The Art Of The Nuclear Deal: Praise Pours In For Trump’s Historic Summit

- June 12, 2018


"Momentous," "Historic," "A Big Deal," Trump Has "Achieved More Than Any Other U.S. Sitting President" On North Korea

South Korea's President Moon Jae-In Released A Statement Saying President Trump's Joint Agreement "Will Be Recorded As A Historic Event That Has Helped Break Down The Last Remaining Cold War Legacy On Earth." "The June 12 Sentosa Agreement will be recorded as a historic event that has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on earth." (President Moon Jae-In, Facebook Feed , 6/12/18)

  • Moon: The Summit "Is A Great Victory Achieved By Both The United States And The Two Koreas, And A Huge Step Forward For People Across The Word Who Long For Peace." "It is a great victory achieved by both the United States and the two Koreas, and a huge step forward for people across the world who long for peace." (President Moon Jae-In, Facebook Feed , 6/12/18)
  • Moon: President Trump "Achieved A Feat That No One Else Had Ever Delivered." "Once again, I would like to pay my respect to President Trump who achieved a feat that no one else has ever delivered." (President Moon Jae-In, Facebook Feed , 6/12/18)

Former U.S. Special Representative To North Korea Joseph Yun Called The Summit A "Moving" And "Momentous" Day. CNN's ANDERSON COOPER: "Your expectation is what for this initial meeting. There had been talk a while ago that this meeting could go on for two hours. It's hard to know how each is going to play this." FORMER AMBASSADOR JOSEPH YUN: "It's a momentous day. Having worked on Korean issues for many decades I didn't think I would see this day, so it is moving to be here with you all, watching it unfold right in front of us. What do I expect? I think personal chemistry is important, and that's really been the strength of President Trump." (CNN's "360," 6/11/18)

CNN's Alisyn Camerota Called The Summit A "Historic Day" And Stated That President Trump Had "Achieved More Than Any Other U.S. Sitting President " On North Korea. CNN's ALISYN CAMEROTA: "The devil will be in the details, but for the moment, it's a historic day and he's achieved more than any other U.S. sitting President at least with this historic summit and handshake, so we will dive into those details of what comes next, John." (CNN's "New Day" 6/12/18)

Foreign Policy Expert And New York University Professor, Ian Bremmer, Praised President Trump For Accomplishing What No Other President Was Able To Do And Called The Summit A "Big Deal." EURASIA GROUP PRESIDENT IAN BREMMER: "I think Trump's done an extraordinary amount of lifting to get to this point. The threats of preemptive military strikes, the willingness to tie cooperation with the U.S. on tightening sanctions against North Korea in return for having a more constructive economic relationship with the Chinese. That did lead the Chinese to take the North Korea issue much more serious will the United States and it brought the North Koreans to the table. Wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Trump. It didn't happen under Bush, under Obama, under Clinton. That's a big deal." (MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show, 6/11/18)

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  • Bremmer Tweeted That President Trump Had Accomplished "More On N Korea To Date Than Any U.S. President." (Ian Bremmer, Twitter Feed , 6/11/18)

MSNBC's Eugene Robinson Praised President Trump's Efforts In North Korea, And Compared Him To Former President Ronald Reagan. MSNBC's EUGENE ROBINSON: "I think we probably shouldn't be surprised at this point that that's who Donald Trump is. That's the way he operates, you know, and maybe in the same way that Ronald Regan could distill those many, many years of study and thought into tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev, you know, Donald Trump's version of that may well be those beach front condos, right, may well be that the way he thinks of a future for North Korea. But the perspective that I think we can't lose here is that for the first time a president of the United States sat down face-to-face-" MSNBC's MIKA BRZEZINSKI: "A sitting president." ROBINSON: "-a sitting president of the United States sat down face-to-face with the sitting president of North Korea. That changes things." (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," 6/12/18)

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Said That Following The Summit, Americans Were Looking At The Front Page Of Today's Paper And Saying "Good On" President Trump For Making The Summit Happen. MSNBC's JOE SCARBOROUGH: "You know, we get paid on this show to try to predict how Americans are going to respond politically to events and, of course, when we predicted that -- when you predicted that Barack Obama was going to get elected in 2007 I was surprised. When we predicted that Donald Trump would win the Republican primary, despite our reservations about him, a lot of people were surprised. When we predicted that Donald Trump still had a shot three weeks out, a lot of people became very angry because there weren't too many people saying that. So just looking through the prism, what impact will this have on American voters, what's the outcome? They're going to look at the front page of the paper today and they're going to say, good on him. This is a hell of a lot better than a nuclear." BRZEZINSKI: "I agree." (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," 6/12/18)

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Former Clinton State Department Official Philip Yun Praised President Trump For The Optics Of The Summit, Saying He Looked "Very Much In Control Of This Process ." PHILIP YUN: "For Donald Trump, I'll have to say he looked in control of this process. And certainly that is going to play well back home. But again the whole thing depends on what the substance of the actual agreement is. And we're going to have to see what that actually says." CNN's JOHN VAUSE: "Very quickly, we're almost out of time, take a look at the front page of North Korea's man newspaper, a full on color spread. Photographs of Kim Jong-Un walking around Singapore. You know It's a modern city with the kind of bright lights most North Koreans have never seen. Is this another sign of the changes to Kim Jong Un's Image at home he's on the international stage now? In some ways he seems to be heading towards more openness, which would be hard to walk back at this point." (CNN's "Live," 6/11/18)

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Bill Clinton's Ambassador To The United Nations Bill Richardson Stated That As A Result Of The Summit, For The "First Time In A Long Time On U.S.-North Korea Relations, I'm A Bit Hopeful." CNN's WOLF BLITZER: "Governor, Thank you so much for joining us. We're now told that the first round, if there's more than one we'll see, but the first round will be the President and the North Korean leader one on one with only their translators present. Is that wise?" FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR AND GOV. BILL RICHARDSON (D-NM): "Yeah, that is wise, because the North Koreans, you don't make deals with them across a negotiating table. As you've covered North Korea, they vent on the negotiating table, they do their talking points. You make deals with the North Koreans on the side. Hopefully, they'll get a chance to build some trust, know each other. I think the vibrations I'm getting from this one on one and Kim Jong-Un walking on his own is one of confidence. I must say for the first time in a long time on U.S.-North Korea relations, I'm a bit hopeful." (CNN's "Wolf" 6/11/18)

Barack Obama's Ambassador To Singapore Frank Lavin Stated That No One Could "Envision" How Rapidly The Meeting Between Kim Jong Un And President Trump Came To Fruition. MSNBC's HALLIE JACKSON: "You know this place well. Did you did you ever think you'd see Kim Jong-Un walking the streets of Singapore here?" FORMER AMBASSADOR TO SINGAPORE FRANK LAVIN: "No, I don't think we ever envisioned any kind of formal diplomatic interaction with Kim Jong-Un. There's been meetings in the past, meeting with the U.N. in the past and Geneva but I don't think anybody envisioned this rapidly we'd get to leader to leader one on one." (MSNBC's "Live With Hallie Jackson," 6/11/18)

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