New Revelations From Clinton's Inner Circle

- October 13, 2016

Yesterday's WikiLeaks Emails Show A Corrupt Obama Administration Colluding With Team Clinton, More Evidence Of Clinton's Two-Faced Positioning, And Bitter Infighting Throughout The Democrat Primary


  • Yesterday’s fresh batch of John Podesta’s emails revealed more and more about the nefarious inner workings of Clinton’s inner circle.
  • The emails uncovered more inappropriate coordination with the Obama Administration and Clinton insiders on how to dodge Clinton’s many controversies.
  • Correspondence also shows how team Clinton did damage control after and during the secret server scandal, openly discussing her “character problem” and “inability” to “communicate genuine feelings of remorse.”
  • Clinton’s belief in having public and private stances on public policy was also evident, with aides discussing how to handle her past support for TPP and suggesting she should flip flop on the Keystone Pipeline to distract from her email scandal.
  • Emails from the bitter Democrat primary also expose how the Clinton campaign despised Sanders, as well as how infighting and criticism of the candidate was commonplace in correspondence with her campaign chairman, John Podesta. 


On April 9, 2015, Kristina Schake Referred To A "Tip" From A Source Regarding When The State Department Planned To Release Clinton's Benghazi Emails. "Someone here just got a tip that the State Department may be planning to release her Benghazi emails tomorrow or Monday. Not sure the source is reliable. Has anyone heard anything about this?" (Kristin Schake, Email To John Podesta Et. Al., "Re: Email Release," John Podesta Wikileaks, 4/9/15)

Days Later, Heather Samuelson Followed Up On Schake's Email With Further Tips Regarding When The Benghazi Emails Were Going To Be Released. " Latest: Still aiming for Friday, but potential it gets delayed until early next week because still moving through interagency review process. Will check back tomorrow and keep you posted. Quick update on this -- DOS says the release of the 300 will likely happen on Thurs or Friday. Will keep you posted as I hear anything further on my end. Thx." (Heather Samuelson, Email To John Podesta Et. Al., "Re: Email Release," John Podesta Wikileaks, 4/15/15)


In An August 2015 Email Regarding Clinton's Private Email Use, Neera Tanden Feared It Was "Becoming A Character Problem" Due To Clinton's "Inability" To Do An Interview And "Communicate Genuine Feelings Of Remorse." "I know this email thing isn't on the level. I'm fully aware of that. But her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character problem (more so than honesty). People hate her arrogant, like her down. It's a sexist context, but I think it's the truth. I see no downside in her actually just saying, look, I'm sorry. I think it will take so much air out of this. She always sees herself bending to 'their' will when she hands over information, etc. But the way she has to bend here is in the remorse. Not the 'if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it.' A real feeling of - this decision I made created a mess and I'm sorry I did that. No one thinks she doesn't have the judgment to be president - she's not reaffirming a negative characteristic in saying sorry. She needs to do that - I see no way of moving on until October otherwise. Anyway, that's my advice." (Neera Tanden Email To John Podesta, "Emails - My Thoughts," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 8/22/15)

In A March 2015 Email Chain With Clinton Campaign Leadership, Senior Hillary Advisor Philippe Reines Discusse d How To "Somehow Take Advantage" Of A Subpoena Issuance From The Select Committee On Benghazi. "Not as flippantly, and maybe just from Nick's mouth -- but rather than going around and around on how to release the 55k, let's just be for what's happening and use this as the excuse. Because we can say even if State has equities, not providing them would put her in legal jeopardy. OR, we say happy for them to have it, happy for the public to read them as soon as >> State is comfortable. But let's somehow take advantage of this." (Philippe Reines To Cheryl Mills, Et. Al., "Re: Subpoena Issuance," John Podesta Wikileaks, 3/4/15)

On August 7, 2015, Dan Schwerin Emailed John Podesta Asking For Guidance About A Statement Related To Hillary Clinton's Server And Whether She Should Say She "Messed Up" Or "Screwed Up." "Made some edits here after chatting with Brian. He thought the 'screw up' sound bite needed to be less hedged, so I moved the line about convenience and previous secretaries elsewhere. He also thought the server news should be down with the classified section and given a little set-up. Not sure if what i have here does the trick, but check it out. Dan" (Dan Schwerin Email To John Podesta, "RE: Email Statement," John Podesta Wikileaks, 8/7/15)

The Hill's Brent Budowsky Emailed John Podesta With A Critique Of Clinton's Handling Of Her Email Controversy, Saying She Needed To Stop Her Legalistic Stance Which Sounded Like "A Potential Defendant Expecting Future Indictment." "She needs to stop talking like a lawyer parsing legalistic words and a potential defendant expecting a future indictment, which is how she often looks and sounds to many voters today. Instead, she should take full responsibility for a mistake with no equivocation, and segue into the role of a populist prosecutor against a corrupted politics that Americans already detest.....and make a direct attack against the Donald Trump politics of daily insults and defamations and intolerance against whichever individuals and groups he tries to bully on a given day, and while defending some Republican candidates against his attacks, she should deplore their being intimidated by his insults and offering pastel versions of the intolerance he peddles. In other words, she should stop acting like a front-runner who cautiously tries to exploit the rules of a rigged game to her advantage, and start acting like a fighting underdog who will fight on behalf of Americans who want a higher standard of living for themselves, a higher standard of politics for the nation, and a higher level of economic opportunity and social justice for everyone. Like JFK after the Bay of Pigs, the more responsibility she takes now the more she will succeed going forward." (Brent Budowsky Email To John Podesta, "John, Here's My Advice," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 8/26/15)

Clinton Staff Were Given A Heads Up On A Harsh Question About Clinton's Emails To Be Posed At An Event With John Podesta. " Couple of questions that came in: 1. you're obviously amongst friends, but here's the one i referred to (can't remember which of you i talked about it with, if not both). It's > from someone that wasn't goign to come, and i encouraged him to come. he comes at the issue slightly differnetly than what I've dsicussed with both of you (Ok, one thing to use personal email, but why the "twisted truth" (not my words) on why - with the two problematic areas being (a) emails to > bill (when they were to bill's staff) and (b) i only used one device -- BB, when 2 weeks earlier, it was an iphone, BB and ipad. As Ann and I discussed, hopefully that's a timing issue and whilst in state, she only used one. :) *For my question*, it's basically some variation of [not quite phrased right yet]: I know when I talk to my friends who are attorneys we are all > struggling with what happened to the emails and aren't satisfied with > answers to date. While we all know of the occasional use of personal email > addresses for business, none of my friends circle can understand how it was viewed as ok/secure/appropriate to use a private server for secure documents AND why further Hillary took it upon herself to review them and delete documents without providing anyone outside her circle a chance to weigh in. It smacks of acting above the law and it smacks of the type of thing I've either gotten discovery sanctions for, fired people for, etc." (Erika Rottenberg, Email To Stephanie Hannon, et al., "Tomorrow," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 6/21/16)


Clinton's Campaign Advocated Her Holding Off From Commenting As Long As Possible And Then Agonized Over Whether Her Past Support Of Trade Deals Should Be Mentioned

On April 15, 2015, Huma Abedin Emailed Clinton Aides A Summary Of Clinton's Meeting With Senators Regarding TPP And Stated That Hillary Intended To 'Withhold Judgment For As Long As She Can' And 'When She Is Eventually Forced To Have To Answer, She Obviously Would Like The President To Draw The Hardest Bargain, Make The Case For Trade Agreement Of America's Interest.' "This is what I got. He asked her not to share details of their conversation and she promised she wouldn't but see readout below: Wyden Ready to support and to tell him what she needs and when she needs it. HRC said that it means a lot to her. HRC would like to set up a call for the next couple weeks to discuss things further, but wanted to give Wyden a chance to get TPA message out there. HRC is going to try to say that she is withholding judgment for as long as she can. HRC said when she is eventually forced to have to answer, she obviously would like the president to draw the hardest bargain, make the case for trade agreement of America's interest. Wyden prefaced by saying he was for HRC under any circumstance. A number of senators that HRC and he like, that are sitting on the fence, but want to be for TPP." (Huma Abedin Email To John Podesta Et. Al., "Re: Wyden Notes" John Podesta WikiLeaks, 4/15/15)

In A Draft Campaign Statement On The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Clinton's Campaign Team Described The U.S. - South Korea Free Trade Agreement As "A Strong Deal." "First, too often over the years we haven't gotten the balance right on trade. We've seen that even a strong deal, like our agreement with South Korea, which President Bush negotiated and President Obama improved, can fall short on delivering the promised benefits. So I don't believe we can afford to keep giving new agreements the benefit of the doubt. The risks are too high that, despite our best efforts, they will end up doing more harm than good for hard-working American families whose paychecks have barely budged in years." (Dan Schwerin, Email To Jake Sullivan, Et Al., "Re: TPP Statement," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 10/07/15)

Clinton Policy Advisor Jake Sullivan Had The Reference To The South Korea Free Trade Agreement Removed, Saying "I Think South Korea Is Gonna Drive Them Nuts." "I think South Korea is gonna drive them nuts. Can we be more general? Otherwise I'm okay." (Jake Sullivan, Email To Dan Schwerin, Et Al., "Re: TPP Statement," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 10/07/15)

The Clinton Campaign Sought To Use Clinton's Flip Flop On Keystone As A Distraction From Her E-Mail Scandal

In August 2015, Campaign Manager Robby Mook Suggested That Clinton Publicly "Come Out Against Keystone" In Order To Distract From Her E-Mail Scandal. "One thought on her doing press on Sunday vs Monday: whether the press wants to cover it or not, we have pretty hefty policy to roll out on Monday, so if we get this out of the way Sunday, the policy gives us a nice way to move forward. We could even have her come out against Keystone on Monday as well (not sure where that stands), which will solicit criticism but that might help distract from emails. Kind of like bundling taxes, health, and email last Friday. In any case, I would vote for having her address this Sunday, so we can legitimately claim she's trying to move on and address what voters care about on Monday. Just a thought." (Robby Mook, E-Mail To Jennifer Palmieri, Et. Al, "Re: Email Statement," John Podesta Wikileaks, 8/7/15)

John Podesta Confirmed That Clinton Would Accept Campaign Contributions From Interests That She Criticizes On The Campaign Trail

In July 2015, John Podesta Sent An Email To José Villarreal Stating That "She Won't Back Off Criticism, But Won't Object Taking Contributions" Regarding Donations From Both Sides Of The Education Reform Debate. "Complicated. She won't back off criticism, but won't object to taking contributions." (John Podesta Email To José H. Villarreal, "Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Morning Education: Race-Based Admissions In Flux - What's On The Line In Los Angeles - Senate Turns To Tax Extenders," John Podesta Wikileaks, 7/22/15)


In An Email Exchange Including Jennifer Palmieri, Senior Aides Highlighted Anti-Catholic Attitudes. "Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups. It's an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy." (John Halpin Email To John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri, "Conservative Catholicism," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 4/11/11)

The Clinton Campaign Discussed Politicizing The African American Incarceration Rate In Vermont Against Sanders And In An Email To His Team Podesta Said That It Would Be "Good Stuff For Paranoid Internet Dwellers." "Don't think he's answered for it and don't think he ever sought to do anything about it. Tony - can we confirm he didn't push any CJ reform in VT? If he hasn't taken leadership, we can ask Zerlina to push around to our Twitter friends. On Feb 24, 2016, at 4:44 AM, John Podesta <> wrote: This is good stuff for paranoid internet dwellers. Did Bernie ever say a word about this?" (Emails From Maya Harris And John Podesta To Clinton Team, "RE: Vermont Has 4th Highest Afro-Am Incarceration In USA," John Podesta Wikileaks, 2/24/16)

Clinton Consultant Mandy Grunwald Emailed Clinton Staffer Lily Adams Wanting To Emphasize That Sanders Had Been Attacking Clinton, Saying "Sanders Team Plays Victim Very Well." "I totally agree with Lily. Joel and I were just discussing this. The Sanders team plays victim very well. Let's not let them. He's been attacking HRC for weeks." (Mandy Grunwald, Email To Lily Adams, et al., "Draft: Stump Inserts For Iowa On Monday," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 1/10/16)

Discussing Possible Slogans For The Campaign, Clinton Consultant Jim Margolis Emailed John Podesta That Sanders' Slogan "Totally Ripped Off Obama." " What did you think of Forward Together? We will catch shit from Warner, but it goers with with the arrow, it's future orientedrr and has WJC's' we're in it together construct.' And it's about making progress. Given bernie totally ripped off Obama (A future you can believe in), i'm not terribly worried about ripping off Forward." (Jim Margolis, Email To John Podesta, et al., "One More Entry In The Slogan Contest," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 2/6/16)

In January, Clinton Speechwriter Dan Schwerin Wrote That She Thought Sanders' Wall Street Regulatory Plan Was "Naïve And Unworkable." "HRC does not want to call Bernie out by name in her speech Wednesday night, but she does want to drive a more effective and comprehensive contrast with him. In particular, she's keen to find a way to keep going after him on Wall Street (she's convinced his plan is naive and unworkable) as part of a broader indictment." (Dan Schwerin, Email To Jennifer Palmieri, Et. Al, "Re: Bernie Contrast In Nevada," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 1/6/16)

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Emailed John Podesta Saying That Clinton "Totally Blew The Mass Incarceration Question," Complaining That She Dodged "Instead Of Just Addressing The Issue." " Hillary was fantastic on the gun control answer, then totally blew the mass incarceration question. Why on Earth did she say "Are you going to ask Senator Sanders that question?" instead of just addressing the issue. When she makes it about her, she loses the high ground. Stating the obvious, I know, but she keeps doing it..." (Bill de Blasio, Email To John Podesta, "Re: 'I' Police," John Podesta Wikileaks, 6/6/16)

In An October 2015 E-Mail Chain, Policy Adviser Jake Sullivan Said There Was Not Much To Support Clinton's Spin That DOMA Was An Effort To Stave Off A Constitutional Amendment On Same Sex Marriage. "Adding Tony, who recalls this from '08 when she made a similar argument. We did not turn up much to support idea that alternative was a constitutional amendment." (Jake Sullivan, Email To Jennifer Palmieri, Et Al., "Re: One Chain On DOMA," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 10/25/15)

In May 2015, John Podesta Sent An Email To Policy Advisor Neera Tanden Highlighting Sidney Blumenthal's Complete "Lack Of Self Awareness Or Self Respect." Podesta Asks To Be Shot If He Ends Up "Like That." "Great on the memo. It always amazes me that people like Sid either completely lack self awareness or self respect. Maybe both. Will you promise to shoot me if I ever end up like that?" (John Podesta To Neera Tanden, "Re: [blank]," John Podesta Wikileaks, 5/28/15)

Neera Tanden Emailed John Podesta Saying That She Yelled At David Axelrod. "I emailed him to yell at him about his continual quotes. I very clearly said I was not emailing on behalf of anyone else, I'm just frustrated. He responded w a lot of bs. But I thought I should let you know." (Neera Tanden Email To John Podesta, "David Axelrod," John Podesta Wikileaks, 6/17/15)

In A February 2016 Email Chain, Clinton Advisor Gene Sperling Advocated For A Financial Transaction Tax He Said Would "Help In Primary," But Expressed Concerns They Would Look Like They Were "Just Copying Bernie." "As you guys know, I was for doing a broad thin FTT for Middle class retirement savings or Social Security as a major Wall Street pays for Main Street proposal and a way to blunt the critique that an FTT would hurt stock market and thus retirement savings, and HRC had seemed open to that formulation. As it would clearly help in primary - I am glad we will discuss again. Though I do worry about Shapiro's worry that at this point, we may look like we are just copying Bernie -- so would have to add it to the calculation. But either way, I think it is may be to our upside to consider details to what is clearly our proposal -- Wall Street Risk fee." (Gene Sperling, Email To Jake Sullivan, et al., "HRC Financial Proposal," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 2/13/16)

In February 2016, John Podesta Received An Email Stating There Were Complaints In Political And Fundraising Circles That Clinton's Campaign "Doesn't Value" African American Voters, And Takes Them For Granted. "The black is obvious super critical. Im hearing the same complaint in political circles that i continue to hear while fundraising. 'The campaign doesnt value black folks and takes us for granted.' Can I make a suggestion? A black campaign vice chair or Sr advisor would go a long way during the primary and send the message that, Hillary puts her actions where her mouth is, and actually does appreciate the black vote." (Unknown Sender Email To John Podesta, "Black Vote," John Podesta WikiLeaks, 2/25/16)

Huma Abedin Emailed Robby Mook Expressing Concern That Joe Biden Would Discover That They Were Poaching Members Of Biden's Office When He Was Still Considering A Presidential Run. "Part of our challenge is we are interviewing people in his office and I am concerned he finds out and additionally feels like we are taking people from under him." (Huma Abedin Email To Robby Mook, "Re: Biden," John Podesta Wikileaks, 1/27/15)

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