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Young Adults Face Increasingly Costly Education As Their Economic Prospects Diminish Under Obama

- March 20, 2014

Young Adults Have Seen Their Economic Situation Deteriorate Under Obama, With Falling Incomes, Rising Unemployment, And More Living At Home... Continue Reading »

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RNC Highlights Republicans’ Fight For College Affordability In New Video

- June 4, 2013

As Republicans work to find a permanent, bipartisan way to help families afford college, President Obama continues to bash House Republicans’ recent efforts to find a responsible way to deal with America’s skyrocketing student loan debt—highlighted in a new video, “Real Solutions on Student Loan Rates.”... Continue Reading »


Obama Fails On College Costs

- October 24, 2012

In The Past Year, Average In-State Tuition For Four-Year Public Colleges Increased 4.8 Percent. "Average published tuition and fees for in-state students at public four-year colleges and universities increased from $8,256 in 2011-12 to $8,655 in 2012-13. The 4.8% increase in tuition and fees was accompanied by a $325 (3.7%) increase in room and board charges for students living on campus. At $9,205, room and board charges account for more than half of the total charges for these students." ... Continue Reading »


Debate Highlight: Obama’s Failed Record On College Education

- October 17, 2012

Obama: "We've Seen Millions Of Young People Be Able To Afford College." OBAMA: "And as a consequence, we've seen millions of young people be able to afford college, and that's going to make sure that young women are going to be able to compete in that marketplace." ... Continue Reading »


Under Obama, Student Loan Debt Sets New Records

- September 27, 2012

Obama In 2008: "The Key Is Going To Be Going Forward, Making Sure That Young People In The Future Are Able To Afford To Go To College." OBAMA: "As I said, what we are looking at potentially is being able to consolidate some of the loans, and if they are part of a broader pool, we may be able to lower interest rates on the debt that they already owe. But the key is going to be going forward, making sure that young people in the future are able to afford to go to college." ... Continue Reading »


Get Educated About Obama's Fact Sheet

- August 22, 2012

Today, In Ohio And Nevada, Obama Touted A Fact Sheet About Student Loans And Financial Aid Produced By The Department Of Education OBAMA: "And by the way, part of our job is also to make sure you don't need a PhD to apply for financial aid in the first place. So, we put in place this new consumer protection watchdog, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, put in place and it's working with the Department of Education to develop a simple new fact sheet on student loans and financial aid, so you can have all the information you need to make your own best choices about how to pay for college. We call it 'Know Before You Owe.' Know before you owe. That's a good idea." ... Continue Reading »


A Broken Record

- August 21, 2012

Today, The Obama Campaign Launched A New Website Touting Its "Pay As You Earn" Student Loan Payment Program, Which Was Unveiled As A "We Can't Wait" Initiative Last Fall. "President Obama's campaign launched a new website Tuesday highlighting the president's student loan program, looking to target the youth vote that buoyed his efforts in 2008. The website touts the 'Pay As You Earn' program, which caps federal student loan payments at 10 percent of discretionary income. Users can plug their income and student loan debt into the calculator to see what their monthly payments would be. The program was announced last October as part of the president's 'We Can't Wait' initiatives, a set of executive orders and regulations intended to stimulate the economy - and create distance from an increasingly unpopular Congress."... Continue Reading »

Press Release

ICYMI: Highlights from Conference Call on Education on Day of Obama’s Colorado Trip

- May 23, 2012

"Today marks the 140th fundraiser that the president has engaged in since his campaign started. It's roughly two and a half times to three times as many fundraisers up to this point in the year as any president in history has done. And today, ironically, it's covered by a companion visit to the Air Force Academy. I say ironically because the failure of this president is most dramatically exhibited in his treatment of college students...... Continue Reading »

Press Release

RNC Releases “Empty Promises: College Costs Still Rising”

- May 22, 2012

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new web video "Empty Promises: College Costs Still Rising" ahead of Vice President Biden's campaign event at Keene State College. He'll be visiting a state with the highest student loan debt in the nation, where the average undergraduate owes $31,048. Despite talking about rising college costs for four years, students have seen their tuition bills rise every year President Obama has been in office.... Continue Reading »


The Big Fail: Obama Fails College Costs 101

- May 21, 2012

Rhetoric On The Cost Of College And Student Loans “Has Yet To Change the Worsening Trend.” “Everyone from the president to any parent with a calculator has railed against the rising cost of college and the increasing reliance on education loans. But the rhetoric has yet to change the worsening trend.”... Continue Reading »



- May 16, 2012

Reno Gazette Journal: College Students Shouldn’t Expect An Easier Time Finding A Job Until 2014. “The job market is slowly improving, but analysts say this year’s batch of college graduates will face a tough time finding work in their fields of study, and things might not be much better in 2014. … The job outlook for 2012 graduates is better than last year, but not by much, said Heidi Shierholz, a labor market economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C. ‘We are seeing a slow improvement, but it is still grim and we have a long way to go until it really gets better,’ Shierholz said. ‘I would say at least until 2014.’”... Continue Reading »


The Big Fail: Like A Broken Record

- April 25, 2012

The Associated Press: “Obama Wooing Young Voters With Student Loan Focus.” (Jim Kuhnhein, “Obama Wooing Young Voters With Student Loan Focus,”... Continue Reading »


VA College Republicans React To Biden Visit to Virginia

- April 3, 2012

Today, Vice President Biden is in Virginia speaking about making college affordable. This is quite ironic considering the fact that since President Obama has taken office, the cost of tuition at a four year in-state college has increased 25%. Furthermore, in Virginia the average college student graduates with $23,327 in student loan debt.... Continue Reading »

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ICYMI: Chairman Priebus: “A Failing Grade: Obama’s Record with College Students”

- March 13, 2012

"These days, it seems like the president spends more time thinking about the Final Four than the difficulties facing a family of four: the soaring college tuition, the sluggish economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and massive national debt. Of course, no one begrudges the president's filling out a bracket. But March Madness should not trump our many national crises...... Continue Reading »


FACT CHECK: Vice President Biden On Cutting Pell Grants

- February 6, 2012

In Tallahassee Today, Vice President Biden Claims The Administration Didn’t Cut Pell Grants. BIDEN: “We took that sixty billion dollars, and we allocated forty billion of it to Pell grants, forty billion to Pell grants. And nearly 600,000 students here in the state of Florida are getting Pell grants, including a quarter of the students here at FSU. So the debate was we should cut Pell grants, we didn’t cut them, we raised them $800 bucks and we increased access.”... Continue Reading »


Three Years As President And It Takes An Election For Obama To Address College Affordability

- January 27, 2012

Today, President Obama Will Travel To Michigan To Announce A Plan Focusing On The Costs Of Higher Education. “President Barack Obama will announce Friday a plan to shift some federal dollars away from colleges and universities that don’t control tuition costs and new competitions in higher education to encourage efficiency as part of an effort to contain soaring college costs.”... Continue Reading »


Obama’s College Affordability Farce

- January 27, 2012

Good morning, the president is set to discuss college affordability and student loans today in Michigan but we’ve heard this all before. See the following comment from the RNC as well as stories from late 2011 – the last time we heard this same rhetoric.... Continue Reading »


Generation: Disappointed

- December 5, 2011

Obama Will Make Student Debt And The Price Of College An Issue In His Re-Election. “Amid an increasing focus on student debt and college prices, the event seems to signal that the Obama administration will make the issue a focus going into the 2012 campaign. In a speech Monday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan called on colleges to address rising tuition prices "with much greater urgency." The House of Representatives held a subcommittee.”... Continue Reading »


Obama “Can Wait” To Address The Surging Cost Of College

- October 26, 2011

SHOT: White House Domestic Policy Council Chair Melody Barnes: “This is something that we've been focused on, the high cost of college.” ... Continue Reading »


Record Check: DWS, President Obama, Pell Grants And the Tea Party

- August 25, 2011

SHOT: In Gainesville Today, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Said That The “Extremists In The Tea Party” Want To Cut Pell Grants. “She told students that the recent debt ceiling debate showed the Republican Party's willingness to sacrifice programs benefiting students such as Pell Grants. ‘They are so controlled by the extremists in the Tea Party now, they would just let Pell Grants wither on the vine, because they really believe that people should fend for themselves,’ she said. ‘They believe, if you listen to (Republican presidential candidate) Mitt Romney, that corporations are people.’” ... Continue Reading »

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