Wasteful Government Spending

The Obama Administration wastes taxpayers’ money. This Administration uses tax dollars for extravagant conferences and vacations. The government spends billions of dollars on wasteful projects, causing the American people to suffer the consequences of our politicians’ mistakes. We believe in restoring principled economic policy, and we demand a new era of commonsense constitutional spending.


Obama-Era Program Dramatically Increased The Costs Of Embassy Construction

- January 12, 2018

Obama’s State Dept. prioritized “architecturally distinguished” embassies designed by celebrated architects... Continue Reading »

Press Release

ICYMI: Director Mick Mulvaney Promoting The President's 'Taxpayer First' Budget

- May 24, 2017

Press Release

ICYMI: The Trump Budget Is Just Telling The Truth And You Can’t Handle The Truth

- May 23, 2017


Hillary Proposed $16 Billion In New Spending For Every Minute She Spoke

- October 14, 2015

In a little over half and hour of speaking, Hillary proposed a whopping $515 Billion in new spending over the next decade. That amounts to over $16 billion for every minute she spoke. ... Continue Reading »


Hillarynomics: Doubling Down on Policies of the Past

- July 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign is off and running, and while her high-minded “economic vision” claims to look to the future, she’s really doubling down on the past. ... Continue Reading »


Sign the Declaration for Constitutional Spending

- May 2, 2014

The Obama Administration’s economic policies have failed. They add an average of $3.7 billion to the national debt every day. Since entering office, President Obama has added a total of nearly $17 trillion to the federal debt -- that’s over $54,000 of debt for every American. ... Continue Reading »


The IRS Awards Its Worst

- April 23, 2014

More than 2,800 Internal Revenue Service employees who recently had been disciplined received performance bonuses totaling more than $2.8 million between Oct. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2012, a government audit found.... Continue Reading »


Obama's Government Gone Wild:

- June 21, 2013


Obama’s Out-Of-Control Government

- June 17, 2013

In March 2010, The Cincinnati IRS Unit Responsible For Overseeing Tax-Exempt Groups Began Targeting Conservative Organizations. "The targeting of conservatives by the IRS started earlier and was more extensive than the IRS acknowledged last week, according to a draft IRS inspector general report obtained by ABC News. As we reported on 'Good Morning America' this morning, the IRS began targeting 'Tea Party or similar organizations' in March 2010. That was when the Cincinnati-based IRS unit responsible for overseeing the applications for tax exempt status starting using the phrases 'Tea Party,' 'patriots' and '9/12' to search for applications warranting greater scrutiny."... Continue Reading »


Obama’s Out-Of-Control Government

- June 5, 2013

"Senior GSA Officials Pressured Subordinates To Accept Federal Technology Contracts With Higher-Than-Necessary Prices And Unfavorable Terms." "Senior officials from the General Services Administration pressured subordinates to accept federal technology contracts with higher-than-necessary prices and unfavorable terms, according to a watchdog report released Tuesday." ... Continue Reading »


They Said It!

- February 12, 2013

CNBC's MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: "Does the country have a spending problem?" REP. STENY HOYER (D-MA): "Does the country have a spending problem?" CARUSO-CABRERA: "Yeah." HOYER: "The country has a paying for problem. We haven't paid for what we bought. We haven't paid for our tax cuts. We haven't paid for the war." CARUSO-CABRERA: "How about what we promised? Are we promising too much?" HOYER: "Absolutely." CARUSO-CABRERA: "Okay." HOYER: "If we don't pay we shouldn't buy." CARUSO-CABRERA: "So how is that different than a spending problem?" HOYER: "Well, we spent a lot of money when George Bush was president of the United States in the House and Senate, which were controlled by Republicans, we spent a lot of money." CARUSO-CABRERA: "Okay so that's eight years and now another eight years with a lot of spending. So now we're going on 16 years of a lot of spending now."... Continue Reading »


Gambling On Amonix

- July 18, 2012

TODAY: “Amonix Solar Manufacturing Plant In North Las Vegas, Heavily Financed Under An Obama Administration Energy Initiative, Has Closed Its 214,000-Square-Foot Facility 14 Months After It Opened.”... Continue Reading »


Jay Carney Tells Reporters How To Do Their Job With Bogus Facts

- May 23, 2012

Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to tell reporters on Air Force One how to do their jobs when it comes to reporting on President Obama’s spending binge. According to Carney, this means ignoring the facts of the President’s record and bowing down to a column in Market Watch by Rex Nutting which asserts that President Downgrade has exhibited tremendous fiscal restraint compared to his predecessors. In as much as this fairytale requires a clarification, recall that Obama once promised a net spending cut to the federal budget (which never happened) and read for yourself the facts below.... Continue Reading »


What an Obama Spending Crack Down Looks Like

- May 14, 2012

The White House today announced they are “cracking down” on conference spending – capping all conferences at the low, low price of $500,000 (unless they are granted “special permission”).... Continue Reading »


A Litany Of Broken Promises In Columbus

- May 5, 2012

THEN: In 2008, Obama Promised Ohioans To Tighten The Belt On Fiscal Spending. OBAMA: “I won't stand here and pretend that any of this will be easy - especially now. The cost of this economic crisis, and the cost of the war in Iraq, means that Washington will have to tighten its belt and put off spending on things we don't need. As President, I will go through the federal budget, line-by-line, ending programs that we don't need and making the ones we do need work better and cost less.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Columbus, OH, 11/2/08)... Continue Reading »


With These Headlines, Taxpayers Aren’t Getting Their Money’s Worth

- April 26, 2012


CNN’s Dana Bash On GSA Video: “This Is Just Really Remarkable”

- April 5, 2012


No Bid Failure

- November 14, 2011

PROMISE: In 2008, Obama Promised To End “No-Bid Contracts Once And For All.” OBAMA: "And I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all - the days of sweetheart deals for Halliburton will be over when I'm in the White House. ... Continue Reading »


Pivot To Waste

- November 9, 2011

Politico Playbook – Today: “This Morning, President Obama Will Sign An Executive Order That Will Cut Waste And Promote More Efficient Spending Across The Federal Government.” ... Continue Reading »


Obama’s Money Problems

- November 9, 2011

President Obama: Jon Corzine Is “Our Wall Street Guy.” “The rollout also provided a showcase for Corzine, the former Goldman Sachs CEO whom Obama referred to as ‘our Wall Street guy’ at a meeting of Democratic governors in Chicago on Friday.”... Continue Reading »


There You Go Again…and Again…

- April 21, 2011

For the second time in three days, President Obama referred to the tragic Minnesota bridge collapse as a potential consequence to reining in Washington’s runaway spending. While perhaps an effective scare tactic, the claim has little basis in reality. The truth is a group of experts found the tragedy to be a result of design flaw and not a lack of spending.... Continue Reading »


Here Come The Lobbyists

- February 4, 2011

Democrats Arranged A Meeting With Hundreds Of Lobbyists To Strategize On How To Keep Their Hands On The American Taxpayers’ Dollars. “In an e-mail obtained by ABC News, a top staffer for the key Senate Appropriations subcommittee called for a meeting of lobbyists and interest groups that would be affected by expected cuts to the Labor and [Health] and Human Services budget.” ... Continue Reading »

Press Release

RNC Chairman Priebus Statement On The House Vote To Reduce Spending To 2008 Levels

- January 25, 2011

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus issued the following statement regarding today’s vote in the House of Representatives to reduce non-defense spending to 2008 levels.... Continue Reading »

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