What About Bob?

- August 12, 2013

Now That Embattled Mayor Bob Filner Abruptly Ended Rehab, Will The Nation's Leading Democrats Finally End Their Silence?


Amidst Mounting Accusations Of Sexual Harassment, Bob Filner Abruptly Ended His Therapy Sessions Earlier Than Expected

After Promising To Attend A Two-Week Therapy Session, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Abruptly Ended "Therapy Earlier Than He Announced." "Mayor Bob Filner is ending therapy earlier than he announced, his attorneys said late Friday, as the leader of the nation's eighth-largest city came under enormous pressure to resign amid sexual harassment allegations. Filner will end 'intensive' therapy Saturday and continue counseling on an outpatient basis, the Payne & Fears LLP law firm said. He will take off next week and not be available to comment." ("San Diego Mayor To End 'Intensive Therapy' Early," The Associated Press, 8/10/13)

  • Last Month, Filner Claimed He Would Begin Therapy On August 5 And Remain In Counseling Until August 19. "The mayor said last month that he would begin therapy Aug. 5, acknowledging that he behaved inappropriately toward women for years. Filner said at the time that he would return to work Aug. 19 after a two-week program." ("San Diego Mayor To End 'Intensive Therapy' Early," The Associated Press, 8/10/13)

According To His Attorney, Filner Allegedly Started Therapy Earlier Than Expected. "San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, facing a growing tide of sexual harassment allegations, has completed two-week intensive behavior therapy and will begin outpatient treatment, according to his lawyer. In a statement, attorney James Payne said Filner began treatment on July 29, a week earlier than the mayor previously told reporters he would start. Filner was to complete that phase of treatment Saturday, Payne said." (Kyung Lah and Melissa Gray, "San Diego Mayor To Start Outpatient Therapy," CNN, 8/11/13)

  • Previous Statements From His Attorney Did Not Specify When Filner Started His Therapy Sessions. "It was unclear if Filner began therapy earlier than he said he would. The law firm said he completed the two-week program but did not say when he started." ("San Diego Mayor To End 'Intensive Therapy' Early," The Associated Press, 8/10/13)

Currently, 14 Women Have Accused Filner Of Sexual Harassment. "A city employee is now the 14th woman to come forward and allege that she was harassed by Mayor Bob Filner." (Lindsay Hood, "14th Woman, A City Employee, Claims Mayor Filner Sexually Harassed Her," XETV, 8/8/13)

  • "Some Of The Women Said He Tried To Kiss And Grope Them." ("Chief Of Staff Lee Burdick Says Mayor Bob Filner Entered Therapy A Week Early, Completed Program," ABC News 10, 8/9/13)


Last Week, Obama Was In The San Diego Area But Offered No Comment On Bob Filner Status As San Diego Mayor. "Shuttered American embassies dotting the Middle East are a reminder that extremist threats still exist, despite a dismantled al Qaeda core in Afghanistan and Pakistan, President Barack Obama told a crowd of Marines Wednesday. During his address at Camp Pendleton between Los Angeles and San Diego, Obama said those threats shouldn't cause Americans to 'retreat from the world.'"(Kevin Liptak, "Obama Reminds Marines Of Continued Al Qaeda Threats," CNN, 8/7/13)

  • When Asked Why Obama Wouldn't Address Filner While Traveling Near San Diego, The White House Insisted Obama "Doesn't Oversee Municipalities" And Emphasized Camp Pendleton Was Technically Outside Of San Diego's Boundaries. QUESTION: "Jay, you mentioned that the President will be traveling next week to southern California. In San Diego, an eighth woman has now come forward alleging sexual misconduct against the Mayor of that city, Bob Filner, a former member of Congress, a Democrat. Does the White House have any new statements on this given the high-profile nature of--" CARNEY: "I don't know that we've had any old statements. The President is traveling to Camp Pendleton, which is not in San Diego, it's outside. And I don't have anything on that." QUESTION: "So I guess the question would be why not on that topic when so many leading Democrats have spoken out and the President himself has spoken out to members of the armed services very publicly given the circumstances taking place there?" CARNEY: "Well, I think you're talking about separate issues here. He's Commander-in-Chief -- he doesn't oversee municipalities." QUESTION: "And the head of the Democratic Party." CARNEY: "Be that as it may, I don't have comment on that any more than I've had comment on other similar issues." (White House Press Briefing, 7/31/13)

Last Week, Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Was In San Diego And Did Not Mention Filner. "Republicans have charged Democrats with hypocrisy for not condemning Weiner's behavior, along with San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, a former Democratic congressman accused of making inappropriate advances toward several women. Hillary Clinton, who was in San Diego on Wednesday for a private speech, has not discussed either case publicly." (Ken Thomas, "Virginia, NYC Races Pose Distractions For Clinton," The Associated Press, 8/11/13)

  • FLASHBACK: Former President Bill Clinton Provided A "Ringing Endorsement" For Filner During His 2012 Mayoral Race. "The Democratic mayor accused of sexually harassing 13 women, including two veterans, won a ringing endorsement from the former president in 2012." (Jon Passantino, "Here's President Bill Clinton Endorsing Bob Filner For San Diego Mayor," BuzzFeed, 8/7/13)


Despite Previous Allegations Of A So-Called "War On Women," Team Obama Is Also "Conspicuously Silent" On Anthony Weiner And Eliot Spitzer

While Team Obama Assailed A So-Called War On Women While Running For Reelection, The White House Is "Conspicuously Silent" On Scandals Facing "Prominent Members Of Obama's Democratic Party." "When President Barack Obama ran for re-election last year, he and his advisers were quick to condemn comments from Republicans that were deemed offensive or demeaning to women. But now, with two prominent members of Obama's Democratic Party admitting to lewd online behavior and facing allegations of sexual harassment, the White House is conspicuously silent." (Julie Pace, "Obama Stays Silent On Dems Mired In Scandals," The Associated Press, 7/31/13)

Jay Carney Defended The White House's Silence On Democrats Involved In The "Objectification And In Some Cases Harassment Of Women," Saying It's Not Obama's Job "To Comment On Those Issues." QUESTION: "Given that the President, domestically and abroad, so often speaks about respect for women, creating a society where women can function at the highest levels, doesn't the fact that there are high-level controversies involving objectification and in some cases harassment of women involving the Democratic Party -- doesn't the President's silence say something in and of itself?" CARNEY: "Ari, no. … I understand the allure of issues like this in the media, but it is not what -- and I do understand it, and I'm not being critical of it. But I'm saying that the President believes his job is not to comment on those issues, but to focus on what he can do to get this economy growing faster and creating more jobs. That is his fundamental preoccupation right now, and it will be for every of the 1,269 days I believe left in his presidency." ( White House Press Briefing, 7/31/13)

  • Carney, On The Scandals Involving Weiner And Spitzer: "We Just Have No Comment On It. There's Plenty Of Coverage -- Plenty Of Stuff To Cover Without Us Commenting." QUESTION: "I mean, President Obama has inspired people from all over the world. So you don't have the need to say something about the political circus in New York, or you don't see---" CARNEY: "No, we don't. (Laughter.) The President is focused on what we can do here in Washington to help the middle class, to help the economy grow, to help regular folks out in the country have the resources they need to send their kids to college; have what they need even if they're not rich for a secure retirement; have what they need, the tools they need, to achieve that part of the American Dream that is associated with homeownership. And that's his focus. And I think I was asked this question the other day -- I'm not sure if my colleague was. We just have no comment on it. There's plenty of coverage -- plenty of stuff to cover without us commenting." ( White House Press Briefing, 7/31/13)

The Clintons Have Also Remained Silent As Their Connections To Weiner Have Become "A Headache"

Anthony Weiner's Embattled Mayoral Campaign Has "Proven A Headache For The Clintons." "Former president Bill Clinton, in an interview airing Tuesday, declined to comment on the New York mayoral race, where Anthony Weiner's embattled campaign has proven a headache for the Clintons." (Aaron Black, "Bill Clinton Steers Clear Of Anthony Weiner Controversy," The Washington Post, 8/6/13)

"Hillary Rodham Clinton's Effort To Carefully Craft Her Post-Cabinet Image Has Hit A Few Bumps." "Hillary Rodham Clinton's effort to carefully craft her post-Cabinet image has hit a few bumps. A sexting scandal in the New York City mayoral race and a federal investigation that's roiling the Virginia governor's race are recalling politically problematic chapters of her past." (Ken Thomas, "Virginia, NYC Races Pose Distractions For Clinton," The Associated Press, 8/11/13)

  • The "Swirl Of Embarrassing Headlines" Surrounding Anthony Weiner's Mayoral Campaign "Is Proving to Be Another Stress Test Of The Clinton Infrastructure." "Yet the swirl of embarrassing headlines surrounding Weiner and Abedin, combined with attention paid to her outside consulting work while at the State Department, is proving to be another stress test of the Clinton infrastructure in a year that was supposed to be relatively quiet for them."(Maggie Haberman, "Concern Grows For Huma Abedin Within Clinton World," Politico, 7/30/13)

Last Week, Former President Clinton "Declined To Wade Into" Discussions About Anthony Weiner's Campaign. "Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday declined to wade into the New York mayoral race or offer advice to Anthony Weiner. Clinton said he and Hillary have too many personal relationships in the race, noting the field of candidates is packed with former supporters from the couple's many campaigns." (Mario Trujillo, "Bill Clinton Declines Comment On Weiner, NY Mayoral Race," The Hill, 8/6/13)

  • Former President Clinton Insisted That Neither He Nor Hillary Clinton Would Have Any Involvement Or Comment On The New York Mayoral Campaign. "Clinton was asked by CNN's Nima Elbagir whether, because of his personal connection with disgraced candidate Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, the campaign has been difficult to watch. 'Not because it's a political campaign, because neither Hillary or I was ever involved in the political campaign,' Clinton said. 'And they understood that from the beginning.'" (James Arkin, "Bill Clinton On Anthony Weiner Bid: Not Involved," Politico, 8/6/13)

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