Joe Donnelly


Donnelly Supports Cory Booker’s Bid for 2020

- September 6, 2018

Does Joe Donnelly stand by Cory Booker's political stunts during Judge Kavanaugh's committee hearings? His silence is deafening.... Continue Reading »


RNC Statement on POTUS Rally in Evansville

- August 30, 2018

See the following statement with regards to the POTUS rally in Evansville.... Continue Reading »


Sleepin' Joe

- August 30, 2018

Hoosiers have signaled they are tired of Senator Donnelly’s non-commitment and obstruction.... Continue Reading »


Donald Trump Jr: Hoosiers deserve better than Donnelly

- August 30, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. sent an op-ed to the Evansville Courier & Press that lays out exactly why Hoosiers can do better than Joe Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


Joe Donnelly’s Top Surrogate Wants to Impeach POTUS

- August 22, 2018

Andre Carson wants to impeach President Trump. What say you, Senator Donnelly?... Continue Reading »


Donnelly's 🐶 Days of Scandalous Summer

- August 21, 2018

If Senator Donnelly thinks he can hide from his record of scandals and ethics concerns between now and election day, he’s sadly mistaken.... Continue Reading »


Cory Booker, Part II

- August 15, 2018

Joe Donnelly is closely aligning himself with a far-left liberal who supports open borders.... Continue Reading »


ICYMI: Can No-Frills Senate Democrat Joe Donnelly Win in the Age of Trump?

- August 10, 2018

The Daily Beast is out with a take on Donnelly’s chances of winning re-election.... Continue Reading »


Where’s Indiana’s Iranian Expert on the Restored Sanctions?

- August 7, 2018

Does Senator Donnelly stand with President Trump or Nancy Pelosi regarding the restored Iranian sanctions?... Continue Reading »


Donnelly is Taking Marching Orders from Schumer, Part Two

- July 30, 2018

Senator Donnelly is putting Chuck Schumer over Hoosiers....again.... Continue Reading »


WAPO RATING UPDATE: Donnelly Officially America’s Most Vulnerable Democrat

- July 20, 2018

The Washington Post has moved Senator Donnelly ahead of Claire McCaskill in their Senate rankings, making him their most vulnerable Democrat of 2018.... Continue Reading »


Sorry, Sleepin’ Joe: ABC 57 Confirms Braun Pays Nearly Double the Minimum Wage

- July 19, 2018

ABC57 did a fact-check, and guess what? Mike Braun was right.... Continue Reading »


One Year Later and Hoosiers Haven’t Forgotten Sleepin’ Joe’s Outsourcing Woes

- July 13, 2018

One year later, Hoosiers still remember Joe Donnelly's seriously troubling outsourcing woes.... Continue Reading »


Donnelly Already Aligning With His Party Bosses on SCOTUS

- July 10, 2018

Senator Donnelly seems to be cozying up to his party bosses' talking points on obstructing Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.... Continue Reading »


Rough Start to Donnelly's Tuesday

- July 10, 2018

A new Axios/Survey Monkey poll offered a plethora of bad news for Senator Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


If You Thought Today Was Hot, Wait Until Fall

- June 30, 2018

Today's high temperatures won't be the only heat Joe Donnelly faces between now and November.... Continue Reading »


Senator Gillibrand Wants to Abolish ICE. What Say You, Senator Donnelly?

- June 29, 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand’s shift of positions on immigration is downright comical at this point. Does Joe Donnelly want to abolish ICE as well?... Continue Reading »


The Heat Is On🔥

- June 27, 2018

With Justice Kennedy’s announcement of retiring today, all eyes are on red state Democrats, especially America’s least effective Democrat, Joe Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


Hoosiers in Lafayette Are Getting More Financial Relief Due to Tax Reform

- June 27, 2018

Hoosiers in Lafayette are getting some financial relief due to tax reform and no thanks to Joe Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


Fail Friday: Joe Donnelly’s Really Bad Week

- June 22, 2018

Joe Donnelly had so many failures this week, you might have forgotten some of them. Let’s recap.... Continue Reading »


Oof: Donnelly’s Campaign Caught Lying to Reporters

- June 22, 2018

From outsourcing to OSHA violations, Donnelly has proven that his only path to victory comes at the expense of the Hoosiers he’s supposed to represent.... Continue Reading »


Republicans for Joe: Red Flag's Galore

- June 19, 2018

Yesterday, Senator Donnelly rolled out a group of endorsements that was meant to tout his “bipartisan” support. Narrator voice: It did not go as planned.... Continue Reading »

Press Release

ICYMI: Indiana Republicans Knock on over 15,000 Doors During the RNC’s NDOA

- June 18, 2018

ICYMI: Indiana Republicans Knock on over 15,000 Doors During the RNC’s National Day of Action... Continue Reading »


Big Dem Weekend, Full of Z's

- June 16, 2018

The Indiana Democrats state convention wasn't exactly inspiring.... Continue Reading »


The Fight for November

- June 14, 2018

The only Indiana Senate rating that listed the race as “Leans Democrat” has just switched to a toss-up.... Continue Reading »


Any Regrets, Sleepin' Joe?

- June 13, 2018

Another day, another reason why Hoosiers will reject Joe Donnelly’s failed ‘leadership’ in November.... Continue Reading »


Donnelly's Super PAC Hypocrisy

- June 12, 2018

Donnelly decries Super PAC's...except for the ones that support him.... Continue Reading »


Will Joe Donnelly’s Top Surrogate Condemn Farrakhan Now, or Nah?

- June 8, 2018

Joe Donnelly’s refusal to denounce his top surrogate’s association with anti-Semitism will embolden such agents of intolerance.... Continue Reading »


POLL: Hoosiers Want to Replace Senator Donnelly

- June 7, 2018

Another poll, another round of bad news for Senator Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge

- June 6, 2018

Yesterday, Senator Donnelly had an interview on NPR, and if you’re familiar with Senator Donnelly’s interviews he did his absolute best to dodge every question.... Continue Reading »


Donnelly's Dog Days of Summer Dilemma

- June 5, 2018

Mitch McConnell announced that most of the Senate’s scheduled August recess has been cancelled due to the “historic obstruction” by Senate Democrats.... Continue Reading »


Unapologetic Progressive Endorses Donnelly

- June 4, 2018

Coming as a surprise to nobody, Joe Biden has officially endorsed Joe Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


Finding Donnelly

- June 4, 2018

Even a fictional character like Dory the fish could remember Donnelly’s outsourcing woes.... Continue Reading »


Sleepin' Joe: Property of George Soros

- June 1, 2018

You can always discover a candidate’s true colors by following the money.... Continue Reading »


Check out @SleepinJoe

- May 29, 2018

It’s no secret that Senator Donnelly has been asleep on the job over the past decade in Washington.... Continue Reading »


Can Hoosiers Expect A Reunion Between Crooked Hillary and Sleepin’ Joe?

- May 24, 2018

Is Hillary Clinton coming to Indiana to stump for Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly?... Continue Reading »


More Good News for Hoosier Manufacturers

- May 17, 2018

Good news continues to pour into Indiana by way of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.... Continue Reading »


Sleepin’ Joe’s Worst Nightmare

- May 17, 2018

A new poll was released this morning showing Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly trailing Mike Braun.... Continue Reading »


Is Sleepin’ Joe Paying His Fair Share?

- May 15, 2018

It’s no secret that Indiana is a manufacturing juggernaut, and companies large and small continue to thrive in Indiana.... Continue Reading »


Hoosiers to Donnelly: What Would You Say You Do Here?

- May 11, 2018

Sleepin' Joe Donnelly has given Hoosiers plenty of reasons to vote for Mike Braun.... Continue Reading »

Press Release

RNC Statement on POTUS Event in Elkhart

- May 10, 2018

The following statement is from Indiana Communications Director for the RNC's Michael Joyce.... Continue Reading »

Press Release


- May 8, 2018

Hoosier Republicans have spoken, and Mike Braun has been selected as the Republican nominee best suited to defeat Senator Joe Donnelly in November.... Continue Reading »


Far-Left 2020 Presidential Candidate Holds Fundraiser for Do-Nothing Donnelly

- May 6, 2018

Resistance leader and 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Jason Kander is in Indianapolis today to hold a fundraiser for vulnerable Democrat Joe Donnelly.... Continue Reading »


How Low Can You Go?

- May 3, 2018

The upcoming Trump-Pence rally in South Bend next Thursday wasn’t the only bad news Senator Donnelly received today...... Continue Reading »


Double-Dealing Donnelly

- May 1, 2018

One week ago today, Donnelly was criticizing the DNC for their obsession with the Russia investigation, but today he’s sending out a fundraising e-mail focusing on..... Continue Reading »


Donnelly Said What Now?

- April 24, 2018

Joe Donnelly really doesn't want you to remember that he remains a big fan of Hillary Clinton.... Continue Reading »


Tax Day 2018: Donnelly, Check out the Numbers

- April 17, 2018

Today, Hoosiers file their taxes for the last time under the outdated, broken tax code, thanks to President Trump and the GOP-led Congress’ efforts to pass historic... Continue Reading »


Do-Nothing Donnelly Dips

- April 12, 2018

Another poll, another dip in approval ratings for Senator Donnelly. Morning Consult released a new poll showing Donnelly’s approval rating dropping 4 points.... Continue Reading »


Is Joe Donnelly A Champion for Sex Workers?

- April 10, 2018

The Women’s March was inspirational, wasn’t it?... Continue Reading »


ICYMI: Hoosiers Running Up the Scoreboard

- April 9, 2018

Over the weekend, Senator Donnelly attended the ABA’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Hinkle Fieldhouse.... Continue Reading »


Two Democrat Dynguses

- April 2, 2018

Senator Donnelly was in South Bend this morning to celebrate Dyngus Day.... Continue Reading »


America's Most Vulnerable: Do-Nothing Donnelly

- March 28, 2018

Politico updated their top 10 Senate races to watch today moving the Indiana Senate race up to 2nd place as one of the most likely seats to change parties this year.... Continue Reading »


Joe Donnelly ❤'s Condescending Clinton

- March 21, 2018

As a longtime advocate of Hillary Clinton’s, Joe Donnelly owes Hoosiers an explanation as to why he has not yet condemned Clinton’s insults against his constituents.... Continue Reading »


Pro-Life Hoosiers in Hammond Want No More Joe

- March 19, 2018

Earlier today, Hoosiers were outside Senator Joe Donnelly’s office in Hammond to remind Donnelly that pro-abortion extremism doesn’t align with Hoosier values.... Continue Reading »


No Luck of the Irish for Senator Donnelly in 2018

- March 16, 2018

A good Senator is like a four-leaf clover — hard to find and lucky to have.... Continue Reading »


About Those Hillary Comments...

- March 15, 2018

Surely by now you’ve heard about Hillary Clinton trashing Hoosiers for not voting for her in the 2016 elections.... Continue Reading »


Carson and Donnelly: Cool with Anti-Semitism

- March 13, 2018

Andre Carson and Joe Donnelly seem to be all too comfortable with anti-Semitism.... Continue Reading »


What Hillary Really Thinks of Hoosiers

- March 12, 2018

In one of those you-have-to-hear-it-to-believe-it moments, Hillary Clinton recently told a crowded audience what she really thinks about voters from Indiana.... Continue Reading »


Joe Donnelly’s Top Surrogate has an Anti-Semitic Issue

- March 9, 2018

Earlier this morning Andre Carson went on FOX59 to defend meeting and actively working with noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan by…... Continue Reading »


Do-Nothing Donnelly in Danger

- March 8, 2018

According to a new Axios/Survey Monkey poll, if the November election were held today, Senator Donnelly would lose by 6 points to a Republican candidate.... Continue Reading »


Snow Schumer and his dwarf, Outsourcey Joe Donnelly

- February 22, 2018

Today, Chuck Schumer, and his Hollywood donor friends are hosting Senator Joe Donnelly and his fellow endangered red state Democrats for a fancy fundraiser in LA.... Continue Reading »


ICYMI: Joe Donnelly’s Trump-Pence Hypocrisy

- February 20, 2018

Less than a week after claiming to support President Trump, Joe Donnelly attacked Vice President Pence in a fundraising e-mail to his liberal donors.... Continue Reading »


Do-Nothing Donnelly Strikes Again

- February 16, 2018

Senator Donnelly spoke to the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce this morning as part of a series hosted by First Financial Bank.... Continue Reading »


Joe Donnelly is Paranoid about His No Vote on Tax Reform

- February 13, 2018

Do-Nothing Democrat Joe Donnelly’s campaign sent out the most desperate press release of the 2018 election cycle to date.... Continue Reading »


Donnelly Refuses to Condemn Andre Carson

- February 12, 2018

Do-Nothing Democrat Joe Donnelly has been leaning on a lot of high-profile Democrats lately - but refuses to condemn Rep. Andre Carson.... Continue Reading »


Pay to Play Donnelly or Dirty Money Donnelly?

- February 12, 2018

Yesterday, Chuck Schumer held another fundraiser for Joe Donnelly, this time at the home of Nathan Smith in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.... Continue Reading »


Two Joe's Don't Make A Right for Middle Class Hoosiers

- February 9, 2018

Joe Biden held a fundraiser for Joe Donnelly in Indianapolis today just days after touting his progressive credentials and calling President Trump a joke.... Continue Reading »


Donnelly Files for the Last Time as a Senator

- February 1, 2018

Joe Donnelly has officially filed for re-election.... Continue Reading »


Saturdays are for Schumer

- January 27, 2018

Just days after the #SchumerShutdown, Chuck Schumer is making Joe Donnelly a top priority for a Democrat Senate majority in 2018.... Continue Reading »


First Schumer, Now Biden

- January 25, 2018

In case you missed it, Chuck Schumer is hosting a fundraiser for Joe Donnelly in Houston, Texas this weekend. But wait….there’s more!... Continue Reading »


Donnelly Stuffing His Pockets with Schumer Cash

- January 23, 2018

Maybe this is why Senator Donnelly refuses to condemn Chuck Schumer for the #SchumerShutdown…... Continue Reading »

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