be Cancelled, Affecting As Many As 46 Million Americans. “An estimated 18 million to 24 million people in the United States have insurance through employers with fewer than 50 workers, and about 40 million have coverage through firms with fewer than 100 workers. The Department of Health and Human Services estimated in 2010 that up to 80 percent of small-group plans, defined as having fewer than 100 workers, could be discontinued by the end of 2013. But many small employers bought themselves extra time by renewing policies early through the end of 2014.” (Ariana Eunjung Cha, “Second Wave Of Health-Insurance Disruption Affects Small Businesses,” The Washington Post, 1/11/14)

Udall Claimed ObamaCare “Will Free Americans” From “Never-Ending Cost Increases” But Coloradans Are Facing Double-Digit Hikes

Udall: ObamaCare “Will Free Americans From The Shackles Of Never-Ending Cost Increases …The Fact Is … It Saves Money.” UDALL: “This week, I watched as President Obama signed into law the kind of reforms that will free Americans from the shackles of never-ending cost increases, dropped coverage and unfair practices that put profits above the provision of care. … The fact is, Mr. President, that the historic bill signed by President Obama saves lives, it saves money, and it saves Medicare.” (Press Release, “Udall: Health Insurance Reform Saves Lives, Saves Money, And Saves Medicare,” Sen. Mark Udall, 3/26/10)

According To Preliminary Filings, Colorado Residents And Businesses Are Facing Up To A 10 Percent Increase In Health Insurance Premiums. “Colorado residents and small businesses could face anywhere from a 10 percent increase in their health insurance premiums next year to a 10 percent drop in prices, according to a preliminary study of rate filings issued Monday by the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI).” (Ed Sealover, “Division Of Insurance: Colorado Health Premiums Are Both Increasing And De-Creasing Next Year,” Denver Business Journal, 6/23/14)


Udall Sided With Obama In Obstructing The Keystone Pipeline

In June, Udall Voted Against The Keystone XL Pipeline. “Rarely has a dead-end vote caused this much trouble for U.S. Sen. Mark Udall. But on Wednesday the Colorado Democrat was forced, once again, to pick sides in the fight over the Keystone pipeline — an issue that has stalked his re-election campaign for months. A self-proclaimed moderate, Udall has tried to court both environmentalists and the energy industry as he attempts to win a second term against U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma.” (Mark K. Matthews, “Mark Udall Votes ‘No’ On Keystone, Says More Time Needed,” Denver Post, 6/18/14)

  • The Denver Post: “So It’s Disappointing To See Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., Once Again Vote Against The Pipeline, As He Did Wednesday In The Senate Energy Committee.”  “So it’s disappointing to see Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., once again vote against the pipeline, as he did Wednesday in the Senate energy committee. Officially, Udall claims to have no position, his spokesman saying he “believes the technical review needs to be seen through to the end.” But nearly everyone recognizes that the delay by the federal government’s side is political, given the number of studies and how long this process has dragged on.” (Editorial, “Mark Udall’s Latest Dodge On Keystone XL Pipeline,” Denver Post, 6/18/14)

Udall Voted Against An Amendment That Would Have Provided For The Approval And Construction Of The Keystone Pipeline. “To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to promote investment and job growth in United States manufacturing, oil and gas production, and refining sectors through the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.” (S. Amdt. 494 To S. Con. Res. 8, Roll Call Vote #61: Adopted 62-37, 3/22/13, Warren Voted Nay, Udall Voted Nay)

Udall Supports Obama’s War On Coal That Could Cost Coloradans Thousands Of Jobs And Hit Families With Higher Energy Prices

Udall Called Obama’s New Rules On Coal A “Good Start.” “Sen. Mark Udall was a rare embattled Democrat from an energy-rich state today to praise EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas emissions rule for power plants, calling it a ‘good start’ that can build on Colorado’s green efforts.” (“Sen. Mark Udall: EPA Rule ‘A Good Start,’” Politico, 6/2/14)

The Head Of The Colorado Mining Association Says The New EPA Regulations Could Cost Coloradans “Up To 9,000 Jobs” And Raise Their Electricity Prices “By As Much As 49 Percent.” “More pain is yet to come. Under the EPA proposal, a complex formula will determine how states meet greenhouse gas-reduction targets. But independent studies using realistic estimates of energy efficiency savings warn of what lies ahead. An analysis by NERA — an independent consulting firm — of the EPA’s regulatory model shows Colorado’s electricity prices could increase by as much as 49 percent. The proposal could also cause the loss of up to 9,000 jobs in Colorado and the West, including those at the mines, which pay wages and benefits in excess of $116,000 annually.” (Stuart Sanderson, “EPA’s Rule On Carbon Emissions Will Hurt Colorado,” The Denver Post, 7/26/14)


Democratic Sen. Mark Udall Of Colorado Doesn’t Believe That The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria Terror Group Is An Immediate Threat To The Homeland.” (“Dem Senator: ISIS Is Not An Immediate Threat To The Homeland,” The Associated Press, 9/4/14)

  • Udall: “I Don’t Take ISIL As An Immediate Threat To The Homeland…”QUESTION: “So I hear you take it as seriously?” UDALL: “I take it as a very serious threat. I don’t take ISIL as an immediate threat to the homeland but this is why it’s so important that we’re knocking them back now with targeted air strikes and why it’s important that we’re calling on Sunni moderates and why we’re calling on the Arab governments to take a leading role in challenging what are their people for the most part.” (9News, 9/2/14)
  • Udall “Received Criticism” For His Comments Downplaying The Threat Of ISIS.“Udall, who sits on the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees, also has received criticism for arguing that ISIS is not ‘an immediate threat to the homeland.’” (Ashley Killough, “Senator Apologizes For Invoking Names Of Slain Journalists In Policy Argument,” CNN, 9/9/14)

Obama Similarly Claimed ISIS “Doesn’t Immediately Threaten The Homeland.” OBAMA: “The good news is that we actually have a unprecedented military capacity, and since 9/11 have built up a security apparatus that makes us in the here and now pretty safe.  We have to be vigilant, but this doesn’t immediately threaten the homeland.” (President Barack Obama,Remarks At DCCC Event, Newport, RI, 8/29/14)

According To A Recent CNN Poll, “Americans Are Increasingly Concerned That ISIS Represents A Direct Terror Threat.” “Americans are increasingly concerned that ISIS represents a direct terror threat, fearful that ISIS agents are living in the United States, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll. Most now support military action against the terrorist group.” (Mark Preston, “CNN Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Alarmed By ISIS,” CNN, 9/8/14)

  • “Seven In 10 Americans Believe ISIS Has The Resources To Launch An Attack Against The United States…” “Seven in 10 Americans believe ISIS has the resources to launch an attack against the United States, just days before President Barack Obama plans to address the nation on the subject.” (Mark Preston, “CNN Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Alarmed By ISIS,” CNN, 9/8/14)


Recent Polls Show Udall “Falling Behind” In His Re-Election Race. “A pair of polls released show Democratic Sen. Mark Udall falling behind his Republican opponent in the tight Colorado race for his seat. A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows Udall trailing Rep. Cory Gardner by eight points. The poll comes less than a day after a USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed the race as a statistical dead heat, with Gardner leading the incumbent, 43% to 42%.” (Jeremy Diamond, “Udall Is Starting To Trail His GOP Opponent, Two Polls Say,” CNN, 9/18/14)

According To A Quinnipiac University Poll, Cory Gardner Leads Udall, 48-40 Percent Among Likely Voters. “Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall trails U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, his Republican challenger, 48 – 40 percent among likely voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.” (“GOP Challenger Leads Udall In Colorado Senate Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; More Than One-Third Are Voting Against Obama,” Quinnipiac University9/18/14)

According To A USA Today/Suffolk University Poll, Gardner Leads Udal, 43-42 Percent Among Likely Voters. “The survey shows Udall at 42%, Republican challenger Cory Gardner at 43% in what is essentially a tie. The poll of 500 likely voters, taken Saturday through Tuesday, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.” (Susan Page, “Poll: In Colorado, Obama Is A Drag On Democrats,” USA Today, 9/17/14)

Udall’s Support For Obama Has Become A Drag On His Campaign

Obama Has “Emerged As A Drag On The Re-Election Prospects Of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall And Gov. John Hickenlooper.” “In Colorado, the state where Barack Obama was first nominated for the White House, he has emerged as a drag on the re-election prospects of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds.” (Susan Page, “Poll: In Colorado, Obama Is A Drag On Democrats,” USA Today, 9/17/14)

USA Today: “The Negative Back-And-Forth Is Apparent When The Poll Asked Respondents What Came To Mind When They Heard The Candidates’ Names. For Udall, The Most Frequent Specific Responses Were ‘Obama Follower/Puppet,’ ‘Liberal’ And ‘Dishonest/Untrustworthy.’” (Susan Page, “Poll: In Colorado, Obama Is A Drag On Democrats,” USA Today, 9/17/14)

According To A Quinnipiac Poll, 37 Percent Of Likely Voters In Colorado Say Their Vote For Senate “Is A Vote Against President Barack Obama.” “Their U.S. Senate vote is a vote against President Barack Obama, 37 percent of Colorado likely voters say, while 13 percent say it is a vote for the president and 49 percent say Obama is not much of a factor.” (“GOP Challenger Leads Udall In Colorado Senate Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; More Than One-Third Are Voting Against Obama,” Quinnipiac University9/18/14)

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