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Bienvenidos to RNC Latinos! Únete al GOP as we continue to engage the Hispanic community across the country. Join our team and help strengthen the relationship between Latino voters and the Republican Party. Together we can UNITE.

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Posted 7/28/2014

Strange thing happened last week, Hillary Clinton in a matter of 24 hours flip-flopped on the 2008 immigration law for trafficking victims. On NPR with John Harwood, she said she was open to changing the 2008 law. However the next day in front of Univision’s Jorge Ramos, she switched her stance and said she does [...]

Posted 7/25/2014

President Obama has a long history of saying one thing and doing another, what broken promises will come from today’s meeting with Central American leaders? Just this morning Politico highlighted President Obama’s flip-flop on immigration. If you are reporting on this story, please see the following statement from the RNC: “Endless broken promises and even [...]

Posted 6/12/2014

Republicans boost Hispanic outreach in Southwest Associated Press Nicholas Riccardi DENVER — The Republican Party is expanding its Hispanic outreach in the Southwest, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of its two Hispanic governors in the region and win back a part of the country that has been trending Democratic. The party is hiring six [...]

Posted 6/12/2014

RNC Hires Hispanic State Directors and Hispanic Field Directors in Southwest   WASHINGTON –  In an ongoing effort to strengthen the Republican Party’s relationships in Hispanic communities across the country, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is announcing its Deputy Director of Hispanic Initiatives as well as its second wave of Hispanic engagement staff hires in [...]

Posted 5/21/2014

Last week, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus visited Philadelphia and launched the state Hispanic advisory council with PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason. During his visit, the Chairman said the following: “In the old days, Republicans would drop in a few weeks or months before an election. Now, we’re focused on building a year-round, permanent engagement effort, [...]

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