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- July 29, 2014


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Has Allowed Dozens Of Bills To Sit “Languishing In The Senate.” “Heller is still hopeful, and has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he’s sympathetic to the House members’ concerns. The chamber has about 40 jobs bills languishing in the Senate and would like to see one or more brought to the floor in exchange for a vote on unemployment insurance.” (Sarah Mimms, “Changing Of The Guard In House Does Little For Unemployment Insurance Prospects,” National Journal , 6/24/14)


Reid Has Prevented Any Attempt By The Senate To Repeal ObamaCare’s Job-Killing Medical Device Tax

Reid Has “No Appetite” To Bring A Vote On The Medical Device Tax To The Senate Floor, Despite Bipartisan Support. “Republicans are eager to attach a repeal of a medical device surtax to the tax cut extension package on the Senate floor, but the chamber’s top Democrat seems to have no appetite for it.” (Niels Lesniewski And Humberto Sanchez, “Medical Device Tax Repeal Vote Sought By GOP,” Roll Call, 5/13/14)

  • 45 House Democrats Have Co-Sponsored The “Protect Medical Innovation Act Of 2013,” Which If Enacted, Would Repeal ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax.(H.R. 523, Introduced 2/6/13)

According To One Study, The Medical Device Tax Will Cost Tens Of Thousands Of Jobs. “The medical device industry’s major trade group says that a new tax on revenue cost the industry 33,000 med-tech jobs in 2013. The Advanced Medical Technology Association – AdvaMed – based its conclusion on a survey of members conducted late last year. Thirty-eight companies – about 15 percent of AdvaMed’s membership – responded to the survey, and AdvaMed ‘generalized’ those results across the entire industry to determine that approximately 14,000 industry jobs were cut and companies deferred hiring of another 19,000 workers.” (Jim Spencer, “Group Says Tax On Medical Device Makers Has Cost Jobs,”Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/19/14)

FLASHBACK: Even Reid Called ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax “Stupid.” REID: “If they want to shut down the government, here’s how much time they have to figure out it: 4 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes, and 15 seconds. No, they can play around all they want. Some of the biggest supporters for doing away with the stupid tax–I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that–doing away with that tax have told me they won’t support that on CR.” (Sen. Harry Reid,Senate Press Briefing, 9/27/13)

On The Keystone Pipeline , Reid Is Standing In The Way Of Thousands Of Jobs

In May, Reid, With The Support Of Nearly All Senate Democrats, Used A Procedural Maneuver To Block A Vote On Keystone Pipeline. “Senate Democrats defeated Republican attempts to bring up amendments to an energy efficiency bill on Wednesday. Republicans filed a motion to table Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) amendments he used to ‘fill the tree’ but it failed on a 45-52 vote.” (Ramsey Cox, “Senate Dems Block GOP Attempt To Amend Energy Bill,” The Hill, 5/7/14)

According To The State Department, The Keystone Pipeline Would Help Support Thousands Of Jobs. “Construction spending would support a combined total of approximately 42,100 jobs throughout the United States for the up to 2-year construction period. A job consists of one position that is filled for one year. The term support means jobs ranging from new jobs (i.e., not previously existing) to the continuity of existing jobs in current or new locations. The specific number of jobs at any location would result from the individual decisions of employers across the country affected by the proposed Project based on their labor needs, work backlog, and local hiring conditions.” (“Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement For The Keystone XL Project,” United States Department of State, 1/14, p.20)

Even On Bipartisan Jobs Bills, Reid Stands In The Way

“Even Some Democrats Have Chafed” At Harry Reid’s Refusal To Allow Amendments To Bipartisan Bills, Including Ones On Energy Efficiency And Temporary Tax Cuts.“But even some Democrats have chafed under Reid’s refusal to allow votes on GOP-sponsored amendments, which derailed an energy efficiency bill last week and a package of temporary tax cuts this week.” (Alexander Bolton, “Has Senate Hit Rock Bottom?”The Hill, 5/16/14)

In January, Reid Imperiled Two “Major International Trade Deals” That Had Bipartisan Support. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke publicly with the White House Wednesday on trade policy, instantly imperiling two major international trade deals and punching a hole in one piece of the economic agenda the president outlined in his State of the Union address a day earlier.” (William Mauldin And Siobhan Hughes, “Reid Deals Body Blow To Obama On Trade,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/29/14)


There Remains “Significant Slack” In The Job Market, According To Janet Yellen, Despite Five Years Of Obama’s So-Called “Recovery.” “Ms. Yellen didn’t embrace that stance in Tuesday’s testimony. She pointed to low levels of labor-force participation and slow wage growth as signs of continued “significant slack” in the job market.” (Jon Hilsenrath, “Fed’s Yellen Hedges Her View On Rates,” The Wall Street Journal , 7/15/14)

“Majority Of States Have Not Reached Their Pre-Recession Employment Levels.”“While this is good news and echoes this month’s strong national jobs report, there are still reasons for concern, as the labor force shrank in many states, and the majority of states have still not reached their pre-recession employment levels.” (David Cooper, “Five Years Into Recovery, State Jobs Picture Improves Across The Country, Though Many States Still Have A Long Way To Go,” Economic Policy Institute, 7/18/14)

Many Companies Are “Acting Like It’s Still The Recession And Taking A Lot Of Time To Hire Someone.” “‘A lot of these companies are acting like it’s still the recession and taking a lot of time to hire someone,’ Bass said. ‘They think there’s a perfect candidate out there, but in doing so, they are losing potential employees.’” (Mark Koba, “Another Reason Businesses Can’t Fill Their Jobs,” CNBC, 7/16/14)

Long-Term Unemployment Has Became The “Tragedy” Of The Recession As The So-Called “Recovery” Leaves Them Behind

Long-Term Unemployment Today Remains Higher Than At Any Point Before 2008.“After the financial crisis, long-term unemployment-workers unemployed for more than six months-skyrocketed to record levels. In fact, even today, long-term unemployment is higher than at any point before 2008.” (Danny Vinik, “Four Signs Long-Term Unemployment Is Becoming A National Tragedy,” The New Republic, 7/9/14)

  • Long-Term Unemployment Has “Quickly Growing From A National Crisis Into A National Tragedy.” “Over the past six months, economists have debated whether the long-term unemployed would find work as the economy recovered. Slowly, but surely, we’re getting the answer. So far, it’s not good: Long-term unemployment is quickly growing from a national crisis into a national tragedy.” (Danny Vinik, “Four Signs Long-Term Unemployment Is Becoming A National Tragedy,” The New Republic, 7/9/14)

Many Of The Long-Term Unemployed Are “Giving Up Rather Than Finding Work.”“But the big question is whether this will be enough to bring back the shadow unemployed. It hasn’t yet. In June, there were 275,000 more people working part-time for economic reasons. And though it sounds like good news that long-term unemployment fell by 293,000, it probably isn’t when you consider that, as Ben Casselman shows, most of them are giving up rather than finding work.” (Matt O’Brien, “Is This The Jobs Recovery We’ve Been Looking For?,” The Washington Post’s Wonkblog , 7/3/14)

  • More Americans Dropped Out Of The Labor Force Than Found Jobs For 49 Out Of The Last 50 Months. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 7/9/14)

Young Adults Are Being Left Behind

White House: Labor Force Participation Among Young Workers Is At Its Lowest Level In More Than 50 Years. “Labor force participation among young workers (16-24 year olds) is at its lowest level in more than 50 years, having fallen steadily since its peak in the late 1980s, and is now 15 percentage points lower than it was 30 years ago.” (“The Labor Force Participation Rate Since 2007: Causes And Policy Implications,” The White House, 7/14)

Andrew Hanson, Research Analyst At Georgetown: “Unemployment Is Becoming A Youth Problem.” “‘I was surprised by how high that number is for millennials,’ says Andrew Hanson, research analyst at Georgetown University, who conducted the analysis. ‘Unemployment is becoming a youth problem.’” (Quentin Fottrell, “40% Of Unemployed Workers Are Millennials,” MarketWatch, 7/3/14)

  • 40% Of Unemployed Workers Are Millennials, Greater Than Generation X (37%) And Baby Boomers (23%), According To The Georgetown University Center on Education And The Workforce. “Some 40% of unemployed workers are millennials, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce released to MarketWatch, greater than Generation X (37%) and baby boomers (23%). That equates to 4.6 million unemployed millennials – 2 million long-term – 4.2 million unemployed Xers and 2.5 million jobless baby boomers.” (Quentin Fottrell, “40% Of Unemployed Workers Are Millennials,”MarketWatch, 7/3/14)

“One In Five People In Their 20s And Early 30s Is Currently Living With His Or Her Parents. And 60 Percent Of All Young Adults Receive Financial Support From Them.”(Adam Davidson, “It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave,” The New York Times’ Magazine , 6/20/14)

The Manufacturing Sector In Particular Remains Depressed

According To The Brookings Institute, The U.S. Is Falling Short On Quality Manufacturing Jobs. “The United States is falling short on two fronts: the generation of upward social mobility and the generation of quality manufacturing jobs. Are they connected? Certainly many of the progressives gathered at Netroots Nation-a progressive political action conference-in Detroit, think so.” (John Hudak, “Blue Collar Dreams: Will The Decline Of Manufacturing Jobs Damage Social Mobility,” The Brookings Institute , 7/21/14)

Since Obama Took Office, The Nation Has Lost 439,000 Manufacturing Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/3/14)

Manufacturing Job Growth Continues To Run Well Below Prerecession Levels. “While factory payrolls increased for 11 straight months through June, adding a total of 139,000 new jobs, manufacturing job growth is running well below prerecession levels. More hiring in higher-paying sectors such as manufacturing could help push average private-sector wage growth beyond its current 2% annual growth rate.” (Nick Timiraos, “Industrial Production Rises Modesty In June,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/16/14)

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